Wahl Beard Trimmers : presentation of the best trimmers by range

Find the right Wahl beard trimmer for your needs with our selection of the best models on the market.
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The Wahl beard trimmer has become a must-have tool for men for one simple reason: beard care is no longer just about beauty, but also about hygiene.

For this reason, the use of this shaving tool can quickly become of paramount importance in the overall maintenance of all your hair.

Find out how the Wahl beard trimmer became so popular with men.

Wahl Beret 5 Hair and Beard Trimmer

Best Wahl beard trimmers + reviews

The Wahl brand offers a variety of beard trimmers with precise specifications to meet the new demands of men's shaving.

Here are the models included in this comparison:

Finishing mower beret lithium
3,611 reviews of bearded men
Beret Lithium finishing mower

One of the main advantages of the Beret Lithium finish mower is its autonomy of 75 minutes provided by a Lithium battery.
The lightweight 0.25kg clipper can be used at full power for over an hour. Its stainless steel body and futuristic slim design make it shock resistant.

Finally, its 4 shoes allow you to make cuts to the millimeter. This shaver is a masterpiece of innovation in every respect.

Wahl Detailer

The Wahl Detailer is a lawnmower with a simple and elaborate design. With its extremely narrow T-shaped cutting blade, it allows for fine details and lines.

Driven by a powerful rotary motor of 6800 rpm, it is as effective for shaving as for finishing. It is a clipper designed for daily use in professional hair salons, but can also be used by individuals.

Wahl cordless magic clip
4,506 reviews of bearded men
Wahl Cordless Magic Clip

With its ergonomic design, With its 40 mm cutting width and German-style grip, the Cordless Magic Clip revolutionizes the way you shave. Its shaving is much more precise and clear, ensured by 8 cutting heads, allows for better quality cuts and more complex contours.

Driven by a 5500 RPM DC motor, the trimmer can run at full speed for 90 minutes. It is a highly technological equipment for your special occasion shaves.

Wahl aqua blade
2,852 reviews of bearded men
Wahl Aqua Blade

With the Wahl Aqua Blade clipper, you get a cutting and shaving attachment in one tool. It has 16 cutting heads for complete grooming.

This tool waterproof can be in contact with water without suffering damage or reduced performance. It is one of the most complete shaving equipment on the market.

Complete wahl mower kit
765 reviews from bearded men
Complete Wahl mower kit

The Wahl maintenance kit contains all the accessories you could possibly need to shave. You get an electric trimmer with 4 cutting heads, a charger, a comb, a brush and oil. It's an easy to store and move kit that you can fit in with your toilet accessories.

Each accessory in the kit is carefully chosen for its efficiency and quality, like the oil from a natural gasoline blend. The powerful mower has an excellent autonomy for a long use. It is finished with a specially designed storage box.

Wahl detailer (electric mower) 5

For what purposes should I buy a Wahl beard trimmer?

When you buy a Wahl hair clipper, you're buying quality and excellent workmanship. The American brand focuses on high-end products, with most of its models intended for hairdressers and barbers.

Professional clippers for salon and home use

Hairdressers use the Wahl beard trimmer for the realization of impeccable close shaves and high precision contours. This high-tech accessory is intended not only for professionals, but also for individuals wishing to achieve exceptional cuts.

Versatile and very precise

Another major reason to buy a Wahl trimmer is that it can create any hairstyle or beard. With different cutting heads ranging from 0.2 to 25 mm in length, you can reach any area for surgically precise cuts.

Regardless of the quality and position of your hair, a Wahl trimmer is always useful for thorough and effective maintenance.

Ergonomic and ingenious

Nevertheless, while Wahl's lawnmower has all the qualities of a professional lawnmower, it is also very popular with homeowners for its simplicity and light weight. The ingenuity and success of the brand lies in its ability to combine so many technologies in such a small device.

wahl magic clip cordless beard and hair trimmer 5

Wahl lawnmowers features and functions

Wahl clippers are known for their efficiency in achieving complex hair styles, contours and beards. Such a technological feat is only possible because of the many features they incorporate.

All-in-one mowers

Do you know what's better than an efficient beard trimmer? A trimmer that can effectively shave all of your hair, leaving a clean, injury-free surface. In fact, so you don't have to choose a unique trimmer for every part of your body, Wahl trimmers shave :

  • your hair ;
  • your beard;
  • your nose hairs;
  • your ear hair;
  • your private parts.

Thanks to their powerful motors and different cutting heads, you can easily remove hair everywhere, even those that are difficult to reach. Also, the multi-purpose nature of the clippers has no impact on their performance, as they work optimally for every use.

That's why Barbershops use them: for a complete maintenance of facial hair and for quick haircuts.


Most Wahl beard trimmers are waterproof. While professionals have the advantage of not working in damp rooms, this is not the case for individuals. Indeed, the bathroom is the most suitable place for a shave.

Wahl mowers can therefore easily come into contact with water without suffering damage or a drop in performance. The built-in electrical system is protected from moisture by the structure of the mowers, which also guarantees your safety. Your mower can get wet without becoming a taser in your hands.

Electric mower wahl 9918-6171 1

Wahl clippers: Top quality and professional equipment!

In conclusion, remember that Wahl lawnmowers are suitable for both professional and private use. They are multi-purpose, powerful and packed with a host of practical features to help you achieve simple to complex cuts with detailed finishes.

Treat yourself to a Wahl trimmer if you want to go anywhere with professional, space-saving, long-lasting shaving equipment.

Whether you're a home user looking to improve the quality of your contours or a professional looking to meet the complex demands of your clients, these shaving tools are for you.

When shaving, be sure to choose the right cutting head for the area you want to shave to maximize the effectiveness of your Wahl trimmer. Also, keep in mind that regular maintenance of your beard trimmer is important for longer use.

To choose the best mower for you, consider:

  • your budget ;
  • your need ;
  • its options.

Of the three, need is the most important factor to consider.

For example, if you're looking for a cordless trimmer that lasts a long time, the Cordless Magic Clip is the right accessory for you.
However, if you're looking for an expert mower to get your finishing touches right, don't pass up the Beret Lithium.
Finally, for those who don't have any basic accessories and are looking for a set of shaving tools, the Wahl Maintenance Kit is one of the most complete on the market.

You can use your Wahl beard trimmer in 4 simple steps:

  1. Trim the beard with a light stroke of the Wahl trimmer
  2. Shave the hair on the neck
  3. Redefine the contours of your beard
  4. Trim your mustache

Remember to shave against the direction of your hair. Always make sure to clean your clippers after work.

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