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Looking for a luxury beard trimmer ?

This is the Bevel trimmer which is one of the most expensive on the market. And we understand why!

If you're a bearded man (or woman) looking for a high-end trimmer to shave your beard with comfort and precision, you've come to the right place. These mowers and their accessory boxes are perfect for long-term use.

In this buying guide, I will present you a comparison of the best luxury beard trimmers and determine the advantages and disadvantages of each.

This way, you will be able to get a precise idea before your investment!

If you don't have time, here is a summary of the best high-end clippers

  1. Bevel trimmer - The ultimate in clippers. Power, ergonomics and durability.
  2. Wahl Detailer - ideal for beard finishing - To equip yourself with the best accessories to maintain your beard.
  3. Philips Series 9000 - Beard trimmer + One Blade kit - A complete premium kit

3 premium beard trimmers

Comparison of the best high-end beard trimmers

Let's get right to the presentation of the best luxury clippers for you, bearded men and women.

These clippers, with their high quality finish and excellent materials, will solve all your shaving problems.

Some of them are for beards, but others are made for full body shaving: hair, mustache, sideburns and finishing touches.

Let's go!

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Bevel - Cordless beard trimmer, rechargeable, no tools and high power

Bevel - cordless, rechargeable, tool-free, high-powered beard trimmer
1,419 reviews of bearded men
Bevel - Cordless beard trimmer, rechargeable, no tools and high power

The Bevel is one of the best trimmers available on the market, with an outstanding design. It guarantees a (very) close shave without additional accessories. Its unique manufacturing process allows for an extremely clean, close shave.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Powerful and robust
  • Satisfactory grip
  • Cordless and with good autonomy


  • A bit noisy
  • Onerous
  • The cutting head can get hot

Wahl Detailer - Lightweight cordless trimmer ideal for beard finishing

Wahl detailer - lightweight cordless trimmer ideal for beard finishing
1,565 reviews of bearded men
Wahl Detailer - Lightweight cordless trimmer ideal for beard finishing

Designed for unparalleled precision, the Wahl Detailer is one of the best high-end clippers for men looking for quality. Equipped with a T-blade, it is made primarily for hairdressers and barbers who want to buy good equipment.
The quality of materials, blades and shoes is excellent and it is very light, for a perfect handling!


  • For finishing and precision cutting
  • Light and handy
  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • Low noise



  • Do not shave completely blank
  • A bit fragile
  • No storage bag

No more clippers for your hair: 
Multistyles - In the shower - Short hairHair + Beard - Body + BeardShaving at 0 mm

Philips Series 9000 - Beard trimmer kit BT9810/90 + One Blade

Philips series 9000 - beard trimmer kit bt9810/90 + one blade
302 avis de barbus
Philips Series 9000 - Beard trimmer kit BT9810/90 + One Blade

Philips no longer needs to demonstrate its superiority in terms of trimmers on the bearded market. With the 9000 series (the brand's top-of-the-line series), Philips offers us a complete package with exceptional precision and a close shave. The One Blade included in the pack, allows to make the finishing touches, and to work the edges with cleanliness.
It facilitates shaving with its many settings and also allows you to shave the body in addition to the face. In short, all the good stuff for a very complete high-end kit.


  • Smooth and very comfortable shaving
  • Beard and body trimmer
  • Adjustable shoe
  • Wterproof
  • Complete kit (shaving head, small brush to clean, oil for the shaving head...)


  • May have difficulty gliding depending on skin type
  • The OneBlade is most effective on the face
  • May lack precision but the OneBlade does the job

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Supreme Trimmer - All-In-One trimmer pack (Beard, hair, body, sideburns, mustache...)

Supreme trimmer - all-in-one trimmer pack (beard, hair, body, sideburns, mustache...)
1,068 reviews of bearded men
Supreme Trimmer - All-In-One trimmer pack (Beard, hair, body, sideburns, mustache...)

The Supreme Trimmer ST5210 is one of the most complete trimmers with a proud golden look. Designed to shave beard, hair, body and finishing touches (sideburns and mustaches), it is very versatile. Sold with a few accessories, its cleaning brush or the charging base, it is easy to store.


  • Powerful engine
  • Cordless - rechargeable on base
  • Interchangeable T-blades
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Light and comfortable


  • Can be difficult to get right (but does the job once it's done!)
  • A bit noisy

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Wahl - Black/Gold Finishing Trimmer

Wahl - black/gold finishing trimmer
7,822 notices of bearded men
Wahl - Black/Gold Finishing Trimmer

With its atypical design and legendary precision, the "Finale" cordless trimmer is excellent for finishing touches. Nape of the neck, beard, neck... it will get rid of all the imperfections that clutter your haircut.
Its battery is excellent, the gold razor blade is of very good quality and its motor is powerful enough to get rid of any type of hair.


  • Precise, perfect for precision finishing
  • Outstanding design
  • Gold shaving foil



  • Changing blades can be expensive
  • The grid can be fragile

If you haven't decided yet, here are the best premium lawnmower brands !

How did I choose the best luxury clippers?

After conducting extensive research on the web and talking to many hair and beard professionals, I compiled reviews and user feedback to select the best electric clippers available on the market.

I evaluated thousands of consumer reviews, read dozens of tests from professionals and beard enthusiasts. I also asked for advice from my favorite barbershops and specialized in-store salespeople. I also watched YouTube videos of pogonophiles from all over the world to complete my research.

Through this careful analysis, I have compiled a list of models that stand out and are definitely worth buying.

Criteria for buying a premium beard trimmer

Functionality and ergonomics

I have compared the different features offered by electric mowers to present them to you and help you choose the most useful ones for a quality mowing.
Long battery life, LED display, and power adjustable motor are important features to consider when making your choice.

Ergonomics and ease of use of the trimmer are also key factors for a comfortable and enjoyable shaving experience.

Power and versatility

Engine power and versatility are essential. A clipper that can adapt to different types of cuts and hair (curly, disheveledthick, short...) is essential for a sustainable and efficient use.

A powerful model allows for quick and easy trimming, which is a definite plus for an efficient and comfortable shave.

Accessories included

The accessories included with electric clippers are numerous and varied. Cutting shoes and heads, razors, lubricating oils and brushes are all useful tools for styling your hair the way you want it.

They allow you to trim, thin and contour your beard, which greatly increases the versatility of your trimmer.

Superior quality

When you invest in beard equipment, you want the best quality possible. Not a product that will fail us after a year or that will not meet our expectations in terms of excellence.

The electric lawnmowers presented in this comparison are the best on the market. We have selected top quality models that are definitely worth buying.


What is a beard trimmer high end ?

A luxury trimmer is first and foremost a shaving accessory made of excellent materials. With their high-end design and (almost) flawless finish, they are considered the state of the art by barbers.

Initially intended for professionals, the bearded ones at home will be pleased to shave their beard with this type of material. The finishes are generally very well done, the accessories included are numerous and they are of course adjustable as desired.

How to choose your beard trimmer premium ?

When you see the prices charged by the beard trimmer brands and their high-end models (Babyliss, Philips, Bevel...), it is important for you to find the trimmer that fits your needs. Also pay attention to the accessories included, such as shoes, brushes or charging bases that often justify the high price of these packs.

andis beard and hair trimmer 4

Maintaining and cleaning your premium trimmer

Maintenance of your electric trimmer is very important and must be done regularly if you want to keep it over time.

Indeed, as with a car or any other equipment, it needs to be pampered and kept in its best shape. This will allow you to improve its performance and avoid early failure or problems that could have been avoided.

I advise you to :

A problem, a breakdown? Consult our guide : How to repair an electric trimmer? and find the solution to your trimmer problem.

Wahl detailer (electric mower) 2

Take care of your skin and hair after shaving and cutting

Do you have a hairy grooming routine? After assaulting your skin (and hair) with the clippers, it's time to take care of it! This will avoid any irritation or problems caused by your beard to your spouse or to your skin.

I particularly recommend it to sensitive skins that tend to suffer from shaving:

  • Gel aftershave or foam to soothe
  • Oils : specialized in aftershave to moisturize and nourish
  • Balms for a quick action and a nourishing care
  • Waxes and/or Gels: perfect for styling and styling while taking care of yourself
  • Serums, lotionssprays, creams: for various uses

By taking care of your beard and your skin, you will have beautiful hair and a strong beard, ready to face all its aggressors: wind, wounds, redness, pimples ....

Philips 9000 - electric trimmer for men 2

Shaving alternatives to expensive beard trimmers

There are other ways to shave and they are all as useful as the beard trimmer. Indeed, depending on your needs (thick beard, close shave, perfect contours), I advise you to turn to the cabbage trimmer or the shavette for example.

Here are some alternatives to shaving with a clipper which will be used to complement or even replace the mower for some:

In other words, if you want a perfect shave, get a perfectly styled beard! Of course, this means a higher budget, even though these other shaving methods are generally less expensive.


Buy a lawnmower luxury an investment for the future!

By choosing an expensive trimmer (yes, we can say that), you are ensuring a quality product, excellent materials and above all the feeling of having a high-end shaving accessory in your hands.
Designed to last for years, they are a real investment because you won't have to change mowers anytime soon!

Low-end clippers are generally fragile, unreliable and have an unpleasant plastic feel to them.

What kind of lawnmower did you buy? Give us your opinion!

Frequently asked questions

It is complicated to determine the "best" luxury beard trimmer. It will depend on your expectations, your budget and other parameters such as the use you will make of it (short beard, long beard, hair, finishing...). Of course, some models stand out and crush the competition!

Here are some of the best models presented in our comparison:

Each brand offers more or less premium models and prices can quickly vary from "cheap"to "very expensive".

Here are a few luxury brands known for their high-end lawnmower models:

Some of these brands are even for barbershops and hair salons for professional use. Fortunately, there's nothing to stop you from getting pro styling equipment!

You can buy your high-end clippers in hair stores, at your local barber shop or on the Internet, where there is a wider selection. There are also more user and beard reviews, so you can get a good idea of the quality of these products.

If you want a trimmer that offers a comfortable shave, has multiple attachments and will last you years, look to a premium trimmer. These packages, while more expensive, are well-stocked and the quality of the materials is top-notch.

One of the most expensive models on the market is the Bevel trimmer. At more than 300€, it is one of the top-of-the-line clippers for bearded men looking for luxury equipment.

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