About the BarbierDuWeb

Le BarbierDuWeb is a blog for men and more precisely bearded men that offers various resources for a beautiful, healthy and powerful beard.

The site is animated by Brandonyour expert in facial hair, but also in products and accessories to take care of it.

You will find buying guides, comparisons, tips and tutorials to take care of your beard or to grow it for example.

You will also find the presentation of various beauty products for beard and accessories such as maintenance kits, razors, clippers ... Everything you need to take care of your hair palate!

From what treats the site ?

The objective of the site is to teach you how to taking care of your beard through routines and good habits.

You will learn how to grow your beardwhat are the top products for the beard, and what are the best accessories as well as to take care of it on a daily basis.

Thanks to good vegetable and essential oils for the beard as the castor oilyour facial hair will be stronger, softer and more attractive!

The oils provide many benefits such as an exceptional moisturizing, care for your beard nourishing, purifying and softening

If your beard is growing, you need to usetools to work it. Whether it's shaving, trimming or contouring, beard accessories are a must.
The choice is numerous, the competition is tough and you don't know where to turn? No worries, I do my research and offer you the best of the best.

Find the beard trimmer that suits you best! According to your face shape or your personal preferences, many styles can be interesting.
As fashion is a very complete sector, the styles of beards and moustaches are very varied and one can quickly get lost... Thanks to the Barber, get an overview of the various looks and wear yours!

If you are not equipped like the real bearded ones, you won't get the result you want! Get the right care and accessories of quality, all selected by me.

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram or on the Facebook group of the beard.

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