The oils for a healthy and strong beard

The vegetable and essential oils are real magic elixirs for your beard. Their properties and benefits will have the effect ofmoisturize and nourish your beard but will also sanitize it and make it soft.

Whether you have a full beard or just three hairs on your cheeks, beard oils are a great way to real allies for your beloved goatee.

If I had to recommend one in particular, it would probably be castor oil which is excellent in every way and provides a lot of benefits.

Here are my presentations, tests, comparisons and articles on beard oils :

Frequently asked questions about beard oils

I suspect you still have some questions about beard oils! So I'll answer them here, because it's easier.

I wouldn't say that there is one oil that is better than another for the beard: they all have their benefits and their cases of use!
For example, each of them will bring different effects on your facial hair:

  • Castor oil is excellent for grow a beard and protect it or provide an antiseptic and antibacterial action
  • The argan oil go to the strengthen and form a protective screenwhich can be extremely useful for after shaving
  • Coconut oil orsweet almond will excel in thehydration of your hair and skin
  • Lemongrass oil or eucalyptus go, which are essential oils provide fragrant properties, to perfume your beard and smell good all day long
  • Or again jojoba oil and avocado oil which in turn are good for the beard care.

So, the best thing is to learn more about the different essences and their benefits on your hair treasure. I still recommend buying organic and natural beard oils in order to get the most out of it.

If I had to mention only the main ones, it would be : Their compositions go stimulate blood flow to your skin and promote growth of your precious hair. If you would like more of this type of oil, it's here !

Beard oils provide the essential nutrients to develop and strengthen your facial hair.
They will moisturize, nourish, soften, protect, strengthen, disinfect and densify your beard but also your skin. Thanks to their rich content of fatty acids, they are very rich and act at the heart of the hair, at the root.

They will therefore be useful in all circumstances, whether for maintenance, growth, itching, fight against dryness, dandruff, shavingYou can use them every day to keep your hair happy!

Then you know it well: women love bearded men, but even more when they take care of their hair with beauty care ;)

Contrary to belief or what you may be led to believe, the process is relatively simple:

  1. Wash your beard with a shampoo and brush it with a comb or a brush in order to detangle it as much as possible
  2. Dry your beard with a clean towel
  3. Take a few drops of the oil of your choice in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply the oil to your hair
  4. Gently massage your beard by rubbing the oil in. You can stretch from the roots to the tips to apply the oil to your entire beard, evenly.

I advise to use it once a day, preferably in the evening because you won't have to worry about them looking greasy and shiny on your hair.
You can also apply it in the morning, during your daily grooming if it does not make your beard too greasy.

As far as possible, apply it daily. This will allow your hair and skin to be nourished by the nutrients that the oils provide and to have a constant effect.
If you find your beard is too greasy after application, you can try using it every other day or remove the excess with a clean towel.

There are two types of oils: pure and mixed.

  • Pure oils are the extract of the essence of the fruit or plant used and will contain only that.
  • Mixed oils will be composed of vegetable and/or essential oils. This makes it possible to combine their benefits and to bring various effects on your beard.

The beard oils are often referred to as "serum" or "elixir so useful for health and beauty.
Once again, there is no choice between a pure oil or a mixed oil: you choose according to your needs!

Contrary to what you might think, beard oil is not expensive. Count about 10€ for 25ml of any of them.
This will be enough for you for a few weeks, or even a few months!

Roughly speaking, you will have 4 ways to find oil:

  • Amazon: the best in terms of choice, quality and price!
  • Online stores : the choice is limited and the price is usually a little higher
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies: you will pay a high price and the choice is very limited
  • Large surfaces (Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc...): forget about it if you are looking for a beard oil worthy of the name

On the BarberDuWeb, I advise you and propose you on the best oils for your beard. I also find the best quality/price ratio on the web, and very generally it will be on Amazon.
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