Application of castor oil on the beard, frequency and application time

Learn how to apply castor oil to your beard for optimal results. We also explain the recommended time and frequency of application.
how to apply castor beard oil


You've taken action: you've bought your castor oil! If you haven't yet, here is our castor oil buying guide for beards.
The next step? Apply it carefully to your beard to get all the benefits it can provide.

Through this article, you will learn what castor oil is and especially how to use it on your beard.
I will also give you the optimal frequency for use and the time to let it work.

Spoiler: It's not very complicated and it's very similar to most oils that can be used on facial hair.

What is castor oil?

Castor oil is a non-food vegetable oil with translucent liquid with a yellow tint.
Also called "Castor Oil". It is obtained from the castor bean (Ricinus communis).

Very popular in recent years, castor oil contains numerous benefits for the human body skin, face, hair, nails...

Man applying oil on his face

How to apply castor oil on your beard?

Here's how to put castor oil on your beard like a professional:

  1. Wash your beard

    Use warm water and a good beard shampoo for clean your beard.
    This will help the follicles (hair roots) to open up and allow the oil to penetrate better.
    This way, your hair will be more nourished and hydrated (and your skin, by the way!).

  2. Dry and detangle your beard

    Use a clean towel or a hair dryer specially designed for beards to dry your hair.
    With the help of a beard brush or a beard combBrush to remove untangle your beard hair.
    This will make it more malleable and pleasant to work with when applying the oil.

  3. Apply castor oil and massage gently

    Take a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand and warm it by rubbing your hands together.
    Massage your goatee from the roots to the tips and make sure youspread evenly the famous beaver oil.

  4. Optional: Take a dry towel and pat your beard to remove excess oil.
  5. Optional: Wait 10 to 30 minutes (during the day) or the next morning and rinse your beard with clear water or shampoo.
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Viking man beard long and thick

Application on long beard

For long beards, it will be necessary to disentangle the beard well, make it malleable and then apply the oil from the roots to the tips.

Castor oil will make your hair stronger, denser and less brittle. Indeed, thanks to its properties and its components, the vitamins and acids will make your beard powerful like that of the Vikings!

  • Application: From the roots to the tips
  • Application time: 5 minutes
  • Frequency: every other day to avoid greasy texture
French mustache with short beard

Use on short beard

For the short beardsIf you are using castor oil, focus on a long massage (10 minutes) and on the whole of your goatee. This way, the castor oil will be able to nourish all of your hairs (and your face) and your hairs will get all the benefits.

This will promote growth and make it denser. After a while, you'll be able to sport a beard like your grandfather's: full and thick.

  • Application: Long and deep massage
  • Time: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Frequency: every day or every other day
Man with a downy beard and moustache

Use on beard fuzz

For down, take care to spread evenly, using your fingertips on the beginnings of your hair, massaging for a long time and making it penetrate your skin.
By doing this, your hair roots and skin will absorb as many vitamins and acids as possible, which will nourish and moisturize them.

  • Type: Long and uniform massage on the whole beard
  • Time: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Frequency: every day or every other day
Man with beard hole

Application for holes in the beard

If you have holes in your beard, castor oil can be of great help and will gradually fill them.

Indeed, its "growth boosting" power will allow the hairs around the holes, but also those that have not yet grown, to show that they are vigorous and full of resources.

  • Type: Targeted massage on the holes and surrounding area
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Frequency: every day or every other day

If you wish, we have written a complete article on the use of castor oil for down, beard holes and hairlessness.
Here you will find all our tips and advice for beards that are not yet full and need a boost!

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When to apply castor oil?

It is better toapply at nightbefore going to sleep so that it acts all night long. So, the next morning you will be all beautiful!

Otherwise, you can use it in the morning before starting the day.

How often should I use it?

In general, use it on your beard three to five times a week.
How often you use castor oil will depend on whether your beard is long, short, downy or full of holes.

You can also use it every day if your beard doesn't look nourished enough and the greasiness is not present.

Tip: It is best to see for yourself the frequency at which your hair has need to be nourished and hydrated. You will be able to make an application schedule for your goatee!

How long should castor oil be applied to the beard?

For the application time, it is recommended to massage on a duration of 10mnto make the oil penetrate well.

If you're wondering how long you should leave it on your hair, don't worry: it's normal! To rinse or not to rinse? Big question!

How long should I leave it on?

You can leave it on for at least 10 minutes if you are in a hurry or if the oil makes a greasy effect on your hair.
Otherwise, leave it on overnight to act as a mask!

If your beard is not greasy after use, no need to rinse before your shower!

Should I rinse or leave the castor oil on?

Once castor oil is applied to the beard, wait between 10mn and 30mn before rinsing your beard with clean water.
Otherwise, if applied in the evening, you can leave it on until the next morning.

Note: I don't recommend leaving it on for a long time during the day because it may make your hair look greasy.
If you don't have this concern, feel free to let your hair absorb it without rinsing, this should improve its effects.

Application of castor oil on the beard

Is castor oil really useful for the beard?

Yes, it is proven that castor oil really works for the beard, but also for the face and hair.

The acids and vitamins it contains are beneficial to the fortification and beard hair growth or to your skin.

If you want to diversify your care, here is our top oils to promote beard growth.

Castor oil application for beard: not so complicated!

You now know how to use castor oil and apply it like a pro to have a healthy beard.
By regularly applying this treatment to your beard, you will quickly feel the results and your beard will shine!

To recap:

  • Apply castor oil 3 to 5 times a week
  • Massage for varying lengths of time and in a targeted manner according to your beard type (short, long, down, holes)
  • Leave act at least 30mn before rinsing or until the next morning

I have already told you about my castor oil guide ?

FAQ on the use of castor oil on the beard

Of course, but I advise you to apply it in the evening, so that it works all night long.

It depends on when you use it, how much you use and especially on your beard type.

If your hair is too greasy, try reducing the amount you apply. If that does not work, systematically rinse at least 30mn to 1h after the application so that the oil penetrates a maximum.

Castor oil is great for all types of beards: short, long, with holes or even downy! I really advise you to try it to see all the benefits it brings.

YesIt is possible to use it daily, especially if your beard is particularly dry or damaged.
However, I advise you to use it only 3 to 5 times a week maximum to let your hair breathe!

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