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Here you will find all my publications to have a healthy beard.
We will talk aboutoils for beardsof beauty products for pamper your goatee or even gift ideas for men.

More generally, you will find beard looks as well as articles to help you grow a beard and comparisons to determine which treatment is best for you.

In short, it is a concentrate of tips and advice for a beard in the hair. Enjoy reading it!

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ragnarok thor beard
Celebrity beards

Thor Beard: How to grow it?

Do you dream of having a beard like Chris Hemsworth as Thor? Follow our guide to growing and maintaining it in style!

round face elijah wood dicaprio
Face shapes

Round face: 7 beard styles to adopt

Do you have a round face and are you looking for a beard that will make you look good? Discover our selection of 7 beard styles that will perfectly suit your face!