All questions about the beard

After seeing many questions about the beard, I decided to make a page that includes the most frequent questions...

Style of beard

To have a beautiful beard, you will need:

  • Equip yourself with accessories (clippers, razors, brushes...)
  • Be diligent and maintain it daily
  • Use good products to make it take care
  • Staying hydrated and eating well
  • Use a brush and/or a comb
  • Do not necessarily trim or shave it often

In order to keep your beard well trimmed, you will need to maintain it with the right accessories:

  • Use a mower and/or a razor to shorten your beard or trim the growth
  • Use scissors to get a uniform beard by trimming the excess hair
  • Apply care products such as oils or balms

If you don't have a beardthere are solutions:

The length of your beard will depend on factors such as the shape of your face, your professional situation or your genetics.
To choose the right length, you will need to:

Choose a beard style you like (probably the most important)

This differs from person to person. Many people start to see new hair growth after 4 to 8 weeks.
The important thing is that you should not expect to grow a full beard overnight - patience is the key.
It is important that you don't stop using it when you see the first results - the new hairs should become real hairs!

If you have a large nose or a wide nose, I advise you to opt for a full and long beard and mustache style. This will allow you to "camouflage" that nose that bothers you so much thanks to the hairs that will come balance your face and soften your features !

For have a real viking beard :

  • Grow your beard for a few months
  • Choose the Viking style that suits you: Ragnar style, long and fat or braided?
  • Trim your beard with your clippers, razor and scissors
  • Maintain it with care and products (a long beard requires more maintenance!)

If you are a man with a shaved or bald head, I advise you to opt for a beard style that matches your face and its shape.
Beards known to go with a shaved head are:

Ducktail Beard

The beard on the chin is called the goatee or the goatee. It contains only hair on the chin, usually in the form of a tuft. When it is really short, it is called " goatee ".

To simulate the beard and know how it will look on your face, you have several solutions:

  1. Download a "beard simulator" application
  2. Use a beard filter on Snapchat, Tiktok or Instagram
  3. Draw the shape of the beard with a pencil/felt

It's easy to experiment with beard styles and define the one you like best!

To keep your short beard and well-tailored:

  1. Take care of your face with oils
  2. Wash your beard with a suitable shampoo
  3. Brush it regularly with a boar bristle brush
  4. Use the clippers to trim it to the desired length twice a week
  5. Finish with a razor or a cabbage cutter

To style your beard properly, you will need a brush, a comb and a straightener if it is long enough. Then use your hands, brush and comb to style it into the desired shape.
Finally, use care products such as oils or balm and fix it with styling wax.