[COMPARISON] Top 8 Best Beard Trimmers + My opinion

Discover the 8 best beard trimmers, along with reviews and criteria for choosing the one that will best suit your needs.
Best beard trimmers


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It has become a classic men's shaving accessory, the electric beard trimmer is a must for every bearded man. Its efficiency, its speed of shaving and its multiple uses make it a a very versatile tool.

Whether it's for trimming, styling or shaving your hair, the clippers are an ally you can't live without. Say goodbye to shaky beard cuts or sloppy finishing touches: make way for a real, well-groomed gentleman's beard!

Let's get right to the buying guide for trimmers to shave your beard hairbut also body and hair for some models ...

Barbershop mower

Comparison of the best beard trimmers: the best of the best

I scoured the web, searched hard and compared the best electric beard trimmers for you.
These models are excellent choices: their quality is superior, their functions are multiple and above all: they are extremely efficient! I sorted through a multitude of criteria, but also the opinions of thousands of bearded people on the web to determine models that (really) stand out.

No need to search anymore: the top mowers are present in this ranking!

Philips MG7745/15: 14-in-1: The Rolls-Royce of multi-functional clippers!

Philips mg7745/15 14-in-1 multistyle trimmer: face, hair and body with 14 accessories
11,932 reviews of bearded men
Philips MG7745/15 14-in-1 Multi-style trimmer: Face, Hair and Body with 14 attachments

Philips is in the game with its versatile and inexpensive clippers! The MG7745 from the 7000 Series is an all-in-one face, hair and body trimmer that meets the expectations of many users. The set is extremely complete with 14 attachments that take you from haircut to beard trimmer in seconds.

In short, an excellent value for money for the mower and all the accessories included in the package.


  • Very complete pack with 14 accessories
  • Very versatile (body, beard and hair)
  • 8 shoes to cut to any length
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Storage case


  • Mower unusable when recharging
  • A bit "big" if you want a precise cut
  • May seem a bit noisy

Braun 7 MGK7220: All-in-One (Beard, Hair & Body) + 8 accessories

Braun 7 mgk7220 all-in-one men's electric trimmer (beard, hair and body) + 8 accessories
15,502 reviews of bearded men
Braun 7 MGK7220 All-in-One Electric Trimmer for Men (Beard, Hair & Body) + 8 accessories

With the MGK7220, straight from the 7 Series, you've reached the top of the line of clippers. Its motor even adjusts to your hair thickness and length!

Supplied with a Gilette Fusion 5 ProGlide precision razor, it will also allow you to work with precision for finishing touches. With its quality and numerous accessories, the MGK7220 is one of the best facial trimmers.


  • Automatically adjustable motor
  • Gilette ProGlide shaver included for precision
  • Can be used underwater (waterproof)
  • 8 accessories for trimming body hair
  • Good autonomy and fast recharge


  • May be less effective on long and/or thick hair
  • The trimmer may lack precision but the razor makes up for it

No more clippers for your hair:
Beard + body - In a boxShort beard - LongbeardWired - Battery operatedBlank (0 mm)

Hatteker - Multifunctional mower with excellent price-performance ratio!

Hatteker - beard, hair, body, nose and ear clippers (the whole package!)
21,665 reviews of bearded men
Hatteker - Beard, Hair, Body, Nose and Ear Trimmer (The Total Package!)

Although the Hatteker brand is not yet very popular in the European hairdressing market, it is a real hit on the web. Their electric clippers are affordable, high quality and above all very versatile. With just one model, you can shave your hair, trim your beard, and even remove hair from your nose, ears and even your private parts.


  • Very versatile
  • Waterproof
  • A large number of accessories (12 in total)
  • Adjustable shoe
  • Rather light


  • Many accessories = less easy to store
  • The finish may look a little "cheap".
  • Not designed for precision

Other models for a good choice:
Mini - LuxuryFor teenagers and 1st shave - Aspirant

Braun 5 MGK5280: The All-In-One at an affordable price!

Braun 5 mgk5280 all-in-one electric trimmer (hair, beard and body)
21,684 reviews of bearded men
Braun 5 MGK5280 All-in-One Electric Trimmer (Hair, Beard & Body)

Brun's Series 5000 continues to amaze us with the MGK5280, a true benchmark in the world of bearded shaving. Supplied with 7 accessories, an adaptive motor and an electric shaver, it is the perfect pack for shaving the body, hair and of course the beard.

The Wet & Dry technology is appreciable and the clipper allows for precision clipping as well as heavy duty work. It can even be used for ear and nose hair.


  • Electric shaver included for a closer shave
  • Waterproof
  • Kit of 7 accessories
  • Cordless (battery operated) + Quick charge


  • Not usable when charging
  • Do not shave blank (0 mm)
  • Tends to discharge when not in use

Wahl Corded Beard Trimmer #9918-6171: a great professional trimmer!

Wahl beard wired #9918-6171
16,842 notices of bearded men
Wahl Wired Beard #9918-6171

If you don't know the brand yet, Wahl manufactures clippers dedicated to hairdressing professionals. The Model 9918-6171 is an excellent clipper for its beard and hair trimming capabilities, its price and the accessories included in the kit! As far as quality is concerned, you clearly have nothing to worry about as this is equipment designed for the long term (barbershops, hairdressers...).

Affordable, it is perfect for trimming beards and hair. I especially recommend it if you are looking for a high quality model at a reasonable price!


  • Excellent value for money
  • Hair + Beard
  • Powerful and durable engine
  • Accessories + mower maintenance kit
  • Small comb included in the box


  • The blade can be small depending on the volume to be mowed
  • Plastic" finish

Philips BT5515/15: the 5 Series enters the top of the clippers!

Philips bt5515/15 electric waterproof beard trimmer with dynamic pro cutting guide
12,841 reviews of bearded men
Philips BT5515/15 Waterproof Electric Beard Trimmer with Dynamic Pro Cutting Guide

Another Philips trimmer in this comparison of waterproof trimmers for your beard hair. The 5000 Series, more affordable than the 7000, offers excellent models. 100% Waterproof, the BT5515/15 is water washable, perfect for a thorough cleaning. It has a good autonomy and offers 40 cutting heights. For the price, it is one of the best models available on the market.


  • Good value for money
  • Wahl finishing/precision shaver included
  • Dynamic cutting guide + 40 cutting heights (from 0.4 mm to 20 mm)
  • Good autonomy
  • Cleanable under water


  • No battery level display
  • Can be temperamental depending on hair type

Moser 1400: German Qualitat precision mower!

Moser 1400 corded precision mower
12,069 reviews of bearded men
Moser 1400 Corded Precision Mower

Moser is another brand that is very well known for their hair and beard trimmers. The Moser 1400 is multi-functional, which means it will trim your beard and hair. It has a trendy finish, a durable motor, a comfortable and fast clipping and a very competitive price.

I recommend it to small budgets who want one of the best quality/price ratios on the market.


  • Cheap, excellent value for money
  • Lubrication and cleaning kit included
  • Solid materials and no "plastic" finish


  • Not designed for precision
  • A bit noisy
  • Heats up quickly

Wahl Clip Magic - The classic barbershop trimmer!

Wahl - cordless magic clip trimmer - red and silver
18,662 bearded opinions
Wahl - Red and Silver Cordless Magic Clip Trimmer

Wahl is extremely well known for its high-end hair and beard trimmers. The Cordless Magic Clip is a true classic among the best cordless clippers on the market. Used by professionals, it is of above average quality (and price).

Supplied with 8 shoes (from 1.5mm to 25mm)The Cordless from Wahl allows you to trim both short beards and longer hair. The only thing this model lacks is the 0 mm shear, which allows for a clean shave.

You will be able to recharge quickly from the mains and even use it at the same timewhich makes a real difference from many other models.


  • Professional quality
  • 8 shoes : 1,5mm to 25mm
  • Beautiful design


  • High price (professional product)

Investing in a beard trimmer means opting for practicality and simplicity! In just a few minutes, you can maintain your beardThe clippers can be used to shave, trim and style your hair or any body hair. The trimmer allows you to shave, trim and style easily and quickly.

It will enhance your everyday grooming routine for various uses:

  • Prune shave the beard to a defined length or shave it completely white (0 mm)
  • Stylize your beard and make the desired cut (gradient), Van Dyke, Viking...)
  • Cut your hair, mustache, nose hair, ear hair and even your private parts
  • Work Precise contours and finishes for a clean result

In the end, an electric trimmer is the essential tool for any man, bearded or not. Unless you are completely beardless all over your body, I don't see how you can do without it.

The price of a beard trimmer generally varies between 20€ and 150€.
Of course, you will be able to find models at a lower price like high end mowers which will be more expensive.

Here are a few factors that can affect the price of your future lawnmower:

  • Brand and range
  • Quality of materials
  • Features (Waterproof, adjustable motor, wireless, multifunctional...)
  • Accessories included
  • Conception and design

In short, there are models at all prices: from 10€ to a few hundred euros.


There are various ways to obtain this type of accessory, although I advise firstly internet with the choices that are much more numerous. In addition, you have access to hundreds of consumer reviews from around the world on the effectiveness and robustness of a particular model.

It is more difficult to get a subjective opinion on a lawnmower in a supermarket, since the salesperson will probably not have tried it out yet to give you details.

To read: Where to buy my beard trimmer?

Big box stores :

  • Carrefour
  • Auchan
  • Leclerc
  • Lidl

Household appliance stores

  • Darty
  • Baker
  • Fnac
  • Electro Depot
  • Action


Trimmers are generally designed to be versatile. Indeed, they adapt to any type of beard (thick, curly, long and short).

I still advise you to check a few criteria before buying it:

  • Motor power
  • Number and type of accessories
  • Mowing accuracy
  • Ergonomics and ease of use

Some specialize in long beards while others excel at precision trimming, finishing and line drawing.

At certain times of the year, I advise you to check for promotions:

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Valentine's Day
  • Father's Day
  • French Days
  • Summer and winter sales

You will find good deals to buy your future lawnmower at mini prices! Beware of fake promotions and "cheap" signs 😉

Generally, barbers use the clippers WahlThe "Magic Clip" and "Detailer" models are very popular with hairdressing professionals. The "Magic Clip" and "Detailer" models are very popular.
Barbershops do not necessarily buy from professional brands and sometimes opt for excellent high-end models from the usual brands (Philips, Braun...)

The finishing (or precision) trimmer is a special type of accessory used to to draw the contours clearly with ease. The beard trimmer in its global term is rather a more generalist trimmer, which will serve for Trim the entire beard.

Both types of mowers have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • One is easier to use since you don't need to plug in every time and the wire doesn't take up any space
  • The other is often more durable, with a more powerful engine and better durability

What is a beard trimmer?

Electric clippers are used to trim your beard (or hair) with a motor and blades. The mechanism comes to "slice" your hairs at a certain height which is defined by the shoe used. The shoe is used to adjust the length of the cut.

How to choose a beard trimmer?

For make the best choice of beard trimmerIt is important to pay attention to some criteria that will define the quality of the model. Choosing your lawnmower is a well thought out purchase that will not disappoint you!

So when you are about to before you buy a new lawnmower, I recommend that you check the following points :

  • Motor power (adjustable as an option)
  • Precision, speed and cutting height
  • Quality materials and blades, durable and easily purchased
  • Wired (on power supply) or wireless (on battery)
  • Electric or manual?
  • Comfort and ergonomics of use
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Size and weight of the mower
  • Additional features (LED display, waterproof, vacuum system, "mini" design, etc.)
  • Accessories included: shoes, combs, maintenance and cleaning kit, lubricating oils...

Of course you can! While it may take longer to trim your hair with a beard attachment, it's definitely possible. Indeed, the reduced size of the blades slows down the cutting time.
The best is to opt for a multifunctional trimmer (beard and hair) or to use a trimmer that offers various accessories for all sizes of cuts.

More info :

Indeed, it is possible to trim your beard with a hair clipper! It should be noted that the blades of hair clippers are larger and therefore less precise. In addition, they can cause irritation to the skin because beard blades are softer and more pleasant to shave.

More info : Can I use a hair clipper to trim my beard?

Barbershop mower

Maintenance of the beard trimmer

Maintaining your lawnmoweris to take care of it frequently. You can easily take care of your equipment in two steps:

  1. Cleaning the mower, blades and body
  2. Lubrication of the blades with oils or other products

Clean and wash

It is important to clean your clippers so that they are not clogged with your invading hair. This blocks the cutting body and the clipper does not do its job as it should.
Thus, clean your mower once every 1.5 to 2 months if you use it once or twice a week. Otherwise, wash it more frequently: about once a month.

Here are the steps to follow to clean your lawnmower:

  1. Remove the cutting head and brush with a small brush to remove hair and particles, then blow out with a hair dryer.
  2. Use a cleaner to finalize the deep cleaning of the blades
  3. Get a damp cloth and wash the body of the mower (where you catch it)

This is the complete tutorial for cleaning your lawnmower !

Original syprin: hair and beard trimmer cleaner
6,420 reviews of bearded men
Original Syprin : Hair and Beard Trimmer Cleaner
The Original Syprin is simply the fastest and easiest way to clean your hair and beard clippers.

This best-selling professional cleaner is used daily by thousands of salons worldwide, and can be used on all types of razors and electric clippers.

Its universal application makes it easy to use and its professional grade cleaning power ensures that your beard and hair clippers will always be clean and in perfect condition.

Lubricate with oils

Once your equipment is all clean, it's time to finalize its maintenance!
Lubricating the blades with oil will allow them to move smoothly and prevent wear. It will also keep the blades sharp and prevent rust and corrosion.
In short, only good things for your lawnmower!

Equip yourself with a lubricating oil and :

  1. Remove the blade guard and rinse the blades with water if not already done and your mower is waterproof. Wipe the blades clean.
  2. Put a drop of lubricant between the blades of the mower, in the center and at the ends.
  3. Start the mower and let it run for a few seconds.
    Finish applying the oil with a rag to the entire blade and wipe off the excess oil.

This is the complete tutorial to lubricate your lawnmower with oil !

Oster: Universal lubricating oil for maximum efficiency
13,329 reviews of bearded men
Oster: Universal lubricating oil for maximum efficiency

Looking for a reliable lubricating oil for your beard trimmer? Look no further than Oster Universal Lubricating Oil! This 118ml dropper bottle is perfect for keeping your clipper blades and bearings lubricated for maximum efficiency.


Refined white mineral oil is of the highest purity and approved as a lubricant by theUSDA (United States Department of Agriculture).


When used regularly, it will maintain a light film of oil between the upper and lower parts of the blades, keeping your mower running like new.

The estimated life span of an electric lawnmower is 6 to 10 years. Of course, it is important (as with everything) to maintain it, lubricate the blades and clean it frequently.
As you can see, buying this type of accessory is an investment that will be useful for a few years. It is therefore important to get a good quality and durable clipper.
Avoid low-end products: you will be disappointed very quickly!

Depending on the model you are using, the setup will be different. First of all, I advise you to consult the user manual or watch videos on YouTube.

Otherwise, here are two ways to adjust the blade height:

  • Using a screwdriver, adjust the blade of your mower by turning the screws that are located on the cutting head.
  • Use the adjustable wheel to change the cutting height

Now you can calibrate your mower!

Depending on your type of mower, there are several ways to set your mower to a 0 mm cutting height.

First, remove the cutting shoe, then depending on the model of mower :

  • Use a screwdriver to adjust the mower using the adjustment screws
  • Use the adjustable wheel to change the height of the cutting head

This will allow you, depending on the model of your clippers, to shave your hair white. Here is a video explaining how to set Wahl clippers to 0 mm and those that are set with a screw.

A lawnmower that hurts, creates injuries or irritations is a real problem. Usually, this is caused by a lawnmower:

  • Poorly maintained, oiled or cleaned
  • Who is getting old and how to give up the soul
  • Incorrectly adjusted or with the wrong accessories
  • Broken or malfunctioning

How do I trim my beard with an electric trimmer?

A few tips before you start trimming your beard :

  • Shave against the direction of the hair (generally upwards, except for the if your hair grows horizontally,
  • Don't cut too short from the start and use your mower shoes for safety,
  • Start with the bulk of the work and finish with the contours and finishes
  • Place the flat part of the trimmer on your face and "slide" it
  • Remember to brush your hair between each step to see the result.

3 simple steps to trim your beard:

  1. Start by shortening and de-thickening with a long hoof
  2. Trim the outside: define the shape of your beard
  3. Trim the inside: define and outline the contours for a perfect finish

Read our complete tutorial for trimming your beardor watch this video

The best brands of beard trimmers for men

There are many brands on the market for men's clippers. Between the various brands, models and ranges, it is sometimes complicated to know where to buy your future shaving accessory.

Here are the best brands, or at least the most famous ones:

Going further: Find the best brands of electric lawnmowers here !

Here are some of the hottest brands on the market: Philips, Braun, Wahl, Panasonic, Babyliss, Moser, Remington, Hatteker...

What's important to understand is that there is no "best brand" when it comes to beard accessories
. It all depends on your shaving needs, hair type and accessories.

For example, some clippers are designed for professionals (barbers, hairdressers ...) while others are for the general public. Thus, the most important thing is to choose a model adapted to you.

Alternatives for shaving and trimming your beard

As you can imagine, bearded men haven't always had electric clippers. While it's very handy, you can trim, shave and style your beard with other tools.

In reality, each tool has a distinct functionality and has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Your choice will depend on your needs, your beard type, the sensitivity of your skin and your budget.

Here are some alternatives and accessories to use in addition to the mower:

  • Razors
  • Manual mowers
  • Cabbage cutter
  • Shavette

Here are the differences between clippers, razors, shavers and hair clippers to learn more!

Electric, straight, safety razors...

The razor is the perfect accessory to combine with a trimmer. When the trimmer is not precise enough, or does not shave clean, it will trim your hair very closely.
Their sharp blades excel in cutting your most stubborn hairs. Hard, thick, fine or even those who push in the wrong direction No more worries with a razor!

You will find this accessory in different forms:

  • Electric,
  • Manual,
  • Safety,
  • Right...

Although it depends primarily on the size of cut desired, it is worth noting that these two shaving tools can be used together:

  • To trim your beard, you will use the clippers which allow you to quickly achieve a satisfactory result,
  • To shave it and work on your finishing touches, you'll use a razor that offers a clean shave.

These are two very different accessories that serve to trim your beard in their own way:

  • The clippers are used to "trim" the hair to style a beard
  • The electric shaver "shaves" your hair to leave no hair and have a very smooth skin.

If you like to take care of your beard and maintain it, I recommend investing in both accessories so you have the right tools to trim it!

The beard trimmer will mainly be used to work on the "bulk" of your hair and will be more suitable when there is material to cut.
The One Blade is designed to trim short beards with precision and ease. It will be preferable to trim your 3-day beard for example or to make your contours.

Manual beard trimmers, old fashioned

Manual (or hand) clippers for your beard are part of the "vintage" accessories of the bearded man. Used by men at the time, it has remained fashionable for some barbershops that offer an "old-fashioned" shave.
The more precise you are, the better your hair will be cut! But beware: if used improperly, it can be a disaster for your beloved hairs.

To read: Manual vs. electric beard trimmer

Cabbage cutter for a (very) close shave!

The cabbage cutter (or straight razor) is the ultimate shaving accessory to get a very close shave. Although its use requires a little learning (to avoid skinning yourself), it is very useful to shave and leave no visible hair (or almost)!

It is a very good accessory that you will surely need in addition to the clippers to work all your contours (cheeks, neck, nape...) with unmatched precision.

Shavette for a barber-style shave

The shavette is a type of razor often used by barbers. Composed of a replaceable blade and a handle, it is simpler to use than a shaver.
The blade being removable, it is possible to use it for shaving but also for cutting. Indeed, the blade can be adjusted either perpendicular to the handle or parallel.

I highly recommend it to shaving enthusiasts to fine-tune your contours and work on areas such as the mustache, cheeks and neck line.

To trim your hair without using a clipper, you can use :

  • A razor (straight, safety, manual...)
  • A cabbage cutter
  • A shavette
  • From scissorsbut it may take a while!

Whichever alternative you use to trim your beard without a trimmer, it will take longer, although the result is usually more precise.

It's best to have both accessories to wear as they each have their own benefits for caring for your hair.

Indeed, the beard scissors and the mower are two very different accessories:

  • The scissors will allow you to cut and trim small hairs with precision.
  • The mower will be useful for the overall mowing and the clean and precise finishing of the contours.

My beard trimmer doesn't work anymore: what can I do?

A lawnmower that breaks down is a real concern! Torn hair, blades that turn in a vacuum, battery that no longer charges or motor that heats up...
Your lawnmower may stop working overnight or have minor technical problems.

Fortunately, it is not good to throw away! Not right away, at least.
Indeed, before you get rid of it and have to buy a new one, try these little tips:

  • Check Google to see if other users have had this type of problem
  • Check the user manual to see if the problem is listed there
  • Watch videos on Youtube or other video platform to disassemble it and then clean it thoroughly for example.

This is our complete guide to repairing lawnmower problems and breakdowns !

Buy a beard trimmer: the perfect choice for men!

Nowadays, you will rarely find a bearded man who does not use an electronic trimmer to trim his beard. Became a classic of the modern man's grooming equipmentThe beard trimmer is present in many bathrooms.

Versatile, powerful and above all very efficientit allows to mowing, shaving and styling your facial hair. Once you've tried it, you can't do without it, unless you've had a (very) bad experience.

There are many models and it can be easy to get lost in the many features offered. For you, I have scoured the net in search of best beard trimmers for men and you will tell me about it!

Frequently asked questions

Bring your lawnmower on the plane during your trip is allowed under certain conditions:

  • In the hold, the battery must be removed to avoid the risk of ignition
  • In the cabin, you can take it with you without worries!

Simply because it is extremely useful and very versatile! With this type of shaving accessory, you will be able to trim all the hairs on your face, from the beard to the nose, passing by the ears, the eyebrows or the forehead.

This is an opportunity to buy a quality product that will serve you in many situations and that (in general) is easy to carry!

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