What are the best foods to promote beard growth ? + (those to avoid)

Discover the foods that promote beard growth.


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A great beard requires regular maintenance to keep it growing and textured, but if you rely solely on maintenance for its appearance, you may be disappointed.
Your lifestyle occupies an important part in the development of your beard, and more specifically your diet.

Indeed, the beard develops thanks to the nutrients and micronutrients that you provide, and it is essential to have a varied and adapted diet.
Consume regularly a food that grows beards with a quality diet will have a significant effect on your beard.

In this article, you will learn what diet to adopt to have a beautiful beard and of course those to avoid!

Diet, an essential factor in growing a beard

A good diet will have a significant impact on beard development, but why? What foods should I choose?

The control of hair growth depends on the secretion of certain hormones, mainly testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A higher level of these hormones will lead to more hair and is therefore a determining factor in improving the appearance of one's beard through diet.

The role of diet in growing a beard

To give your beard the best chance, you need to :

  • an important protein contribution,
  • a good lipidic intake
  • reduce the consumption of foods that promote the secretion of estrogens (hormone opposed to testosterone).

In addition, the beard is also affected by micronutrientsin particular by certain vitamins (B8, C, E) which are essential to the strength of the hair. A sufficient supply of minerals is also essential for the formation of a beautiful beard.

A good diet rich in vitamins and allowing the proper secretion of DHT and testosterone will have a significant impact on the appearance of the beard. Combined with a good hydration, it will allow the beard to be fuller, more resistant and to grow better. So, how to eat well to have a beautiful beard?

Eggs excellent food for beard growth

Eggs: the best food to grow a beard

Certainly one of the best foods to eat for the beard since an egg is rich in protein, provides vitamin B8 and has a very good impact on cholesterol.
Eggs increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol, which is beneficial to testosterone secretion.

Eating eggs regularly, especially at breakfast, will greatly help the beard to develop.

Grape for hair growth

The grape

Grapes are a fruit rich in a micronutrient essential for the production of DHT and testosterone: boron. This trace element is necessary in minute quantities for the body, but it is not found in most foods and grapes are rich in it.

Regular consumption of grapes will promote the secretion of male hormones and will therefore help the development of the beard. Grapes are a very good food that grows beard that you can consume regularly.

That's not a good excuse to finish the bottle of pinard tonight eh 😉

Meat good for beard growth

Meat and fish : Chicken, beef, pork, fish...

A good protein intake is important for the production of testosterone and DHT, naturally.Eating meat and fish will have a positive impact on hair growth.

In addition, these foods also provide fatty acids that are beneficial to the synthesis of male hormones.
Meat and fish are foods that increase hair growth and can be consumed on a regular basis.

Eating nuts good for the beard

The nuts

The nuts are foods rich in minerals essential for beard growth, you can use it every day to improve the condition of your beard.
A daily consumption of nuts has a beneficial effect on hair growth, the best is to eat Brazil nuts or walnuts.

Coconut oil in food

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very rich in saturated fatty acids, a high intake of saturated fatty acids promotes the secretion of male hormones.
Above all, the fatty acids in coconut oil are quite different from those in butter and have a much more positive impact on the body.

Rather than consuming a lot of animal fats that could promote fat storage, favour coconut oil is a good way to get saturated fatty acids and stay healthy !

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Coconut oil is also excellent for the beard when applied to the skin.

Rice and vegetables for a beautiful beard

Starchy foods : Rice, potatoes, quinoa...

In order for the body to function properly and produce a high level of male hormones, it is important to provide a good amount of carbohydrates. Insufficient carbohydrate intake decreases DHT production and may reduce beard density.

You can consume different types of carbohydrates that will all support your beard growth. Potatoes are often recommended, but other sources of carbohydrates will also be good.

Foods that reduce hair growth and should be avoided

If there are foods that make beards grow, there are also foods that foods that reduce hair growth and that it is preferable not to consume if you wish to have a beautiful beard. To tell you the truth, they are even called anti-dht foods.

Soy avoid eating beard


Soy and soy-based foods are good sources of plant protein, however, their consumption leads to an increase in the production of estrogens which are harmful to male hormones.

So you should avoid consuming soy, it really is a food that decreases hair.

Oil bottles

Vegetable oils

Most vegetable oils are very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which tend to inhibit testosterone production.

Only olive oil and coconut oil will have a distribution of fatty acids much more conducive to the secretion of male hormones.
It is therefore necessary to choosing the right oils to cook with. Avoid flaxseed oil in particular, which has a very negative impact.

Good to know:

Although vegetable oils are not excellent for growth when consumed, when applied to the skin, they make a real elixir of youth for the beard: Grow your beard with oils : castor oil, mustard oil, black seed oil.

Soda to avoid for the beard

Sodas and processed products

Ultra-processed foods and sodas provide simple carbohydrates, contain few good nutrients, and will have a negative impact on the health of the population,a negative impact on the hormonal system but also on the appearance of the skin.

They will participate in giving an oily aspect to the skin, will reduce the resistance of the beard and will be harmful to the development of the beard.

Conclusion: the essentials for a beautiful beard

A good diet is important if you want to improve the density of your beard and give it a better appearance. You can't just rely on one particular food.
Indeed, the hairiness depends on many elements in the body and it is therefore important to eat better every day to provide the nutrients and micronutrients necessary for the proper development of the beard.

You now know what foods to choose for your beard to grow best.
My tip: Eat at least one beard-growing food a day and limit your intake of hair-reducing foods. Well, there's always beard implant that "works"...

And you, do you have your preferences in terms of food to have a beautiful beard?

Frequently asked questions

For a beautiful beard and better hair growth in general, consume grapes, meat, eggs, nuts, good carbohydrates which are foods that promote beard growth.

Some foods have a negative impact on the beard since there are foods that reduce hair growth such as soy, flax and vegetable oils. A good diet will have a positive effect on testosterone and help the beard to grow well.

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Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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