7 steps to a Viking Beard and the style that goes with it

viking beard style


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You're looking for the ultimate beard style to complete your look, but you're looking for something that isn't too fancy and still stands out.
Grow a Viking beard!

 The Viking beard is one of the symbols most associated with them.

How to have and trim a beard in Viking style?

To do this, you will have to go through 4 steps:

Growing a Viking beard

Step 1: The shoot!

Without beard, no Viking style... Sorry gentlemen!

Choose Viking beard style

Step 2: The style

There is not just one style of Viking beard!

Viking beard trimmer

Step 3: Trim the beard

The crucial step for a successful Viking cut.

Viking beard maintenance

Step 4: Maintenance

A beard is like hair: it needs to be maintained.

Then, you will be able to buy different accessories or clothes to be a Viking until the end!

1. Grow your beard to a suitable length

The basis of any haircut, whether for hair or beard, is the material! Without hair, you won't be able to trim your beard like the Vikings of old...
To grow your beard quickly, you'll need to get serious about it:

Good hygiene face hair

Maintain impeccable hygiene because hair needs to be healthy and the roots need to be clean. Your beard is prone to bacteria and this is nothing new. This can lead to dandruff and dead skin that will slow down your growth.

Healthy eating

Opt for a diet rich in nutrients, proteins and vitamins because like the rest of your body, your beard needs to be nourished!

Sport beard grows

Favour sports to activate your hormonesIt's not new: sport brings only good things, and this is also true for the beard!

Castor oil for beard

Using oils to grow a beard because it works and because they are made of 100% natural products with 1000 benefits !

2. Choose your Viking style

You will have to choose the style of Viking beard you want: rather Ragnar Lodbrok or "Garibaldi" style? With or without a mustache?

To give you an idea of the different styles, here are the most common:

Short viking bearded man

The short viking beard

It's a simple, clean look that's easy to maintain for men. It is also suitable for shriveled or bald men !

Men's beard style ducktail

The Viking Ducktail beard

The ducktail is a popular Viking beard style. Longer than the short Viking beard, it has a ducktail chin hair shape!

Viking man beard long and thick

The big long viking beard

This is the most popular Viking beard style. It is a full, luxurious beard that can be worn with or without a mustache.

Viking beard in goatee

The Viking beard as a goatee

This is a variation of the Viking beard that involves wearing a goatee with or without a mustache. People who have worn the viking beard.

Beard cut of ragnar lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar is the father of many Viking chiefs and has been portrayed as a dashing and feared Viking. He wore a long epic Viking beard. It was even his signature!

Serie vikings bjorn ironside cote de fer barbe

Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn, Ragnar's son wore a short viking beardwithout a moustache. He was a very famous Viking king and his look was immortalized in the successful series Vikings on the History Channel!

Rollo lothbrok vikings series beard

Rollo Lothbrok

Brother of Ragnar Lothbrok and Jarl of the Normans, the Viking warlord also wore a long fleece at the age of 58.

Viking style beard braid

Braided beard

A classic Viking story: the braided beard ! Synonymous with a warrior's beard, it will bring out the Jarl in you.

Here are examples and models of Viking haircuts:

3. Trim your beard

Third step and not the least... Trim your hair! For this, you have two choices: the old-fashioned way, with Viking blades, bigger than your forearm, or by using tools that I would call modern:

These beard accessories will allow you to trim your Viking beard but also to maintain it daily! This avoid having a beard that grows anyhow.

Then, back to work for trim your Viking beard :

  1. Start by brushing and combing your beard to detangle it and make it clearer.
  2. Grab your clippers and tackle the big stuff: the excess and overgrown hairs
  3. With the beard scissors and the razor, you will be able to do the finishing touches on the cheeks and neck, while cutting the stubborn hairs that will break (or not) your style.
  4. To finish, a good little beard shampoo, dry it with a small hair dryerPut a brush on it, see the straightener if you want a clean result : you are (almost) a real Viking !

To keep a beautiful Viking beard, you will then have to take care of it with different beard products.

4. Maintain your Viking beard with the right products and care

Like hair and body, beards need to be pampered. And even if the Viking style looks very virile, you don't have to feel like a Viking at heart and forget to take care of your hair and skin.

To do this, we will use different products and care:

Beard Oils

I talk about it a lot on the blogThe beard oils are an excellent care, everything is there:

  • moisturizing action
  • a nourishing treatment
  • protective effects
  • they can even help grow a beard !

For the viking style beard, I clearly advise castor oilIt will act as a moisturizer and a nourishing care for your hair that just needs to be satiated by the nutrients it provides.

You could also use argan oilIf you want a protective barrier against external aggressions, which will strengthen your beard.

For beards with dry tendencies, addolive oil or almond to the oils above, they will do a miracle to soften and moisturize.

Beard shampoos

Long hair means good care! This is as true as for hair.
To keep your beard clean and free of bacteria, nothing beats a shampoo.
But be careful not to use conventional hair shampoos: they are far too aggressive for your beard.

Beard balms

Beard balms are a real treat for your hair and skin. They provide hydration and a protective screen, particularly useful against the cold or on days when you are exposed to the sun. In short, the balm will be perfect for dry beards.

Beard clips

Clips are useful for holding back some of the stubborn parts of the beard. No more worries about spikes or a beard that won't form properly!

5. Accessories to be a true Viking at heart!

You've probably seen it on TV about Vikings: they also wear jewelry or ornaments that represent different things.
Do the same with our selection of Viking beard jewelry:

Rings and beads

The Vikings loved add beads to their beardThis is usually done to group the hairs on the tip (usually V-shaped).

As for the beads, the rings come to group the hairs and come to decorate the famous beard of the brave Vikings! Very fashionable, you can also get a wolf ringwhich is perfect for your Nordic look!

6. The haircut: not to be neglected

Another very distinctive point of the Vikings is their haircut! We will find some like the sidecut (shaved on the side) with :
  • long hair tied back
  • a tight braid,
  • in an Iroquois crest
  • shaved head (and yes, it's a cut :D)
Here are examples and models of Viking haircuts:

7. Clothes to look like a Viking until the end...


A basic accessory for the modern day Viking, the beanie has been timeless for a few years now. Sometimes, it can give the soul of a big-hearted Viking as the big bad who returns from Valhalla and listens to hard metal.

Looking like a Viking: a question of style or fashion?

I think it's much more a question of style than a simple fashion. The brave Viking of modern times is not only a simple passage but it is almost a way of life.

Through this complete guide to having a beautiful Viking beard, you have learned how to have one through various steps:

  1. Hair growth
  2. The beard style
  3. Trim your Viking beard
  4. Maintain it with care
  5. Accessories: beads, rings...
  6. The Viking haircut
  7. Viking style clothing

In short, you've got everything you need to grow a Nordic barb in good shape! It's up to you 😉

Do you still have questions about the famous viking beard?

I'm coming, no stress!

Many Vikings prefer use straighteners to make their beard silkier and more beautiful. I recommend you the one from Vikiconwhich lives up to its name and is perfect for big Nordic beards!

Traditionally, Vikings did not wear a mustache with their Viking beard. Some Vikings even shaved the hair on their upper lip to enhance their appearance!

All you need is patience and the right products! Use good beard oils or balms while you wait for your Viking beard

The best haircut for Vikings is still long, tied-back hair or a shaved head. In between, you'll have the tight braid or the Iroquois crest!

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