Why don't I have a beard at 18, 20, 25, 30 and more? How do I grow it?

Discover how to grow your beard naturally at any age.


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I see you coming: you've been waiting for your beard to grow for months, or even years, and you don't see any progress. At 18, 22, 25 and even 30, nothing, not a hair on the face. You tell yourself it's going to happen, sooner or later.

We get to 30 years old and there, it's panic: why won't that damn beard grow? For those who are not yet in their thirties, don't worry, I don't make bad omens...

In this article, we will find out the reasons for your lack of beard (or holes) and find some solutions to boost your hair growth !

Why don't I have a beard? The signs

You can't grow your beard ? Learn what signs to look at and how to increase your beard growth !

  • Beard disease: alopecia (baldness), mushrooms...
  • Genetics, which plays an important role
  • Personal hygiene and lifestyle
  • Hypothyroidism (thyroid gland disorder)
  • Hormones: DHT, testosterone...
  • Stress and lack of sleep

These are the main reasons that can explain a late appearance of beard.
By the way, here is an article from testimony of a man who has no beard at 30 years old and explains its history. It's pretty well written and very interesting so let me share it with you.

Man with bald head and beard

How to grow a beard when you don't have one?

Fortunately, it is, if you don't have a beard at 18, 20, 25, 30 see older, your case is not completely hopeless.

There are solutions to boost your beard growth and get your hair out. If the problem is that you only have fuzz or your beard is sparse, these tips work even better!

Use beard oils

On this blog, I often talk about beard oils. If you don't know it yet, the oils are a real elixir of youth for the beard.

Their uses are so numerous that I will only mention a few:

  • They moisturize your beard just right
  • They feed your hair with the fatty acids it needs
  • They protect and strengthen your skin and your beard
  • They help grow beards !

I therefore recommend (if you haven't already done so) that you use them to pamper your beard !

Use these to grow your beard hair:

Oils are great because they are natural and great for the body!

Even though the oils won't magically make new hair appear on your face, they will give your skin and beard the right conditions to grow healthily. In addition, they moisturize and care for your face in depth.

They act directly at the root of your hair (hair follicles) to stimulate them and boost growth whether at 18, 24 or even 40 !

Use a dermaroller to boost your hair follicles

The dermaroller is a small accessory which is very easy to use and is effective to increase the hairiness of your beard.
It consists of a handle and a roller with mini tips of 0.25mm to 1cm that will penetrate your skin when you will "roll" on your beard.
By creating tiny holes, they will activate your body's regeneration process, which will abundantly irrigate the area and therefore your hair follicles.

If you are wondering: no, the dermaroller does not hurt! Or maybe you're going a little too hard...

Sport beard grows

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

I know, you've probably already read about taking care of yourself on the web. No wonder, if you ask me! Whether it's to have a strong beard and hair that would make a yak jealous or to be better psychologically, having a good physical condition is not a luxury.

So do some physical exercise every week, don't overdo the good stuff and you'll see the difference! A better complexion, less fatigue, a growing beard... The benefits are numerous and excellent.

Plus, working out will increase your testosterone production. And since that's one of the likely reasons you don't have a beard, it's right on target!

Eating good things

Eat healthy and in good quantity

This may seem logical, but Eating the right things in the right quantities will nourish your beard hair like your body! Your hair and fur need nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids...
You can get these nutrients in oils (I'm taking advantage of this, as it was mentioned earlier) and especially in your daily diet.

I doubt that the Kebab feeds your beard if you know what I mean...

You may be interested in this:

Coconut oil is also excellent for the beard when applied to the skin.

Man with short beard

Avoid stress and sleep well

When you are stressed, nothing goes right. We sleep badly, we eat badly, we live badly. Your body feels it and can be out of balance.

This can affect the growth of your beard hair.

When you think about it, it even makes sense. All I can advise here is to relax, spend some quiet time where you have time for yourself.

Take advantage of this time to take care of your beard, put oil on your hair, use balms...

Since your sleep is just as important (and one plays on the other), try to get a good night's sleep! Your body needs it and if not sleeping enough can make you fat, it can also cause a late appearance of beard.

Testing Minoxidil

If you have tested everything and you don't know how to have a beard at 30 years oldyou can use Minoxidil. It is a very well known product for beardless people and those who have holes.

This medication, which can be found in pharmacies or on the web, is intended to combat alopecia. Although at its creation, this was not its primary objective, it is now known to make hair grow after a few months of treatment.

The negative point? The Minoxidil molecule has a number of side effects, the product should therefore be used sparingly.

If you have tried a lot of solutions to have a beard without success, try Minoxidil for a few months by being assiduous on the applications: 2 times a day!


It is possible to to use Dermaroller with Minoxidil to combine their effects. Of course, you can also apply oil to your beard to make the trifecta!

No beard? No problem, we have solutions!

Not having a beard at 18, 20 or even 30 years old is a problem, I grant you. But you're not without solutions for growing hair:

Although some are easier to apply than others, don't lose hope: you can have a beard, whatever your age ! And if all else fails, you can always turn to the ultimate solution: beard transplant.

And you, what solutions do you put in place to have beard?

I don't have a beard, but I have questions...

Assume that not having a beard at 20 years old is not alarming! It can be totally normal and the beard can appear later. 
To give it a boost, nourish it with oils, exercise, eat right and sleep well. Your body (and your hair) will give you back!

Beard growth problems happen at any age. Whether you are 18, 20, 25 or even 40, certain factors play a major role in the growth of your hair.
It could be that it's only temporary and that your beard starts to grow overnight, or that you don't see any change for years.

In any case, help your beard by taking care of your body and applying beard oils. You can also try the dermaroller, an accessory with amazing powers for the beard.

It's true that not having a beard at age 30 can be a problem. What you should know is that there are many possible causes: diseases, genetics, hygiene, hormones...
Target the main cause of the lack of beard and do everything possible to grow it!

Article written by Brandon

Amateur and passionate about beards since his first hairs (on his face), he is for the intimate and bearded Internet lovers the BarbierDuWeb. Advises and helps men for a healthy beard, through blog articles where you will find tests, his feelings but also comparisons and buying guides.

Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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