Argan oil for the beard (hair and skin)

Discover the benefits of argan oil for your beard and how to use it for a soft, moisturized and healthy beard!
argan oil for the beard


If you do not know it yet, argan oil is an excellent beauty product to integrate into your beauty routine!

Its moisturizing and shining power on your beard, its acceleration of the growth of hairs... We could quote its thousand and one benefits.
In addition, it softens and repairs wounds and renews your cells to eliminate dead skin...

What more could we ask of him?

Let's move on to why to use it for your beard and how to choose and apply argan oil.

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The opinion of the BarbierDuWeb

Argan oil is one of the best oils for the beard, but also for the hair and the body. I strongly recommend it to help hair growth, moisturize your beard in depth and protect it!

What is argan oil?

Argan oil (Argania spinosa) is a vegetable oil extracted from the almonds of the argan tree which grows mainly in Morocco. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant.

This oil can be used for health as it contains many nutrients beneficial to our body.

It is known for its regenerating and nourishing properties. Its natural antioxidant content helps to rejuvenate the skin. The fatty acids it contains bring suppleness and softness to hair and dry skin.

Why use argan oil on your beard?

Simply for all the benefits it can bring him!
In addition to growing the beard by acting at the root, it moisturizes it because it contains fatty acids that help nourish the skin.
Your beard will be thicker and softer at the same time.

Argan oil is also rich in vitamins, which strengthens the hair and protects your goatee.

The benefits of argan oil on the beard 

For the record, here are the effects on your beard:

  • The argan oil accelerates hair growth by oiling the roots and strengthening the hair system. This makes your beard thicker, longer and denser for a natural effect.
  • It ensures a hydration and a natural shine to your beard by oiling the roots of the hairs.
  • The argan oil softens and repairs hair and wounds thanks to its fatty acid content which maintains the tone of your skin.
  • It strengthens the hair system to effectively eliminate dead cells 
Argan oil to grow a beard

Does argan oil make the beard grow?

The argan oil makes the beard grow because it has fatty acids and nutrients that help stimulate the hair system.
It promotes better circulation and gives tone to the hair follicles to accelerate the regrowth of your hair.

Argan oil beard application and use

How to use argan oil on your beard?

Your oil can be applied daily in the morning or evening, with a gentle massage after a shaveIt can be used after washing or directly before shampooing.
Simply apply a few drops to your oiled beard as a daily treatment.

In any case, one word of advice: patience! The effects may be felt after a good month.

Quick tip: Oil every day and rinse your face half an hour to two hours after each oiling to tighten your pores.

With which oils to mix the argan?

Like most vegetable oils and essential, they maximize their effects when mixed and prepared.

Here are the best combinations with argan oil:

  • For the beardIt adds up very well with the benefits of many other oils such as coconut, the lawyer or theblack seed oil.
  • To regenerate the skin and fight against wrinklesYou can use it with oils of Rosewood...
  • For dry skin, theessential oil of Neroli will have the moisturizing effect par excellence!
Argan oil beauty: mixtures and combinations

The other uses of argan oil on your health

The argan oil is also excellent for hair and skin in anti-aging treatment for example.
Indeed, it is rich in fatty acids which allow to nourish the body, to repair the damaged cells or to stimulate the growth of the hair and the hairs of the face.

In massage oil, it is very pleasant to use to moisturize and soften the skin.
It allows to have a beneficial anti-inflammatory action in case of muscular or articular pains thanks to the soothing properties that it brings.

It will also allow you to rejuvenate your face because it promotes cell renewal to improve the suppleness of your skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

For nails, it has a strengthening effect on brittle nails by acting on their base.

Argan oil for hair, skin and hair!

Throughout this article, you have learned where argan oil comes from, what it is and the benefits it brings to your body.

We have seen that it proves to be very effective for the beardIt stimulates growth, protects and moisturizes the hair. 

For the hairit will fight alopecia by toning the scalp, while for the skin it will bring softness and flexibility.

It combines very well with vegetable oils like castor oil or other oils for hair growth.

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