Castor oil or Minoxidil: Which is better for the beard?

Castor oil or Minoxidil: which is the best solution to stimulate the growth of your beard? Discover our comparison and our opinion!
Castor oil or minoxidil for the beard?


The bearded ones (or not) in search of the miracle product to make grow their small hairs on the cheeks surely heard about the Minoxidil. It is called the miracle product of the beard, but what is it really? Is Minoxidil an alternative to castor oil?

Nowadays, the beard is a beauty asset for men, so maintaining it is part of a daily ritual. Many products are appearing, claiming their merits to grow a beard.
As you can imagine, these "miracle" products are not all as legitimate as they seem...

In this article, you will learn what castor oil and Minoxidil are and their benefits for your beard.
We will then compare the two products to determine which one is more effective in boosting your growth!

Castor oil

Castor oil
21,022 bearded opinions
Castor oil
Castor oil is a real growth gas pedal for your hair and is an excellent alternative to Minoxidil.


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The opinion of the BarbierDuWeb

Castor oil is the best natural alternative to Minoxidil for the growth of the beard but also for the hair. The side effects of Minoxidil (irritation, redness, heart palpitations and so on) are harmful and your beard will only grow when you apply them. When you stop, the growth will stop too!

Castor oil: a real beard growth gas pedal
21,022 bearded opinions
Castor oil: a real beard growth gas pedal
Castor oil has many benefits for your hair, it :
  • Improves the growth of your hair
  • Moisturizes and nourishes your skin and beard
  • Tones and softens
  • Restores the skin's elasticity

In short, it is the perfect alternative to Minoxidil!

And for good reason, here is the Amazon search for the term "Minoxidil

Amazon search for minoxidil

Pretty funny, isn't it? Even Amazon has figured out that castor oil is an alternative to Minoxidil.

Let's move on to the presentation of castor oil.

What is castor oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil sometimes called "castor oil". It originates from East Africa and is obtained from cold-pressed castor seeds that are then filtered. The castor seed is known to be toxic, but don't worry: the castor oil that is extracted from the seed is safe for our health ! But don't have fun swallowing it, or you'll have an increased intestinal flow! If you want to know more about castor oil and its many benefits, discover our selection ofcastor oil for the beard.

What are the benefits of castor oil for the beard?

Composed of 90% of fatty acids, castor oil constitutes a a real source of wealth for the hair systemThis is the case for hair, skin, nails and even hair.

For the beard, it has innumerable virtues:

  • Good hydration
    Thanks to these 90% of fatty acids and embellished with vitamin E, castor oil strengthens the skin's protective barrier, so say goodbye to itching and dandruff.
  • Rapid regrowth
    This magic oil accelerates the growth of your beard because of its active ingredients, it really boosts hair growth.
  • A nutritious oil
    Castor oil has all the nutrients and vitamins your beard needs to stay healthy and grow properly. From the very first use your beard is shinier, softer and more supple.
  • Filling the gaps
    This vegetable oil is able to stimulate your hair from the roots to the tips by giving them a little energy. It also allows to fill the holes in the beard, namely areas where the hairs do not grow.

But be careful, there must be bulbs under the skin in these hairless areas to allow this growth. Castor oil is not a miracle solution if you have no hair!
Of course, it will be necessary to apply it with care to get all the benefits. One thing is certain: castor oil really works on the beard !

Castor oil by bionoble with pipette + pump + applicator
21,022 bearded opinions
Castor Oil by Bionoble with Pipette + Pump + Applicator
It is among the best castor oils available on the market. Bionoble has simply broken the competition by offering a superior oil coupled with quality accessories!

What is Minoxidil?

The minoxidil is a molecule used in dermatology to fight against androgenic alopeciaThis is baldness, especially in men.
This molecule is used in the composition of several drugs against hair loss and some drugs against blood pressure.

It would therefore be made to increase blood flow and boost your hair growth.

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Minoxidil beard

Does Minoxidil make my beard grow?

Minoxidil has been proven to combat alopecia (a general term for hair loss). When used on your beard, it can also be used to thicken the hair, especially for men with fine hair. But it is important to know that Minoxidil works for a transitory use, that is to say that when you stop using it, the effects also cease.

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Adverse effects of Minoxidil on the body and health

The minoxidilwhether in topical, topically applied form or in oral tablet form, is a drug potentially hazardous to health.

If you apply minoxidil to your beard, there may be side effects :

  • itching of the scalp
  • headaches,
  • weight gain
  • rashes,
  • decreased libido or erectile dysfunction.

These side effects are far from systematic, but are still to be taken into account.

Therefore, castor oil is still ideal for your beard!

Some opinions of Internet users after using Minoxidil on the beard

Here are some opinions of Minoxidil users on the famous's 18-25 forum :

Of course, some Internet users are more or less happy with it, but considering the number of side effects reported, it makes them reluctant to use it on their face.
Some people even talk about heart palpitations, scary right?

Minoxidil alternatives and beard growth

While spreading oils or balms is great for your beard, there are other ways to stimulate hair growth:

  1. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: wash your beard with a suitable shampoo and brush it often.
  2. Eat a healthy diet: your hair needs nutrients to grow strong, so don't spare them (and yourself at the same time)
  3. Play sports and improve your physical condition

While this is part of living a healthy life as we all do (right?), it may not be enough.

To keep your beard growing, here are some other tips:

Beard oils

Otherwise, to improve the boost effect of castor oil, couple it with other oils that grow beards (vegetable or essential) :

Mustard oil
659 reviews of bearded men
Mustard oil
Mustard oil is a real ally to improve the growth of your beard.
Black seed oil
2,027 reviews of bearded men
Black seed oil
Black cumin oil excels at boosting your hair growth and works well with castor oil.

The beard roller (Dermaroller)

If you don't know this revolutionary little accessory yet, I advise you to get informed right away!
The beard roller (or dermaroller) is a handle decorated with a scroll made of small very fine needles.
As these needles penetrate your skin, they will create tiny holes and activate your body's healing process.
This will bring a higher blood flow to the area where you will have passed the famous dermaroller, which will bring more nutrients to your skin and hair.

In short, only happiness! And it adds up wonderfully with the Minoxidil and/or the beard oils.

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Dermaroller sqin bloom with case
665 reviews of bearded men
Dermaroller Sqin Bloom with case
One of the best dermaroller available on the market. I have tested it personally and I am clearly satisfied! The product is of good quality, the storage case is beautiful and very useful.
I have used it without any problems and it is very easy to use!
Castor oil or minoxidil beard

Castor oil or minoxidil for the beard?

The question would come down to: Why choose a drug like Minoxidil that may have side effects, whose "benefits" are not systematic, and that only works when applied?

Instead, use a natural organic vegetable oil, such as castor oil, you will be sure of the resultand above all you will not have no side effects.

You might as well not take any risks and enjoy the natural health benefits of oils.

Otherwise, to boost your beard growth, read our guide to the best oils for growing beards !

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