3 Vacuum Beard Trimmers with Collector: no more hair everywhere when shaving!

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Let's not kid ourselves: shaving your beard or hair with a clipper is very messy. You soon find yourself with a sink full of tiny hairs and it's hell to clean.

Plus, if you forget, you're going to get yelled at by the missus, and you know how crazy it can make her to have to walk behind you to clean your little hairs under the faucet.

Beard hair, it gets everywhere and we never completely get rid of it. To solve this common problem of bearded men, you will have to use a beard trimmer with a hair suction system.

So, no more hassle during shaving: the hairs are directly sucked up by a vacuum integrated in your trimmer.

Isn't technology beautiful? Come on, I present you this without waiting!

Man holding a beard trimmer recuperator

What is a vacuum beard trimmer?

A vacuum beard trimmer will be used to recover the shaved hair during the passage of the mower. Thus, most of the cut hair will be sucked up by the mower and stored in a collector, which you can empty afterwards.

The system used is a hair vacuum integrated in the trimmerwhich is located close to the blades and will suck your hair right out of the air while you shave.

Why is it great?

Simply because you will have much less hair falling into your sink and you will have less cleaning to do post-shave ! Speaking of aftershave, did I ever tell you about the aftershave oils ?

Male barber vacuum trimmer

The best beard trimmers with a hair extraction system

We now move to the heart of the matter: the best beard trimmers with vacuum and recuperator !
To do this, I do as usual: I analyze the best products on the web on different criteria and I propose them to you in the form of a ranking, from the best to the worst.
Note that the "less good" here is still part of the best clippers with recuperator on the market... 😉

Philips has done a lot of work on its hair suction technology, but we also have some very good products from Wahl, Rowenta and Braun. Yes, only classic beard accessories.

Here are the vacuum beard trimmers selected by me:

Versatile and extremely well rated, the BT7512 will allow you to shave with precision. It recovers up to 90% of cut hair and over 20 size settings are available!

Less expensive than its Philips counterparts, the Remington MB6850 does its job well and boasts up to 95% of hair to keep your shaving area clean.

The BT7500 is the entry level at Philips but does a good job when it comes to getting a close shave while recovering the hair.

Vacuum beard trimmer (with hair catcher)

How to choose the right beard trimmer with vacuum?

As you might expect, not all lawnmowers are designed the same, and they can vary greatly from one manufacturer and brand to another.

Here are the most important criteria to check when buying your suction beard trimmer :

The main element that differentiates a vacuum beard trimmer from other styles and models is, of course, the... The vacuum cleaner and its efficiency !

When comparing vacuums, there are three things to pay attention to:

  • How much hair does the mower pick up?
    This is usually expressed as a percentage, for example, up to 95 % of hair in a single pass.
    There's no reason to buy a vacuum beard trimmer that doesn't catch your hair properly.

  • How is the cleaning done?
    Most vacuum beard trimmers place the cut hair in a dedicated compartment, but is it removable? Do you have to empty them directly into a bin? Is it easy to clean the trimmer completely?

  • What is the power of the vacuum cleaner, and is this power adjustable?
    Some high-end trimmers have an adjustable suction system or a suction boost feature for thicker, more difficult areas. If you have a particularly long or thick beard, consider this feature.

The blades do most of the work on a mower, and you should never buy a mower with inferior blades.

Stainless steel is the standard, both because it has very little damage and because it cuts evenly, without pulling out hair or irritating your skin.

Stainless steel is also hypoallergenic, which means it won't react with your skin, especially if you have allergies or other skin conditions.

Most vacuum beard trimmers have a more powerful motor than others, as it also has to run the vacuum. So don't be particularly concerned about the power of the motor or the noise it may make.

However, operating the vacuum cleaner puts a strain on the battery, so you need to be concerned about battery life and charging times.

Expect your vacuum beard trimmer to last much less time than a conventional beard trimmer.

When you buy your mower, look at what comes in the kit.

Here are some examples of common extras:

  • ready-to-use power adapters for worry-free travel
  • transport or storage bags
  • combs, plotters and brushes
  • cleaning sets


The beard trimmer with suction and hair recovery system is an essential accessory for bearded men with dense or long hair. Indeed, cleaning after shaving can become a time-consuming chore, and you know it: there are always mini hairs left.

And this, the manufacturers of clippers have understood, since they offer us clippers with a more advanced technology, which allows to place the shaved hairs in a recuperator.
You shave, you empty the recuperator, you clean your mower and here we go again!

In short, this is a gadget that I really like and highly recommend.

FAQ about beard trimmers with recuperator

The benefits of using a beard trimmer with a built-in vacuum system are numerous, but to make a long story short:

  • You don't dirty your sink anymore
  • It's great for all types of beards
  • It is easy to clean and simple to maintain

If you've read any of our other reviews of the most popular trimmers, you may have noticed that many beard trimmers are water resistant or waterproof, so they can be used in the shower or cleaned under running water.

Unless the vacuum trimmer you purchase indicates that you can do so, do not expose your vacuum beard trimmer to running water. The vacuum section can expose the internal components of the trimmer to water, which could prevent it from working.

Most vacuum beard trimmers have a set of removable blades that detach from the body of the trimmer and can be rinsed separately.

Although you can use your new beard trimmer to trim hair other than your beard and mustache, it is not recommended.

The blades on a beard trimmer are specifically designed to cut beard hair, which has a different consistency than your hair. Beard hair tends to be thicker individually, but less dense overall and a beard trimmer is not normally equipped to cut a full head of hair.

However, if you're considering using your beard trimmer to trim your pubic hair, you should be fine because, strange as it may seem, the hair in your private areas looks more like your beard than your facial hair.

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