[How to trim your beard with a trimmer?

Don't know how to trim your beard with clippers? Follow our complete tutorial for a perfectly trimmed beard!


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If you've always dreamed of trimming your beard with a clipper, you've come to the right place! Choosing the cut, setting up your accessories, using the clippers...

With this article, you will be able to get a beard cut like a professional.
Then, all you have to do is finalize your haircut and you'll be looking good for a while!

Ready to get a clean beard trim with your clippers? Follow our guide to the best way to trim your beard!

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Overview of how to use your beard trimmer


  • The cutting height is the size (length) of your hair after you've trimmed it. It is usually expressed in millimeters (mm) or centimeters (cm)
  • The shoe (or comb, head, cutting guide) is the attachment you clip onto the blades to get the desired cutting height. Look at your shoes to determine how long they cut: a small number is written on them.
  • Blades: shaving/mowing part located on the upper end
  • Adjustment screwlocated on the blade, they are used to adjust the cutting height

Why trim your own beard?

Any style of haircut can be achieved with the help of a clipper. Here are a few you might want to try:

Read our article " Which beard style should I choose according to my face? "to choose your next haircut! For example, some beard cuts are better suited to shaved heads.

It is about trimming all the hairs of your beard:
  • The great thing about the trimmer is that it is suitable for a wide range of beard types:


Before you start trimming your beard

  1. Define a style and length of cut you want: read our beard style guide or project yourself with a beard filter
  2. Use a lawnmower adapted to the desired cut
  3. Organize your accessories and clogs
  4. Wash your beard with a suitable shampoo and then use a hair dryer to dry your hair
  5. Detangle and brush and/or paint your goatee

How to use a beard trimmer?

Tips before you start:

  • Shave against the direction of the hair (generally upwards, except for the if your hair grows horizontally,
  • Don't cut too short from the start and use your mower shoes for safety,
  • Start with the bulk of the work and finish with the contours and finishes
  • Place the flat part of the trimmer on your face and "slide" it
  • Remember to brush your hair between each step to see the result.

Start by shortening and thinning with a long shoe

Equip your trimmer with a large shoe or set it to the highest cutting height to shorten your beard to the maximum length you want.

Trim the outside: define the shape of your beard

You will now have to define the shape of the beard you want, this is what will define your cutting style:

  1. Start by defining the outer part of your cheeks, this will allow you to see the size of the hairs and the thickness according to the places (cheeks, jaw)
  2. Next, move on to the chin, which you can cut into a point, round or square shape, for example.

Thanks to these two crucial steps, you have the shape of your beard now, all that's left is to draw your contours and do the finishing touches!

Trim the inside: define and outline for a perfect finish

For a well-defined contour, I advise you to differentiate the different lines and to use a trimmer that shaves very closely, or a finishing trimmer. We prefer here the Precision mowers that are suitable for finishing.

Top line

These are the hairs on the cheeksThe upper line is usually curved or straight, starting from the earlobe to the corner of your lips. The upper line is usually curved or straight.

→ To plot it, you will need to remove all hair above the lineYou can also use a small amount of hair on your cheeks and under your ear, going slightly down to your neck. Be careful to cut everything well, it will make clean and that will avoid potential irritations on your girlfriend's skin !

Lip line

Under the moustache, includes the outline of the lips and more precisely above the latter, where the mustache covers the lip.

→ To plot it, it is important to know the type of moustache you want (pencil, French style, Mexicanin handlebars...).
Often, bearded men opt for inverted V-shaped or rounded lip lines.


Located under your jaw (in the neck)It starts behind the ear, reaches the Adam's apple and goes up to the other ear.

→ To trace it, I advise you to start from the middle of the Adam's apple and shear down the sides, working your way up to your ears. It has to be clean, not a single hair left on the neck! Be careful not to remove too many hairs or your beard will end up as a necklace.

Here are some videos to learn how to trim your beard:

Man holding a beard trimmer recuperator

After using the mower

Once you've styled your beard with the clippers, it's time to move on to the finishing touches and care! First, brush your hair to see the real result.
If necessary, rework some of the points seen above before moving on to the finishing touches of your cut.

Shaving accessories to complete your beard trim

Because hair is usually a nuisance, it is often useful to use other shaving accessories such as :

  • Razor: perfect for getting rid of hard-to-reach areas or hairs that are not short enough after trimming
  • Scissors: to remove the last remaining hairs from your beard, you'll get them all! Here's a little tutorial to learn how to use scissors.
  • Tweezers: for finishing touches and (very) stubborn hairs that won't leave your face. You can also use it for hairs that stick out of your nostrils or ears
  • Straightener (heated comb) : to give your beard a style like no other!

Care to comfort skin damaged by shaving

Your face probably didn't like the repeated use of the clippers and, potentially, the razor. Irritation, redness, ingrown hairs... You are not immune to razor burn.

To take care of your skin (and your hair at the same time), I recommend :

  • Oils: the "magic" ingredients of the bearded man for healthy, powerful and especially beautiful hair! I advise you to look at the aftershave oils or even oils that grow beards (as castor oil)
  • Balms : very useful to comfort your skin and give a boost to your goatee
  • Styling waxto maintain your beard style and nourish your hair and skin!

To finish your mowing

Next, maintain your mower : wash it and lubricate it !


Using a beard trimmer: not so complicated!

Trimming your beard yourself can be a complicated step to take, but with the right tools and advice from The Barber, you now know all the basics for trimming your beard at home.

If I had to give you the best tips for trimming your beard now, it would be to :

  • Choose your desired beard style before you start
  • Don't cut too short with the mower shoes
  • Prepare yourself well so that you are not caught off guard during mowing
  • Equip yourself with the right equipment because it really helps: each tool has its own speciality!
  • Generally, from taking care of your beard and the accessories you use such as the lawnmower

In any case, don't be afraid to experiment, but keep in mind that a shorn hair is a lost hair. You'll have understood me: be careful to be meticulous in your movements and mow sparingly.

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Wikipedia EN (hair clipper)

Frequently asked questions

To hold the clippers properly, hold the clipper body in your palm with the blades facing your skin. Then, simply place the clippers on your skin and shave from the bottom up.

The setting of your beard trimmer may differ depending on the model and brand of your accessory:

  • Adjustment screw : with a screwdriver, screw or unscrew the screws that hold the blades
  • Adjustment wheel : turn the knob to increase or decrease the cutting height
  • Cutting guide : change the shoe to change the size of the hair clipping

In order to be sure not to cut too short, I advise you to start with large hooves. Little by little, you will be able to reduce the size of the hooves to reach the desired hair length.

Another technique is to use a comb and your fingers to block your beard hair, which will allow you to "select" the height of the cut.

To properly trim your hair with the clippers, you should run the clippers against the direction of hair growth. Most beards grow "downward", vertically. So, start clipping from the bottom of your face and work your way up.

It depends on your habits and preferences:

  • The morning when you get out of bed, your skin is relaxed but you may not have time to shave properly
  • The eveningThe skin is more stressed and the risk of cuts is increased, but you will usually have time to shave properly.

Several solutions are available to you to stop getting hair everywhere:

I do not recommend shaving your beard hair daily because it :

  • Damages your skin and you may experience irritation (razor burn), itching or redness
  • Increases the risk of ingrown hairs
  • Does not make your beard grow faster: it's a myth!

Anyway, if you have to (or want to) shave daily, I recommend :

  • Clean your skin (and beard) with a Aleppo soap for example, or an adapted shampoo,
  • Apply a towel of warm water to your face before shaving to open your pores,
  • Use a shaving gelshaving soap or, as a last resort, lather when shaving
  • Use of aftershave oils and/or balms to soothe your skin.

Regularly scrub your skin to purify and exfoliate it.

Locate your Adam's apple and begin shaving just above it. Then shave from the sides to define your neck line. This will be easier with a precision mower (very useful for contours).

First, check what cutting heights (usually in millimeters) your shoes offer and the potential adjustment on your mower.
Then, simply clip on/off the shoes to suit the desired beard cut

The smallest shoes generally offer cutting heights of 3 mm. Some of them even go down to 1mm, but this is rare.
If you want a very short shave (blank), it is better to shave without a shoe. I advise you to 0 mm" mowers for this purpose !

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