Top 5 Best Trimmers for Short Beard (3 day beard)

Discover the best trimmers for a perfect 3-day beard.
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Looking for the best trimmer for a short three-day beard? Look no further!

Voiic my selection of one of the best models available on the market: Philips QP2630/30 OneBlade Face & Body. In addition to being an excellent value for money, it is ergonomic and above all very versatile.

Have a short beard and maintained requires almost daily efforts to take care of it. In order for it to look its best, it is important to shave and trim frequently.

Take, for example, the 3-day beard, a classic for the modern man: it needs to be trimmed precisely and the contours worked well to keep it clean.
I advise you to opt for a special short beard trimmer, which will enable you to trim your hair quickly and efficiently while maintaining superior precision.

Let's go for the presentation of the best trimmers for short beard!

Discover my selection of the best electric beard trimmers + my reviews.

If you're short on time, here's a roundup of the best electric trimmers for short beards:

  1. Philips QP2630/30 OneBlade Face & Body - Excellence for your beard!
  2. King C Gillette Style Master - Stylish and versatile, its 4D blade is perfect for stylizing your "stubble".
  3. Braun MGK5280 - The complete package to maintain your three-day beard.

3 trimmers for 3-day beard (short beard)

Comparison of the best trimmers for short beards

Philips QP2630/30 OneBlade Face & Body

Philips qp2630/30 oneblade face & body, 2 blades, 4 beard shoes, 1 body shoe included
47 735 avis de barbus
Philips QP2630/30 OneBlade Face & Body, 2 blades, 4 beard blades, 1 body blade included

After testing the Philips OneBlade for several weeks after a clean shave, I find it effective if you are looking to maintain your short beard with precision. The 3-day beard clogs, with lengths of 1, 2, 3 and 5 mm, are perfect for maintaining a clean, even look.

With the famous Philips two-way blade, I cut effortlessly through dense hair without pulling, a significant advantage over other clippers. Unfortunately, you'll still have to go back over certain areas from time to time. So it's not for you if you're looking for a clean shave.

In terms of comfort, it's... remarkable! No cuts or chafing, even when I run it over my jawline and mustache, which is testament to its gentle on sensitive areas.

L'battery life is very decent without being exceptional - 45 minutes for an 8-hour charge, which is adequate for my weekly needs. I can shave every 2 to 4 days without any problem.

The durability and maintenance The stainless steel blade remains sharp after several uses, and cleaning the waterproof shaver is child's play.

Compared with other clippers tested here, the OneBlade stands out more as a precision tool than as a simple beard care accessory. It's not expensive, it's efficient, and the longevity of the blades and the fluid experience make it a profitable investment. But beware: blades can become expensive depending on how often you use your lawnmower.

In short, the Philips OneBlade will not replace a complete shaving kit, but for the regular maintenance of a short beardit's an excellent option. It's a reliable tool in my arsenal, especially for maintaining that three-day beard look that's so popular these days.



  • Designed for precise trimming of short beards, it allows easy, regular maintenance.
  • Excellent value for money: an affordable tool for those who don't want to invest in more expensive equipment.
  • Intuitive grip makes it easy to use for the delicate contours of short beards.
  • The battery lasts for several pruning sessions without recharging.


  • Does not shave very closely, leaving a slight beard shadow.
  • Need to go over the same areas several times to obtain a uniform cut.
  • Blade life can be a weak point if you shave frequently (cost).

King C Gillette Style Master: Suitable for short beards of a few millimeters!

King c gillette style master
3 122 avis de barbus
King C Gillette Style Master

Now it's Gillette's turn to present its versatile men's trimmer! Equipped with 3 shoes and on battery, it allows (on paper) a recharge of 6 months of use. Its "4D" blade is the particularity of this razor: it allows to shave, to make the courses or to mow at the same time. Quite promising!

The head pivots to follow the contours of your face for optimal comfort. It is perfectly suited for use on short to semi-long beards or for shaving your mustache.


  • High performance 4D blade for all applications
  • Excellent autonomy and battery that does not discharge itself
  • Fairly close shave


  • A little expensive

Braun 5 MGK5280 - Electric trimmer for short hair

Braun mgk5280 all-in-one electric trimmer for men
22 050 avis de barbus
Braun MGK5280 All-In-One Electric Trimmer for Men

You probably know Braun and their fabulous beard trimmers (or shavers). Well, you should know that The brand also offers an all-in-one trimmer for the body, three-day beard and even men's hair.

It's no surprise that the MGK5280 is in this top list, it's a true flagship of technology for an affordable price!


  • Electric shaver included for a closer shave
  • Waterproof
  • Kit of 7 accessories
  • Cordless (battery operated) + Quick charge


  • Not usable when charging
  • Do not shave blank (0 mm)
  • Tends to discharge when not in use

Other models for a good choice:
Box with accessories - Big beard - With wire (on mains) - Multifunctional - Waterproof 

Philips One Blade QP6620/20: the classic 3-day beard

Philips one blade qp6620/20
197 reviews of bearded men
Philips One Blade QP6620/20

A true innovation in the world of shaving, the One Blade trimmers from Philips are excellent and above all very versatile. Trim, style and shave your body and beard with ease with this electric trimmer. With its adjustable shoe and double protection system, you can trim hair on any part of your body.


  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Very light
  • Waterproof (waterproof)
  • Dry shaving, under water, with or without foam...
  • 14 cutting heights


  • A little expensive
  • It is sometimes necessary to pass several times if there are many hairs

Other trimmers for your beard:
Vintage style - Without shoe - Travel - Precision for contours – Beard and hair - Beard and body

Hatteker Multifunctional Beard Trimmer for a few days beard

Electric beard trimmer hatteker
21 842 avis de barbus
Electric beard trimmer Hatteker

Hatteker is the good surprise of the last few years on the beard trimmer market. The American brand offers products with an excellent quality-price ratio, very versatile and equipped with various accessories to suit all cuts.

You can go there with your eyes closed!


  • Versatile for all cuts and beard types
  • Waterproof
  • 12 accessories for all your needs
  • Modular shoe
  • Slight


  • Accessories complicated to store because of their number
  • Plastic" feel finish
  • Not very precise

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My criteria for choosing the ideal trimmer for your small hairs

For those who maintain a short beard, every detail counts:

  • Cutting accuracy : Achieving impeccable lines and uniform length makes precision a non-negotiable quality. So opt for high-quality blades that stay sharp through use, with adjustable cutting settings to tailor length to the millimeter.

  • Materials and Durability : Quality of manufacture is fundamental! Durable materials such as stainless steel or brushed metal guarantee long service life. A well-built lawnmower will withstand accidental falls and the wear and tear of time, which is an economic consideration in the long term.

  • Ease of use : Ergonomic clippers are essential, as they make trimming easier, reduce fatigue and protect the skin. For short beards that (very) often require touch-ups, the comfort and softness of the trimmer minimize the risk of irritation.

  • Battery life : A battery that holds its charge is an essential element in your selection. Even if you're going to use the trimmer frequently over short periods, you're usually in a hurry and don't want the battery to fail you. Autonomy therefore becomes a freedom factor, allowing you to shave several times without being interrupted by the need to recharge the device.

  • Water resistance : A trimmer that works equally well on wet or dry skin is a major asset! It simplifies the shaving process, whether as part of a quick morning routine or for a more thorough grooming session after a shower.

  • Portability : A lightweight, compact trimmer is ideal for bearded men who are often on the move. Useful little features like a travel lock prevent the trimmer from accidentally switching on, and conserve battery life.

These personalized selection criteria ensure that you invest in a tool built to last and make your daily care routine easier.

Cutting beard with razor at the barber

Why are my tips on short beard trimmers reliable?

My method for selecting the best clippers for short beards is exhaustive and multi-sourced:

  1. Consumer Reviews : I analyze thousands of user feedbacks in various countries, focusing on those with short beards to capture their specific needs.

  2. Career prospects : Discussions with professional hairdressers reveal the models preferred by the pros for precise, efficient trimming.

  3. Barbershop recommendations: I note the clippers used daily by my favorite barber shops for the short beard style.

  4. Retailers' expertise : Hairdressing specialists share their views on the clippers most in demand by professionals and individuals for short beards.

  5. World Pogonophile Community: I collect international reviews via videos and forums to identify the most popular and, above all, the most appreciated models.

  6. Personal tests : I test some of these clippers myself to assess their ergonomics, ease of use and quality of cut, mainly for contours.

  7. Analysis of leading models : I compare models renowned for their versatility and everyday reliability, such as the Philips QP2630/30 OneBlade Face & Body and the King C. Gillette.

Remington trimmer for short beard

Alternatives for shaving your three-day beard

There are other ways to shave and they are all as useful as the beard trimmer. Indeed, depending on your needs (thick beard, close shave, perfect contours), I advise you to turn to the cabbage trimmer or the shavette for example.

Here are some alternatives to shaving with a clipper which will be used to complement or even replace the mower for some:

In other words, if you want a perfect shave, get a perfectly styled beard! Of course, this means a higher budget, even though these other shaving methods are generally less expensive.

Hairdresser trims men's beards with clippers

Buying a professional trimmer for short beards is a great investment!

Men who wear a small beard are generally very careful about the appearance they give off. The unkempt look is to be banished, the contours must be perfect and the trimming quick and efficient.

The 3-day beard is very fashionable among men since it is very well accepted in the professional world as well as in everyday life. Adaptable to all bearded men, it is a perfect style to be elegant and sophisticated.

In short, buying the best short beard trimmer is not that complicated when you have the right information!

Frequently asked questions

I recommend the Philips OneBlade QP2630/30 which is excellent for trimming a close-cropped beard. Versatile and affordable, it will successfully style and trim your hair!

You can find this type of clipper in supermarkets, specialty stores and even in your favorite barbershop.

The most effective, for me, is to buy it on the web where the choice is much larger. In addition, you can get feedback from hundreds of bearded men on the use of the accessory, its strengths and especially its weaknesses.

Simply so you don't have to worry about trimming your short beard! By opting for this type of accessory designed for trimming short hairs, you ensure a comfortable and efficient shave.

While both models are great for maintaining a short beard and contoured edges, I recommend the Phillips OneBlade as it seems to be more versatile.

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