Santa's beard: history, size and care

Learn the history and significance of Santa's beard, and how to trim and maintain it for a true Christmas beard!
Santa's beard story


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Just like his hat, his big black boots or his big black leather belt, the white and well-furnished beard is one of the many elements that allow the little ones to identify their Advent hero. Very long, well furnished and especially of an immaculate white, it offers a character and a particular face to Santa Claus.

Like all bearded men, Santa Claus must also take care of his beard. Considering his age, we can assume that it would be much longer than it is if he doesn't take care of it. Does Santa cut his beard? Let's take a look at him.


The origin of Santa's beard: a tribute to Saint Nicholas

Santa's beard is a classic element of his traditional appearance. It is usually depicted as long and white, and is often associated with his wisdom and advanced age.

The precise origin of Santa's beard is not clear, but it is most certainly linked to the representations of Saint Nicholasa religious figure who is often associated with Christmas. Saint Nicholas was a fourth century Greek bishop who was known for his generosity to the poor and to children.

He became a symbol of generosity and goodness, and his white beard was probably associated with these qualities.

The symbolic meaning of Santa's white beard

Santa's white beard is a symbol of wisdom, kindness and experience. It is often associated with old age and wisdom gained over the years.

This white beard is like a gold medal that he won during his long life. It also represents his generosity and kindness towards children and the underprivileged.

In addition, the white beard is a reminder of Christmas traditions and the birth of Jesus. It is also a key element of his appearance, which gives him a more mysterious and magical air, as if he came from another world.

The white beard of Santa Claus is a strong symbol that refers to the spirit of Christmas generosity, wisdom and magic. So it's time to grow that beard and embody the true spirit of Christmas!

Santa's beard

Santa Claus takes good care of his beard

For many decades, the image we have of Santa Claus has remained almost unchanged. The image of a grandfatherly-looking man with a long white beard who goes around the house sharing gifts with children has remained the same over the years.

In the same way that he polishes his boots and takes care of his sleigh, Santa Claus must take care of his maintain your beardto remain presentable and clean. But also to keep this image from which it is identified!

If you want to know more about this personality, go to Santa Claus websiteentirely dedicated to the celebration of Advent.

Santa's beard how to trim it

How does Santa cut his beard?

Santa's big white beard is certainly what makes him stand out from the many heroes of the little ones. If Santa were to shave his beard completely, he would certainly lose some of his personality.

Aware of this, he just trims his chin hair slightly, so that he can keep the image we all have of him and look good. For this, he gets help from the barber elf....

Here are some steps to trim your beard like Santa Claus:

  1. First of all, make sure your beard is long enough so that it can be trimmed to look like Santa's. This pwould have taken several months to grow a long enough beard.

  2. Use beard scissors to cut the beard hairs that extend beyond the desired length. Be sure to cut the hairs evenly to avoid unevenness.

  3. Use an electric razor or a beard trimmer to shave cheek and neck hair. Be sure to be precise in your movements! I recommend a precision electric mower.

  4. Use a beard comb to pull beard hairs back into place. This will ensure that your cut is well done!

  5. Use beard waxlacquer or of the gel to shape your beard, fix beard hairs in place and keep them in shape.

  6. Finally, use a beard comb and some coloring wax to give your beard the characteristic white color of Santa Claus

Indeed, before letting Santa embark on his sleigh, the elf barber trims his white beard, taking care to keep it imposing as always. He simply removes the growths from his beard to keep it simple and classic, which children love.

Santa's beard interview

Maintaining your white Santa beard

Maintaining a Santa beard may seem daunting, but by following a few simple steps, you can keep it looking great all year long.

  1. Wash your beard regularly with a beard soap and conditioner to moisturize it
  2. Trim any protruding hair to the desired length with beard scissors
  3. Shave the hair of your cheeks and in your neck
  4. Detangle and paint the beard hairs to align them
  5. Dry your beard with a hair dryer at low temperature to avoid frizz.
  6. Applybeard oil to nourish the hair and make it supple
  7. Apply a beard balm to moisturize and protect

By following these steps, you'll be able to keep your Santa beard looking great all year long. And you'll be ready to embody the true spirit of Christmas!

Santa Claus is looking at a phone

Is it possible to have a beard like Santa's?

If it is true that the beard is a symbol of virility for some, it is mostly considered as an element that allows to refine its appearance, to take care of its look or even to create its own style. No bearded person will say otherwise.

Santa's is well supplied and very long. Taking into account his age, we can deduce that he trims it very little. However, in order to have a beard like the one of the reindeer sleigh driver, it is necessary to limit the frequency of shaving.

This is the basis: a beard that aspires to be long does not have to be shaved at every opportunity. It is sufficient to prune only the regrowth.

Saint Nicholas' beard

Why does Santa have a white beard?

Whether it is St. Nicholas, Santa Claus or the Coca-Cola Santa ClausAll the representations of the man of the night of December 24 have a white beard. Here are some reasons that can explain this phenomenon:

  • Santa Claus is an old man Santa Claus is no longer 20 years old, he is even very old. Naturally, this advanced age causes a limited secretion of melanin, the substance responsible for the coloring of the skin, hair and beard: hence the white color of his beard.
  • White is the North Pole trend During the winter period at the North Pole, white is the fashionable color, because it easily matches any clothing style. This could validly explain the color of Santa's beard.
  • A sign of stress due to gift making Stress is one of the many causes of gray hair. We all know that making thousands of toys in a relatively short period of time is no small task. This may be one of the reasons why Santa's beard is white.

Santa's white beard: a symbol of wisdom and generosity

Before embarking on his sleigh accompanied by reindeer to deliver the gifts, Santa Claus gets all dressed up. He trims his long beard with the help of the barber elf... In order to preserve the image of the star of December 24, his barber rThe traditional cut, which is well known and much appreciated by the little ones.

In conclusion, Santa's beard is a key element of his traditional appearance. It is usually depicted as long and white, and is often associated with his wisdom and advanced age.

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