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As a broke bearded guy, are you looking for a cheap beard trimmer that does its job well? You've come to the right place. Even if you're having a hard time making ends meet, it's possible to buy a good trimmer at a truly economical price.

I can imagine that many questions come to mind: Will the materials be of acceptable quality? Will it meet all my shaving needs? Will it be enough to trim my beard?

In this comparison of the best economic clippers for your beard, I will present you the ones that stand out from the rest and also explain how to choose it properly.

Barbershop mower

Top of the best cheap beard trimmers

Hatteker lawnmower: Quality and low price!

hatteker multifunctional mower: excellent!
2,977 reviews of bearded men
Hatteker Multifunction Mower: Excellent!

Hatteker is the new kid on the lawn mower block. Its model is very promising and has already won over a good number of users around the world. Its strong point? Its price, which is derisory when you see all the functions it offers!

Cordless, usable on hair, beard or even nostrils, ears and eyebrows, it is simply excellent. Its LED battery display and the fact that it is waterproof make it a safe choice!


  • Can be used on the whole body
  • Waterproof
  • 12 accessories for a shave on all sizes
  • Adjustable shoe
  • LED battery display


  • The finish is a little light
  • To avoid for a good precision

Philips QP2530/30: the classic for bearded men

Philips qp2530/30: very reliable
12,085 reviews of bearded men
Philips QP2530/30: very reliable

A classic pocket trimmer (or razor, as you prefer), the One Blade is simply efficient and has all the right features for the traveling bearded man. Small, handy, light and easily stored. Plus, it's waterproof, and that makes all the difference!


  • Quite accurate
  • Very good price/quality ratio 
  • Ergonomic and very light


  • Price of blade refills
  • Avoid for big beards

Remington Beard Trimmer MB4046

Remington beard trimmer mb4046
8,400 notices of beards
Remington Beard Trimmer MB4046

Supplied with a small brush, scissors and an adjustable shoe, the Remington MB4046 is quite simply one of the most amazing price-quality ratios on the market. For about thirty euros, you can enjoy a clipper of excellent manufacture.


  • Small price for a good efficiency
  • Interesting accessories
  • Pleasant finish
  • Adjustable shoe


  • It cannot be used when it is charging
  • No storage bag
  • Not waterproof

Braun 3 MGK3221: Small price, big capacity!

Braun 3 mgk3221: affordable good brand
28,390 notices of bearded men
Braun 3 MGK3221: affordable goodness

Braun has no place among men's accessories. With the MGK3221, you can trim your beard, hair, face, ears and nose.
Thanks to its various accessories (shoes and heads), you will be able to get rid of all the hairs on your face but also on your body.

Its wide range of accessories and its small price make it a very good value for money!


  • Not expensive
  • Easily interchangeable heads
  • Useful for short beards and neck design



  • Low battery life
  • Not waterproof
  • Accuracy to be reviewed

Philips MG1100/16: the multifunctional mini trimmer

Philips mg1100/16: inexpensive mini multifunction trimmer
15,466 reviews of bearded men
Philips MG1100/16: inexpensive mini multifunctional clipper

The Philips 1 Series is the equivalent of the BMW 1 Series: ergonomic, reliable and above all designed to be smaller than its counterparts. Inexpensive (unlike BMW) and cordless, the Philips MG1100 will live up to your expectations for a small-sized mower.


  • Not expensive
  • Wireless (battery operated)
  • 100% waterproof


  • Accuracy to be reviewed
  • No dry shaving
  • Difficult to disassemble

What is an economical beard trimmer?

This is a cheap mower, which will do the job at a reasonable price. For about thirty euros, you will find your happiness among the entry level of some brands.
While these types of trimmer sets are generally not as complete as the slightly more expensive kits, they do offer a more than acceptable shaving experience!

Indeed, "cheap" does not mean poor quality. In fact, with the number of models offered by brands lately, there are clippers for every budget!

How to choose a cheap beard trimmer?

I still advise you to invest in a quality product to make sure you don't have to change in a few months or that the mower is not adapted to your needs.
It would be a real hassle to buy an inexpensive lawnmower that will only serve you for a few months: you would not be a winner!

In any case, make sure you buy an economical mower that :

  • Is made of good quality and durable materials: price should not make you invest in a low-end model
  • Includes various accessories to meet all your shaving needs (short beardlong, curly...)
  • Is ergonomic and above all of good manufacture for an easy grip and a not too "plastic" look
  • Offers fast cutting speed so that you don't have to mow for long minutes for a result that leaves something to be desired

Thus, despite the choice of an inexpensive lawnmower, you are sure to buy equipment that remains qualitative.

Barbershop mower

Buy a cheap beard trimmer: economical!

Now you know the best cheap models available on the market and you know how to choose your future mower. So you can go ahead and buy with your eyes closed, taking care to buy a mower of acceptable quality that meets your needs.

Some of them can even be used on hair, moustache or even nostril and ear hair. All this to say that even at a small price, it is possible to equip yourself well!

And you, what was your choice?

Frequently asked questions

You can buy it in stores (specialized in discount or promos), during sales and even in supermarkets! I advise you to avoid specialized stores or household appliances, as the prices are usually very high.
The best way to get it is on the web with online stores like Amazon, Cdiscount and company. Indeed, you will have access to thousands of reviews from men who have bought these products and you can get an idea of the quality of the product before buying it.

This is the perfect type of accessory for men on a budget or for gifts when families are large! Despite its low price, the trimmer will suit many uses and will allow to trim the beard with ease.
Be careful not to choose a model that is too low-end or you will be disappointed and have to change in a few months!

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