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If you are looking for a trimmer for your beard, but also for your body, it is because you want a versatile accessory.

With hundreds of models available from different brands, it can be complicated to make a choice and get the right equipment.

For you, I scoured the web to find the best beard and body trimmers and compared them to each other to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Barbershop mower

Comparison of the best beard and body trimmers 

Generally, a trimmer kit for shaving and trimming your body but also your beard will contain many accessories and shoes (adjustable or not).

With these, you can reach all the areas you want and shave your whole body with precision without any constraints.
Thus, we will focus on the quality of the mower, the power of the engine and the number of accessories included.

Hatteker - Beard, Hair, Body, Nose and Ear Trimmer (The Total Package!)

Hatteker clippers for beard, hair, body, nose and ears
20,067 reviews of bearded men
Hatteker Trimmers for Beard, Hair, Body, Nose and Ears

Although the Hatteker brand is not yet very popular in the European hairdressing market, it is a real hit on the web. Their electric clippers are affordable, high quality and above all very versatile. With just one model, you can shave your hair, trim your beard, but also get rid of hair on your whole body: nose, ears and even private parts.


  • Very versatile
  • Waterproof
  • A large number of accessories (12 in total)
  • Adjustable shoe
  • Rather light



  • Many accessories = less easy to store
  • The finish may look a little "cheap".
  • Not designed for precision

Braun 5 MGK5280 - All-in-one trimmer - Beard, hair and body

Braun 5 mgk5280 - all-in-one trimmer - beard, hair and body
17,468 reviews of bearded men
Braun 5 MGK5280 - All-in-one trimmer - Beard, hair and body

You probably know Braun and their fabulous beard trimmers (or shavers). Well, you should know that they also offer an "all-in-one" trimmer, for body, beard and even hair for men. So it's no surprise that the MGK5280 is in this top list, it's a real flagship of technology for an affordable price!


  • Electric shaver included for a closer shave
  • Waterproof
  • Kit of 7 accessories
  • Cordless (battery operated) + Quick charge



  • Not usable when charging
  • Do not shave blank (0 mm)
  • Tends to discharge when not in use

Philips MG7745/15 14-in-1 Multi-style trimmer: Face, Hair and Body with 14 attachments

Philips mg7745/15 14-in-1 multistyle trimmer: face, hair and body with 14 accessories
7,486 notices of bearded men
Philips MG7745/15 14-in-1 Multi-style trimmer: Face, Hair and Body with 14 attachments

Another well-known brand for the care of men: Philips offers us its MG7745/15 model with (more) accessories for shaving the whole body, beard and of course hair. You will have the right to 14 accessories included in this beard and body trimmer kit, to shave and trim your hair to the desired height and where you want.
Yes, you can even take the opportunity to shave your testicles.


  • Very complete pack with 14 accessories
  • Very versatile (body, beard and hair)
  • 8 shoes to cut to any length
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Storage case


  • Mower unusable when recharging
  • A bit "big" if you want a precise cut
  • May seem a bit noisy

Philips QP6620/20 - Excellent Beard + Body Trimmer

Philips qp6620/20 - excellent beard + body trimmer
181 reviews of bearded men
Philips QP6620/20 - Excellent Beard + Body Trimmer

A true innovation in the world of shaving, the One Blade clippers from Philips are excellent and above all very versatile. Trim, style and shave your body and beard with ease with this electric trimmer. With its adjustable shoe and dual protection system, you can trim hair on any part of your body.


  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Very light
  • Waterproof (waterproof)
  • Dry shaving, under water, with or without foam...
  • 14 cutting heights



  • A little expensive
  • It is sometimes necessary to pass several times if there are many hairs

Braun 7 MGK7220 All-in-One Electric Trimmer for Men (Beard, Hair & Body) + 8 accessories

Braun 7 mgk7220 all-in-one men's electric trimmer (beard, hair and body) + 8 accessories
17,376 reviews of bearded men
Braun 7 MGK7220 All-in-One Electric Trimmer for Men (Beard, Hair & Body) + 8 accessories

Another Braun trimmer in our body and beard trimmer comparison. The MGK7220 is the Series 7000 model, which is more powerful than its little sister and will trim your beard, body and hair. 8 attachments are included, with all the necessary attachments and a motor that automatically adjusts to your hair thickness.


  • Automatically adapting motor power
  • Electric shaver included
  • 8 accessories for the whole body
  • 13 length settings
  • Fast charge and good autonomy



  • May have difficulty on large volumes or very thick hair
  • The body shoe is not very well designed
  • Sometimes lacks precision

What is a body and beard trimmer?

These 2-in-1 trimmers have one key word: versatility. Thanks to their unique design and accessories, they can not only shave your beard, but also your body (intimate parts, torso, legs ...).

Generally, they also offer hair cutting or nose/ear hair cutting thanks to a powerful motor and adjustable shoes.

How to choose your beard and body clippers?

To buy the right body and beard trimmer, it must have a powerful motor and all the accessories needed for the various cuts. These are really the two most important criteria when making your selection.

Then, we will address the question of price, which is still important not to empty the wallet of the bearded ones! So I tried to find mowers with the best quality/price ratio on the marketWe offer a wide range of products and services to help you get the most out of your equipment at the lowest possible price.

In general, we want our mower to be :

  • Powerful
  • Equipped with various accessories
  • Multifunction
  • Cordless and rechargeable on battery
  • Waterproof
Barbershop mower

Buy a versatile beard trimmer that works for the body: effective!

As we aim for versatility in our comparison of clippers for your facial hair, but also for the rest of the body, most of the products presented here will come with quite a few accessories.

This is an excellent point since it is mainly these, coupled with a quality motor that will allow you to shave the hair on your body and your beard.

And you, do you have a favorite product to trim your body hair (chest, legs...) and your beard?

Frequently asked questions

2-in-1 beard and body clippers can be found in supermarkets, but it is difficult to know what they are really for in terms of performance. The easiest way is to go to a specialized hairdressing store or on the web. Indeed, you will have either the opinion of specialists of the beard or bearded amateurs of the whole world. What to make you a real opinion!

Simply because it's simpler (and usually less expensive) than buying two! Plus, they take up less space in the bathroom and are much more versatile and multi-functional than most other models. Of course, if you want a professional (or very good manufacture) clipper for your hair or beard (finishing for example), it will be much better to buy a specialized clipper.

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