Should you choose an electric or manual beard trimmer?

Electric or manual? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of beard trimmers.
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The "bearded" look is all the rage in recent years among men. Well ok, others remain faithful to the classic look with shaved hair, well shaved, all clean.
In both cases, the beard trimmer you choose must be carefully selected for a result that meets your expectations.

From manual razors to electric ones, and other professional models, the fact of taking the skin care and its beard becomes an indisputable need.

However, depending on the style you want to adopt, the look you prefer or the look you like, you will either opt for a manual shave or for a electric shaving ?

Discover all the details about this subject through this article! You will choose the most suitable shaving method, the most suitable trimmer or razor.

Professional beard trimmer for men

Manual vs. electric beard trimmer: what are the differences?

For those who prefer a long beard or a root shave, you must proceed in a way that constantly protects your skin. If you choose to shave by hand, the precision of the shave will depend on your dexterity and the model of razor you choose.

With one or more blades at the end, the equipment you choose will guarantee a personalized shave.

To avoid pimples and redness, razors with adapted heads contain moisturizing gel in the form of small pellets on the blades.

Depending on your skin type, we recommend the use of shaving cream in order to limit irritation as much as possible.

Let's keep a small thought for the famous cabbage cutter which is both a shaving utensil and a decorative object for your bathroom.

Men's shaving equipment of yesteryear, the cabbage cutter is becoming trendy again, especially with barbers. A key accessory of the 50's, it is equipped with blades in stainless steel or carbon. This type of razor is very sharp, so beware of injuries!

As for the use of a electric beard trimmer, shaving will be precise, fast and neat. Whatever the desired result, the electric mower adapts to all face shapes.

The clippers do not shave your hair, they trim it! Depending on the shoe used, this modern-day male accessory ensures the aesthetics of your desires thanks to the many cutting levels offered.

The electric trimmer is multifunctional and can even trim hair as if you were at the barber's. An equipment that gets rid of your nose hair and even your ears.

Manual beard trimmer

Choosing a handheld or manual beard trimmer: advantages and disadvantages

Serving to cut the hair of your beard shortThe hand mower is an appliance that is part of the daily life of a hairdresser.

The professionals of the trade appreciate it very much since these devices, with their technological prowess improbable, facilitate the realization of adjustments and various cutting patterns!

Equipped with multi-length shoes, the clippers ensure a comfortable passage and spare you any inconvenience to the skin.

Mechanical hand mower or electric mower ? How to make the right choice?

Beard trimmer for men

Is it beneficial to choose an electric beard trimmer?

Several criteria must be taken into account to find the right hand or electric beard trimmer, namely: 

A corded or cordless mower

To be perfectly free of its movements and prune the beard in peace, it is preferable to opt for a cordless model on the one hand, and on the other hand with an indicator that shows the level of the battery. Keeping an eye on the charge level is always an advantage in preventing a sudden discharge.

The cutting speed

A multi-speed system ensures that both hard and fine hairs are cut.

The suction system

Some mowers called "suction" mowers have a very convenient option to perform the mowing and at the same time vacuum the hairs.

Precision Mowing

The more the mower has bearings of mowingthe more precise the cut! Make sure that your equipment is also equipped with clogs adjustable, removable and easy to attach.

The width of the head

The mower should be wide enough to avoid repeated back and forth and at the same time not too wide to get into the smallest corners.

The Waterproof option

For those who shave in the shower, this option is a must! It should be noted that cleaning a clipper in the shower is much easier and more effective.

Self-lubrication of the blades

Whether it is automatic or manual, the maintenance of the blades of a lawnmower increases the life of the device. Therefore, self-lubrication is a very interesting feature in some cases.

Result of the manual vs. electric mower comparison

Each type of device has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is your daily use and your need that will dictate the final choice.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, consider your choice carefully and select a beard trimmer model that meets your expectations. 

It is important to take into account that an electric lawnmower can break down. Fortunately, there are lawnmower repairmen (if you are in the Lyon area), try this one). Pretty useful when your 100€+ accessory breaks down!

Electric hair and beard trimmer

What about electric and manual shavers?

Maintaining your beard requires a little effort every day! It is true that a 3-day beard A well-designed hairline is very sexy for a man; it is the "must" as we say. But maintaining it is not an insignificant task.

In order not to look unkempt, you can take care of your look by choosing a manual razor. It is still necessary to plan the purchase of spare blades and other accessories such as the shaving creamaftershave, the Beardrometer

Trim your beard well and draw it in a precise way to achieve the desired result. The clean, trimmed look of your face will give you a sophisticated look.

You have a sensitive skinIs your skin oily, dry or quickly irritated? Between a manual or electric razorYou must choose your shaving method carefully to take care of its skin and its hairs whatever their length.

Available with grid or rotating heads, the electric shaver is the perfect accessory to maintain your hair.

Manufacturers are bursting with creativity and offer you a multitude of beard trimmers! Practical devices for everyday use that meet your specific needs.

Long beard or 3-day beard ? Opt for a look maleYou can make a trendy and virile choice by choosing the ideal machine from our selection of the best 3-day beard trimmers:

  • Professional beard trimmer
  • Babyliss E886E Beard Trimmer
  • Philips BT5206/16 beard trimmer
  • Philips Beard Trimmer BT7085/32
  • Beard trimmer Philips QT4013/16
  • BaByliss E875E beard trimmer
  • Wide Detailer Finishing Trimmer

Conclusion about electric or manual beard trimmers

Whether you're trimming or shaving your beard, the market is full of clippers and shavers of various brands! It's up to you to find the device that guarantees comfort, safety and aesthetics.

Are you a 3-day beard or a beardless look? Tell us what you think...

Frequently asked questions

The choice is conditioned first of all by the nature of your use! Indeed, your needs as a professional hairdresser will not be the same as for a simple private individual. 

In this case, the areas of hair to be shaved or trimmed will play an important role in the choice. On the one hand, the difficulty of reaching certain parts of the face, and on the other hand, the desired length of hair. These two factors are generally the key to your choice between the razor and the manual trimmer.

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