Braided Beard : How to Braid yours ? + Styles to do

Add a touch of originality to your beard with our complete guide to braided beards, complete with inspiring examples. Follow our step-by-step tutorial for a unique beard.


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Beyond the full beard, there is a masterpiece waiting to be cultivated...
The braided beard is part of the legends. It is the domain of ancient Vikings, dwarf kings and forgotten gods.
The good thing is that you too can braid your beard and have that unparalleled style.

In this article, we'll teach you how to braid your beard and show you what it takes to be one of the greats.

If you have taken care of your beard and have been patient enough to grow it to a length that is suitable for braiding, you will be able to wear a variety of new braided beard styles. Keeping a long, neatly braided beard is a difficult but rewarding task.

Let's go, the future braids!


Is there any special significance to the braided beard?

Not to my knowledge, except that they look very war beards because they are worn by the Vikings, warrior people par excellence.
If you have a specific explanation, feel free to tell me in comments!

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Play Video about Video tutorial to make a beard braid

This is the art of braiding your beard hair: the twist and fold between these three strands of hair is the rhythm of the braid.

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Some additional tips for beard braids

A beard braid is easy to maintain, but consider following these tips to ensure your facial hair is properly maintained and cared for:

  • Moisturize your beard by massaging beard oil into your hair and skin. It helps reduce itching, dandruff and dry skin. Plus, it makes your hair silky and shiny.
  • Eat healthy: your skin and beard will thank you for it! Eat healthy foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Wash your beard regularly with a suitable beard shampoo to keep it clean and free of bacteria.
  • There's nothing stopping you from experimenting with different types of beard styles, including a cool braided beard with beads and accessories.
  • Be gentle when braiding your beard and avoid tying the strands too tightly or damaging your follicles.

On that note, let's get right into the types of braided beards you'll be able to make!

Good to know:

You can make a braid to avoid that one sees your wavy beard.

Different styles of men with braided beards

Once you've mastered the techniques of braiding, you can get started on creating a number of different styles.
You don't have to braid all your hair. You can even create half-braids, small braids or combined braided patterns. Your imagination rules!

Once you can create the perfect French braid, it's up to you to choose YOUR style!

Here are some additional tips you'll need along the way.

  • Invest in a good box of rubber bands that are not too tight, but can still secure the braid in place.
  • Use of the beard wax to tame your beard and prevent escape hairs. This can make your beard look beard look disheveled and this may not be the desired result!
  • You can keep your braid overnight (if it's well done and maintained) or redo it daily. It will train you to do it!
  • Use of beard jewelry (beads, rings, rings...) to decorate your braid!

Viking Braided Beard

The Viking is one of the most popular braided beard styles. This braid requires a large braid all the way down the chin. No other beard hair should be hanging down from your face except the braid. It looks great with the Viking braid for men like the famous warrior Ragnar Lodbrok.

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To make you the braid of viking with the beard:

  1. Start by making a simple, even braid with all the hair growing down your chin.
  2. Continue braiding until the end, when you start to reach the thin areas.
  3. You need to finish the bottom with a nice little strand of beard hair. It should look like an arrow at the end of your braid.
  4. Tie it with a rubber band or with decorative beads, skull jewelry reminiscent of an ancient Viking in battle or even rings!

Note: The classic Viking can be topped with a short beard and complete or a very long beard. 

The Viking beard braid is a timeless style that can be showcased in a variety of different lengths. If you have a long, thick or hair that curls, the possibilities are endless. 

Adding beads or rings is a personal style choice that you can eventually try as well.

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Goatee in beard braid

The braided goatee

The goatee braid is a single braid that starts just below your lips and goes down the center of your chin and hangs.

  • This style is all about growing your beard clean and long:
  • The sides of your beard should be trimmed to match and be vertically symmetrical.
  • The centerpiece is the braid, which should not be much wider than the other sides.

Feel free to experiment with different widths of the goat braid.

Short braided beard

Your beard doesn't have to be very long for you to braid it.
As long as you have a few inches to work with and good hand-eye coordination, you can braid a short beard.

Whether you want a beard bun, a ponytail, a wizard's twist or a classic Viking braid, men with short beards can do a lot of different styles!

These styles can be easy to do and keep your beard looking good. As long as you have thick hair or enough hair to make at least a few weaves, you can opt for a very short braid. Just remember to keep it tight!

Braided mustache

Braided mustache

You didn't see the braided mustache coming, did you?
Braiding your moustache gives you an even more masculine look.
Braided mustaches can take time and patience as you will have to wait until that area is long enough to braid it. Once you get the length right, it's time for the distinguished styles of braided mustaches!

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French braided beard

French braided beard

The French braid is the most common and easiest style of braided beard to achieve.

As we saw above, to make a French braid, you need to define three equal-sized strands and weave them together.
The French braid is a classic look that all men will love, but it requires several inches of length to achieve.

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Ponytail beard braid

The ponytail in beard

The beard ponytail is a style that involves tying your beard back.
Start with a full, long beard and tie your hair back once or twice.
The stylized ponytail in your beard adds a unique style for a badass finish.

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Beard braid man black

Braided beard for black men

Beard braids tend to be more popular with white men, but black men can do them just as well! And to tell you, it will even be easier most of the time because their hair is more frizzy.

Pair your braided beard with a short haircut, a mohawk or dreadlocks on top or shaved on the sides.
Sexy and cool, there are many beard styles for black men worth exploring if you want to change your look. Just make sure you keep your face and skin healthy with good quality products.

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Thor endgame beard braid

Other styles of beard braids

As you can imagine, there are dozens of styles of braided beards. For example, the braided beard is amazingly well worn by Chinese men with their own style!

I couldn't possibly introduce you to all of them, but here are a few popular ones that you shouldn't miss:

Thor's braided beard in Avengers Endgame

Marvel surprised a lot of fans with Thor appearing with a beard braid in Avengers Endgame.
To read: Getting a Thor's beard

Pearl beard braid jack sparrow

Braided beard with pearl

Like the captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) or the greatest Vikings, you can also add beads and even rings to your beard. This gives a sophisticated touch and decorates your beard like the greats.

Guru braid beard

Do you have the image in mind?

Braided Amish Beard

The amish braided beard is a unique and iconic hairstyle that has its roots in the Amish community. This tradition, passed down from generation to generation, reflects both the cultural identity and spiritual values of the Amish.

Styles of beard braid

Conclusion on beard braids

I think you now know (almost) everything about braided beards and braid styles.

You've learned how to braid your hair (the technique also works for hair and all body hair for that matter) and how to style it.

Next, we presented different styles of beard braids and even mustaches. If you don't have enough hair to do it yourself, you just have to get a braided beard hairpiece...

Although the braided beard may remind you of cult gurus or the dwarves in Lord of the Rings, it is very much in fashion. In a few moments, it will allow you to stand out from the crowd and have your look.

You will need at least 10cm of beard hair before you can braid it. Before that, it will be too complicated and you won't be able to catch them and twist them together.

Article written by Brandon

Amateur and passionate about beards since his first hairs (on his face), he is for the intimate and bearded Internet lovers the BarbierDuWeb. Advises and helps men for a healthy beard, through blog articles where you will find tests, his feelings but also comparisons and buying guides.

Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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