French mustache: how to grow and trim it?

Want a stylish, well-trimmed French mustache? Follow our guide to grow and trim it like a pro!


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The French mustache, synonymous with elegance and royalty, is back in force in the 2000s!
Whether it is worn fleshy and bushy like the French peasants of the time or in a rather sober and sophisticated style like the gentlemen, it makes its effect. And the ladies love it...

Learn what is the French mustache, what are its origins but also how to trim it and shave it!


What is the French mustache?

The French mustache is considered a symbol of the mustache for men.
It is a type of "handlebar" mustache that originated in the 16th century.
It is characterized by upwardly curved, long and outwardly pointed hairs, which will look even better when a good mustache wax is used.

It's a distinguished look that's perfect for any man, plus it goes perfectly with many beard styles!

The little story

Throughout history, the mustache has become a fashion symbol for men.
History has shown how much the King James was proud of his thick French-style moustache.
The King Charles made the combination of moustache and goatee on the handlebars emblematic. 

After several centuries, the French continued to develop different variations for this mustache. They showed innovation and finesse in the style of mustache they chose and many countries tried to imitate, but to no avail.

How does it recognize itself?

It is "bushy" and rather dense

One thing to know about the French mustache is that it is bushy!
This famous "bushiness" makes it easier for you to manipulate the style and appearance it will return. With this mustache, you may need to apply a beard softener to keep it smooth and manageable.

Its ends are pointed and curved upwards

The pointed ends of the French moustache are among its most distinctive features.
You will notice the shrinkage of the tuft, which usually goes up to the cheeks.

Tip: make your mustache as thick as possible to make the sharp edges easier to shape!

Long and thick

This is where the French side comes out, a bit "rustic" on the edges, especially the farmers and countrymen of the time...
It's usually so long and thick that you need a great beard comb and oil to keep it in good shape!

Some examples of French moustaches

Just to give you an idea of where you stand, I'll give you a few examples of the French style of moustache.

Without beard

Here, we take out the great game great classic with mustache without beard, clean shaven ! It may be scary at first glance but it will also bring out the French in you 😉

Original French Mustache
French mustache without beard

With a short beard

This is one of the most classic French moustache styles.
The beard part is usually separated from the mustache, and you can, if you wish, add sideburns (sideburns).

French mustache with short beard
French mustache and short beard

Handlebar" style

The handlebar moustache is almost square, which gives it a sophisticated and very masculine effect.

Moustache France with goatee
French handlebar mustache and small goatee

In a pyramid

In this style, the mustache is styled "like a pyramid".
The natural growth of the mustache is trimmed towards the edges and stubborn hairs are removed to maintain a uniform and symmetrical appearance around the entire mustache area.

French style mustache in pyramid
French pyramid mustache

With a Hipster beard

Hipster + French mustache? A winning combo! If you don't like to do like the others and you love vintage, don't hesitate, this is what you need 😉

Hipster with french moustache
French mustache with hupster beard

The Imperial

This is one of the most classic French mustaches. The imperial, with the "charmettes" on the edges gives an edge to your masculine charm and eccentric outlook.
It is, however, a high maintenance style that requires constant care and maintenance... And a good styling wax!

French imperial moustache
Imperial French Mustache

Pencil mustache

If you want a neat and well-groomed mustache, you can try the Pencil" mustache style.
Thanks to its minimalist and very gentlemanly lookIt has an overall clean-shaven look and is worn without a beard.
Because of its simplicity, it always looks classy, which is easier to care for and maintain overall.

Pencil mustache of salvador dali
French "pencil" moustache

How to trim and shave your mustache the French way?

Let it grow

For a successful French mustache, it must be thick and well supplied ! So let it grow for at least a month (or two) before taking action.

Paint your mustache

First of all, carefully comb the moustache before starting to prune it.

Shave the beard

We remove all the hairs around the moustache (unless you want to combine it with a beard style)

Trim your mustache

It's time: trim your French moustacheThe "bush" look is maintained, but the work is done on the lips and on the ends.
Once shaved, don't hesitate to give it a good comb over frequently to keep it in shape!

Optional: apply styling wax

To hold it in place or bend the ends, apply evenly some styling wax.
Pull outward (toward the cheeks) and "twist" the ends upward.
After a while, your hair will take the bend and you will hardly need to do it anymore!


  • Also make sure that the mustache follows a clean line, the hairs should not be scattered all over the upper lip.
  • For best results, pull all the hairs in the moustache into one thick, clean line
  • Paint again once the wax has dried for best results.
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The French Mustache = the absolute style ?

We are already at the end of this article on the French mustache, and it's a shame because I personally loved writing about it!
You have learned what it is, its origins but also the different "styles" it can have.

We then moved on to the most important step: how to grow it and prune it, to get the real French style, like in the old days...

Finally, you've learned that it's important to maintain and care for it with the right care and accessories!

And if not, you have already seen what it looks like the evolution of a beard ?

Article written by Brandon

Amateur and passionate about beards since his first hairs (on his face), he is for the intimate and bearded Internet lovers the BarbierDuWeb. Advises and helps men for a healthy beard, through blog articles where you will find tests, his feelings but also comparisons and buying guides.

Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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