29 photos of Chinese men with beards

Discover the different beard styles worn by Chinese men in our photo gallery. Get inspired for an original and unique look.
Chinese with beard: styles and inspirations


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The Chinese do not have beards. Why? Is it cultural or related to their genetic heritage?
Well, actually, it's a bit of both. Culturally, wearing a beard in China is complicated and genetically speaking, Asian men would have a lower level of DHT (Testosterone) in their face.

But this is not a problem: it is quite possible to see Chinese men with beards. It is not at all uncommon and many men grow them in Asia.

In fact, it is rather a preconceived idea since many of them grow beautiful beards as you will see.

In this article, discover Chinese beard styles and learn why beard growth can be different.

The Chinese and the beard: an ancient history

Personally, when someone says Chinese and beard, I instantly think of the emperors of the 1600s:

I see these bearded Chinese men, ruling a whole country at will, fighting the enemy relentlessly...
But nowadays, it seems that we see less beard among the Chinese. It is as if it had disappeared. But is it a question of culture or genetics? Well, the answer is a bit of both combined.


Why don't Chinese men have much beard?

The Chinese beard and Asian men grow slower due to culture and genetics.
Indeed, at the time, it was better seen in Asia to be clean-shaven because the beard was considered dirty. Especially by women, who didn't really like facial hair on men.

Thus, the evolution has made its way, and it seems that the asian beards have slightly less beard than others. In addition, their testosterone and DHT levels are generally lower. DHT is one of the hormones responsible for beard growth.

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China bans beards in some areas

Strange as it may seem, the Chinese have even banned the wearing of beards in large regions such as Xinjiang.
There is of course a reason for this: to fight "Muslim radiscalism".
The chinese beard are therefore forbidden to Xin Jiang as well as the veil and other forms of religious signs.

Well, we'll say that in China, nothing shocks us anymore...

Photos of Chinese with a beard

If you are wondering what it looks like a Chinese man with a beardYou've come to the right place! Well, don't tell me that you haven't met any in the street, that would be weird.

Indeed, the Chinese beard has many styles:

You have understood: there is a lot to do and the styles are very varied.

Because the Chinese grow their beards in a very specific pattern, not all beard styles are perfect for them.

Please note: If your beard has trouble growing, try the beard roller !

Here are some Chinese beard styles that you can try:

Chinese bearded badass

1. The chinstrap beard

A good portion of Chinese men rely on the chinstrap style. It is rather easy to grow and requires little maintenance.
In addition, you can opt for a chinstrap with less hair or even without hair on the cheeks.

It only requires hair on the jaw and chin and, as an option, a "soul patch" or a fly.

Chinese with beard
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2. The short beard

The light beard is another great option for Chinese beard styles. You will look sexier and more attractive with a "stubble" beard. This style is also known as an ombre beard.

It almost looks like a pencil-thin moustachea very popular style among gentlemen.

A large proportion of young Chinese men who wear beards prefer the short beard when it comes to choosing a beard style. Because as we know, it can be considered "dirty" for Chinese women.

Chinese with goatee

3. The short goat (goatee)

The Chinese goatee is another trendy style that suits all face types. It is a very popular style in Asia and China.
It is a set of hairs on the chin with a soul patch and a mustache.

The mustache gives a "more focused" look with the goatee but it is possible to wear the goatee without it.

Old Chinese bearded man

4. Scruffy beard with a long mustache

If you are of Caucasian or Melanesian descent and are lucky enough to have a fuller beard, you can try this style with confidence. After all, we still see a lot of Chinese men with long beard styles.

This style is also considered as the ancient Chinese style of beard.

Young Chinese mustache
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5. Moustache alone

When talking about Chinese beard styles, it is worth mentioning "The 'Stache". There will be no beard hair on the rest of the face, besides the upper lip.

It is easy to grow and to maintainIt is suitable for all face shapes. This style is popular not only among the Chinese, but also among other East Asians.

Old Chinese man with long beard

6. The long goat

Chinese cultures are familiar with the traditional style of the long goatee beard. Whenever someone thinks of Chinese beard styles, a long goatee comes first. Just like the Fu Manchu moustache, aka Chinese moustacheshown in this photo next to the goat.

If a Chinese man leaves his facial hair untouched, without maintaining it for a long time, he will end up with a long goatee beard after a while.

Why? Because in many Chinese men, the growth pattern of the beard is done so.

Young Chinese man with a small beard

7. Anchor beard

This style looks mostly like a boat anchor, which is why it is called anchor barb. This is comparatively a less popular style of Chinese beard.

The hair on the chin, soul and mustache form an anchor beard. It does not require hair on the cheeks or jaws. It is easy to grow but a little tricky to maintain.

As I was saying, it can make you think of the Tony Stark beard style.

Other inspirations from Chinese with beard :

Maintain your Chinese beard

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The beard in the Chinese is not as rare as we think!

As you have seen in this post, Asians and especially Chinese people do not have all the advantages to have a big beard. Whether it's genetic with the lower than average DHT level or cultural with the Chinese state demonizing the beard, it's very complicated.

However, there are hundreds of beard and mustache styles that Chinese men can wear without any worries.

More questions...

Of course! Even if it is generally less full with the Asians or that it grows differently, the Chinese men have indeed beards!

You can try a short and classy beard or a goatee with a goatee, it wears very well and fits many face shapes.
Otherwise, the mustache alone gives a clean and neat effect.

Article written by Brandon

Amateur and passionate about beards since his first hairs (on his face), he is for the intimate and bearded Internet lovers the BarbierDuWeb. Advises and helps men for a healthy beard, through blog articles where you will find tests, his feelings but also comparisons and buying guides.

Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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