Beard jewelry : Where to buy beads, rings and charms and how to put those ?

Add a unique touch to your beard with stylish jewelry. Find out how to wear them and where to find them to be stylish.


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If you're looking to adorn your beard with a bead or other jewelry, you've come to the right place!
From Viking beads to Celtic rings or skull and crossbones jewelry, your goatee will be on trend.
You can use them on your long beards, braided, short or on the special Vikings, so you say that you beard jewelry is fashionable for millennia.

All this to say that we will move on to the different types of beads for beards and then we will present our selection of jewelry, rings and charms.

To know: I present in this article the different types of jewelry (rings, pearls, charms...) and best according to their originality, beauty but especially value for money.


Beard jewelry

Just taking the beads, there are quite a few types, from the Viking bead to the Celtic bead to the bone bead (morbid, right?).
Lovers of goatees or skulls will also be served. There are some for all the styles and especially for the beard braids.

How to put a bead or a beard jewel?

Small tutorial:

  1. Grab the desired strand (long enough though), pull it down and secure it with an elastic band
  2. Use dental floss, string or a rubber tie to make a loop around your beard. This will serve to pull your hair through the jewel.
  3. Slide the loop through the opening of the ring, hold it in place and thread it so that there are a few inches of hair left on the other side of the ring.
  4. Pull the string with one hand while holding your jewelry with the other hand and slide the ring to the elastic previously put in place.

And here you are, you have put on your jewel! A little video tutorial because pictures are always more telling:

Viking beard bead

Ah, the famous Viking beard bead, a true emblematic jewel of the Nordic people so well known for conquering fear and I would even say more, frightening the fear itself!

There are beads of many different materials, from metal to wood.

To read: How to make a real Viking beard?

Here is a short video for put your beard beads:

Celtic beard bead

Celtic people have always had very particular beards. You just have to see their deities to understand how much it is anchored in them.
Take for example the Leprechaun, a true symbol:

Did you know that?

You can use beard jewelry to hide a curly beard !

Beard bead skull

Great classic for beard jewelry: the skull! Findable in bead, ring and different materials, it is loved by many men.
Often associated with metal or hard rock fans and bikers (motorcyclists), it is also used by Nordic peoples like the Vikings.

It will make a more marked effect when worn in iron and will bring a more sober decoration in wood because it shines less. Moreover, the features of the skull will be less marked.

Silver beard bead

Silver jewelry will add a certain touch to your beard. The material is usually quite shiny, well polished and of a very special gray. Of course, we know its primary property: it does not discolor or rust! In addition, it is solid as a rock that has hardened in age and does not

Beard ring and rings

Rings and rings are among the most worn jewelry by men. Whether in beard hair or in the hair, they are all the rage and give a nice style.

Jewelry by material

If you are looking for your beads, rings or beard rings in wood, silver or bone, it's here!
Each material gives a different style and you can even mix and match the looks.

In wood

Wood, in any of its forms, is a beautiful material. In your beard, it will give a rootsy feel. Very worn by the dreadlocked beards, it beautifies your beard but may not be suitable for all places like work.
In any case, the wood is very beautiful but it is usually subject to erosion and discoloration after showers or rubbing with your beard.

In bone

Does this sound creepy to you? It's not! A bone ornament for your beard is a sign of a brave warrior who doesn't back down from any danger. Although some people might look at you sideways on the street (and we don't care if you ask me), bone beard jewelry goes very well with spacers and other piercings of the same material.

In gold

And yes, the bling of your beard had to come out somewhere! I present to you... Gold (and copper) rings and jewelry.

Bead stopper for beard

Stoppers are usually small rubber washers that secure your jewelry. They act as a "bolt" that stops your beard jewelry from going down (or up for that matter).

Jewelry for goatee

You don't need a full beard to put beads or rings on your hair! In fact, beard jewelry goes great with goatees and gives a very personal style. You'll be the talk of the town!

Clip-on beads and jewelry

If putting on your jewelry is a real pain, no worries: there are clip-on beads. No more hassle to put on the pearl or the ring, it hangs like a fake


The great thing about beard jewelry (beads, rings, rings...) is that they are really cheap. Although you can find them at any price, they are usually quite affordable and come in big packs. Feel free to change, use several, or even put them in your hair!

More questions...

The easiest way is to use a beard jewel stopper but if you don't have one, a small elastic band in the color of your hair will do the trick. Be careful to tighten the whole thing!

Article written by Brandon

Amateur and passionate about beards since his first hairs (on his face), he is for the intimate and bearded Internet lovers the BarbierDuWeb. Advises and helps men for a healthy beard, through blog articles where you will find tests, his feelings but also comparisons and buying guides.

Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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