White beard for men: Growing it, trimming it and choosing a style

Discover the different white beard styles for men with our practical and inspiring guide, complete with photos to guide you. Adopt the style that suits you best and look stylish and modern.


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Gone are the days when men hid their white hair by dying it.

Today, white beards are worn with originality and pride. It's true: with proper trimming and maintenance, white hair gives confidence and a virile, robust sex appeal.

Let's take a closer look at what a white beard is, what causes it and how to keep it nice and trim.


What is the white beard?

White beards usually grow on the chin or cheeks, with a mixture of white, gray or silver colors. This is a sign that your beard is starting to fade to white.

The bleaching of hair, beard and hair in general is due to a decrease in melanin with age.
Beard hair needs special care for a complete growth because it is more fragile than the hair on our head.

The benefits of having a white beard

Letting your beard grow its natural color is liberating. No more need to buy dyes, which saves you money, increases your self-confidence and most of all makes you age gracefully.

As you know, beards are warm and comforting, especially on cold days. It protects your neck, chin and cheeks from the cold. In summer, it also acts as a protection against the sun, which is very aggressive to the skin.

Why is my beard turning white?

Beards usually only turn white with age, but some people develop white hair prematurely due to stress, nutritional deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid disease, smoking and genetic factors.
Don't panic: in general, it's genetics that chooses at what age you will have your white beard. Personally, at 26 years old, I already have white hair on my face... Look to your grandparents to find out at what age they had it.

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Pictures of men with white beard style

So that you can get some inspiration to adopt the best white beard style or you just want to know what a (beautiful) white beard looks like, I have made a collection of pictures for you:

Bonus: Rediscover the famhe white beard of Santa Claus

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How to grow a white beard?

1. Assess your facial hair growth

As mentioned earlier, not everyone can grow a beautiful beard.

Some people have thick, bushy beards, which is ideal for growing beards.
However, in other men, facial hair is very sparse and patchy, which may not result in a beautiful beard or require unique products to stimulate hair growth.

To read for those who do not have a big beard:

2. Let the hair grow

Let your hair grow naturally for a few months.
Meanwhile, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep and massage the beard area with natural hair growth products such as castor oil, aloe vera or coconut oil to promote faster, thicker and healthier hair growth.

3. Keep it clean and trimmed

As your beard grows, it's essential to keep it clean by washing it with a mild cleanser or conditioning shampoo.
It is better to use shampoos especially for the beard because they are less aggressive than the classic shampoos for hair. In addition, it is necessary to trim the beard frequently as it grows to keep it neat and clean.

How to style a white beard?

If you want to avoid the barber and do the job yourself, you will need several tools to trim it:

  • razor,
  • electric mower,
  • scissors,
  • comb
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1. Grow your beard to the desired length

You need to have a style in mind before doing anything to your beard. Let it grow for a few weeks by following the tips above before trimming and styling it.

2. Trim the edges first

Trim and clean the edges using your natural hairline as a guide
Trim your cheeks and neckline with a professional beard trimmer.
Some stray hairs may stick out: this is where beard scissors come in!

3. Choose a style that suits your face shape

The best beard style is the one that matches your facial features:

  • If you have a square jawline, keep the sides longer and round out the cut in the chin area.
  • The rounded faces will look better with trimmed sides and a longer beard.
  • Oval faces can adopt the popular goatee style.

If you don't know what style to adopt, visit all our beard cuts or discover our guide to choose your beard look according to your face shape !

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Things to remember for a man with a white beard

To do

  • Wash and clean your beard as often as necessary to prevent bacteria build-up, especially after eating.
  • Always give your beard time to grow before trimming, as not all areas grow at the same rate.
  • Use a good quality beard oil or moisturizer to keep the hair healthy.

What not to do

  • Do not let the beard grow under the Adam's apple; always trim it and let your neck show.
  • Do not try different hair growth products without consulting a professional to avoid irritation, skin burns and other adverse effects.
  • Don't neglect your face and take care of your facial skin as much as your beard.

Tip: The white Shenandoah beardIt looks great!

The white beard is actually fashion

People no longer perceive white and grey hair as dirty: that was before.
To tell you the truth, even celebrities wear white hair on the red carpet.

In this article, you have learned what a white beard is, why it's good to grow it but most importantly how to trim it.
I have also put together a gallery of photos of men with beards that have been whitened by time but who wear them very well.

What about you, do you have a white beard or one that is starting to turn white? Tell us all about it in comments!

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  • Gives a more vigorous and powerful look to your beard
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  • Gives a bright and shiny appearance
  • Comforts the skin under the hair

In short, I highly recommend it if you want to increase the growth of your beard and mustache hair!

FAQ about the white beard

A beautiful white beard will be characterized by well-trimmed, clean-shaven hair and, above all, well-nourished by various treatments such as oils or balms.

There is no particular age for hair to turn white. At any age, as with hair, your hair can turn white for no apparent reason. For my part, at the age of 25 I already started to have white hair and the beard followed very quickly.

In general, it's more a matter of genetics than anything else. Beard hair can turn white at a very young age, especially if you already have light hair (blond for example).

Unfortunately, not every beard will make you look younger because it is always associated with maturity, adulthood and aging. However, if you maintain clear, healthy skin, a white beard will not make you look so old because you will be "well preserved".

As we age, the melanin in our hair follicles becomes depleted. Melanin in hair is the natural pigment of the skin that gives it a dark color.

You can't stop hair from turning white, especially as you age. However, you can slow down the process of melanin depletion by adopting a healthy lifestyle, protecting your beard from UV rays and taking nutritional supplements.
Otherwise, opt for dyes or the coloring wax when there are no more solutions.

Article written by Brandon

Amateur and passionate about beards since his first hairs (on his face), he is for the intimate and bearded Internet lovers the BarbierDuWeb. Advises and helps men for a healthy beard, through blog articles where you will find tests, his feelings but also comparisons and buying guides.

Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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