Buy organic, vegan and natural castor oil for beards

organic and vegan castor oil, natural for the beard


Castor oil for beards is great. If it's organic, vegan, 100% pure and cold pressed... That's even better!

In this new article, you will find everything about organic castor oils: where to buy it, which one, how to apply it to your beard

You should know that it also brings benefits on hair, skin, eyelashes and nails. In short, you will have understood, it is one of the best oils for your health!

Let's move on to the best ones to buy for your beard!

The choice of the BarberDuWeb

The benefits of organic castor oil

Castor oil has so many benefits that it would take too long to list them.
So I present you its main effects:

  • Grow a beard its toning properties will increase the growth of your beard and hair (even eyelashes)
  • Hydrates and nourishes in depth thanks to the fatty acids it contains
  • Protects and strengthens
  • Softens after shavingwhere the skin is easily irritated

Why buy organic and vegan carapate (castor) oil?

Buying a castor oil is already a good thing, but a organic and vegan oil in addition? This is the ultimate!

These oils are 100% pure, so they do not contain no pesticides or other chemicals. Indeed, the mode of elaboration of the vegan organic oils is quite particular: it is cold pressed !

Indeed, they do not contain dyes, preservatives or other ingredients other than castor.

Although the vegetarian castor oils are a little more expensive than the classic ones, the few extra euros make the difference.

In addition, there is the ecological approach that comes into play, where the production and manufacturing methods are controlled.

Organic and vegan castor oil, natural for the beard

What are the best vegan and organic castor oils for beards?

There are two types of castor oil for beards: the pure oils and mixed oils.
As the name suggests, pure oils are those that contain only the extract of the oil in question.

For mixed oils, it is combinations of oils (all organic and vegan) that will maximize the benefits of organic castor.

Discover our selection of organic and vegan castor oils for the beard in Web Story format:

Where to buy castor oil?

Where to find organic castor oil?

You have 4 ways to get them: Amazon, specialized online stores, in pharmacies or with a little luck in supermarkets.

For having analyzed all the ways to buy them through my various articles on the BarberDuWeb, Amazon is the easiest, the best in terms of choice and even price.

In pharmacies, you will usually have little choice and it will be more expensive, while in online stores you will just have less choice.

If you want to know more, read my article: Where to buy castor oil?

Application of castor oil for the beard

How do I apply it to my beard?

To do it right the first time, you can start by getting a organic towel, a organic shampoo and a organic boar bristle brushAll to take care of your beard.

Then, it is advisable to use the castor oil on a clean and dry beard:

  1. Wash your beard using the beard shampoo and dry it with a towel.
  2. Brush and paint your beard to remove dead skin and detangle it
  3. Take a few drops of castor oil in your hand, rub it with the other and apply it to your beard
  4. Massage gentlylengthwise to penetrate the castor oil and stretch from roots to tips.

If you want more details according to your beard type, you can consult our guide for applying castor oil.

How to use organic and vegan castor oil on hair?

For the hair, it's a bit the same story as with the beard. You'll need to use it on clean, dry hair. Take a few drops of oil in your hand, and apply to your scalp and stretch from the roots to the tips.

It will also be excellent for your skin, eyelashes or nails where it will act as a protective and toning agent.

What should I mix my vegan castor oil with?

As I mentioned above, you can combine it with other plant or essential oils to maximize its potential:

Otherwise, if you know a little bit about the benefits and effects of the different beard oilsYou can be creative and make your own little elixir of organic oils!

Organic castor oil for the beard: we say yes!

Through this article, you have learned what defines an organic castor oil or not: its method of manufacture, which must be cold-pressed.
We have also seen that behind it lies the ecological approach where we have exemplary manufacturing processes compared to what can be done with non-organic oils.
Then you learned what is the best way to buy it : Amazon. Indeed, the E-Commerce giant offers a lot of choices with facilities for delivery and price more than acceptable.

You also learned at theapply to your beard and that it is excellent on the hair, the skin, the nails or the eyelashes.

Finally, we have given some examples of combinations with essential oils and/or plants approved with organic vegan castor oil.

Have you ever visited our men's skin care store ?

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