Travis Kelce: No more beard for the NFL star!


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With his chin adorned with a magnificent red bush, Travis Kelce is a legend both on the soccer field and beyond! The American soccer player and his beautiful beard were so irresistible that even his detractors couldn't help but admire his chin when he posted his photos on social media.

Simply put, everything was going great. On the field, he was bringing joy to the heart with his play, and on Instagram, it was his heartwarming beard. Then one day, the NFL star shaved his beard. Travis Kelce lost his beard? His fans are losing all restraint. Want to know the whole story? Follow us.

Why did Travis Kelce shave his beard?

NFL star Travis Kelce has caused a major uproar on social media after he posted himself in an unrecognizable light to say the least. Despite the wide smile he wore on his sunlit face, he couldn't stop the public from noticing the change.

The beard! Where did it go, Travis? The beard! The Kansas City Chiefs tight end had just parted with his beard that fans loved so much.

In reality, this is not the first time that Travis Kelce shaves his beard. He already did it to highlight the new mustache he had grown in support of the Movember movement. The latter is an awareness movement against prostate cancer in men. So, it seems that the mustache is becoming a summer tradition for Kelce.

Travis Kelce without a beard or mustache: the twittersphere goes wild

At the last training camp, the American briefly sported a similar look. But this year, he didn't just shave off his beard. He arrived without a beard and mustache.

One thing is certain. Travis Kelce's new clean-shaven look has earned him very little praise on Twitter. Fans have expressed their disappointment, without filter. On YouTube, we talked about it again and again.
The star, who has become almost unrecognizable, has had time to pay for his decision. Some people have even claimed that he lost its momentum and spirit.

Moreover, the comments, there were so many on Twitter that Travis did not know where to put his head. As if to change the atmosphere and apologize to his fans, he published a second photo with a beard added by Photoshop.

In the ranks of the fans, it was laughter. What is interesting is that each time, Kelce can, in 1 or 2 months, grow back his beard before the next season.

To anyone reading this article: if you have a nice bushy chin, don't try to play with a razor! Do yourself a favor and go to the barber. Especially if you have a nice, full beard.
If you want to change your appearance, shave your head or dye your beard. But shaving the beard is best avoided!

Get the The Bearded Man's Checklist

And learn more about all the care and accessories to maintain your beard!

Promise: No spam, only interesting info about beards.


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