Tom Holland has grown a (small) beard!

Tom Holland has a little beard that's all the rage. Get grooming tips on how to get this look and maintain it.


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You thought Tom Holland was beardless? Think again! Find out how this little beard has elevated his acting game and become a must-have asset.

Even if it is small, it is enough to get under the skin of some characters!

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Tom Holland grows a little beard and the Internet is going crazy

The small beard of the film star Tom Holland has not ceased to attract the attention of many Internet users. Everyone goes to his analysis on the new physiognomy of the British actor. Some critics believe that this physical transformation will impact the life of the young man from Kingston.

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A still shy beard

The first appearances of Tom Holland with a short beard and a mustache on the Internet have carried away a large part of Internet users. Some of his fans have tried to dissuade him and want to see the disappearance of his new beard.

On the other hand, others have appreciated the new metamorphosis of the actor. It must be said that the young beardless man was not influenced by the negative comments on the size of the latter.

He's sure that after a few months, he'll have a dense, full beard. Although the Internet is going crazy for it, he has always remained serene and has never stopped resorting to hair implants of all kinds. He has opted for a hair transplant which has enabled it to take care of the most sensitive areas.

The goal is to get results:

  • fast,
  • natural,
  • without scarring.

After the first unspoken poll, the young British actor waited three months to ignite the web again.

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A growing development

The development of Tom Holland's bard was done in a very fast and careful way. She started to thicken up very quickly in three months.

At the sixth month, the star already has very satisfactory results. However, she had to wait 9 months for a homogeneous, but above all authentic result.

To avoid comments that could slow him down, the actor waited one year before sending back the pictures of his new beard.
It was already definitive with a precise design that slightly changed the morphology of the young man. It had a nice density on a magnified face, which undoubtedly reinforced the self-confidence of Tom Holland.

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A beard grown (grafted) for professional reasons

The British actor Tom Holland was born beardless and growing a beard was probably not his first reflex. This one appeared for purely professional reasons. Indeed, for the realization of the film Chaos Walking, the director Doug Liman asked the young man to grow a beard.

The latter will serve to stick to Tom Holland the character defined for his profile. Thus, in 2018, the physiological transformation of the young man from Kingston begins. The film was to be released in 2019 and before that, the actor is ordered to grow his beard to the maximum.

Since Tom does not have a high natural hairline, he is forced to resort to the implant. This he did and announced succinctly with sober photos to his fans.

The actor shows self-mockery by posting photos of his beard hair

The release of the film has given rise to many interpretations and appreciations from the Internet users. This led the actor to post photos of his beard, which has further aroused the interest of his followers on social networks. On the program "'The Graham Norton Show", he took care to tell his hair setbacks.

Remember that Tom Holland has many physical assets except for the beard that is cruelly lacking. In order to meet the needs of the plot of Chaos Walking, the actor tried many tricks and even underwent hair implants. In the apocalyptic world that the film tells, he did well and his beard was of great necessity.

In the hope of seeing this one get denser and denser each day, he keeps taking pictures. He was self-deprecating when he posted the images from his first six weeks. He also posted the ones from the months that followed that allowed him to get the beards he needed for the film.

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