Top 10 Best Beard Styles for Square Faces (□)

Refine your look with a beard perfectly adapted to your square face. Discover our 10 favorite styles now!


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Do you have a square face and want to enhance your appearance with the perfect beard? Discover the beard styles that will show off your imposing jawline and well-defined features..

Stay with us as we explore head-turning and memorable options!

What is a square face shape?

A square face shape is characterized by well-defined features and pronounced angles. Men with this morphology generally have a broad, square jawline and a forehead of similar width.

The sides of the face are often straight and parallel, giving an impression of balance and symmetry. So let's choose a style that enhances these features and harmonizes your whole face!

Discover all the beard cuts to match your facial morphology :

Bdw beard face square
Top 10 best beard styles for square faces (□) 1

How do you know if you have a square face?

To determine if you have a square face, take a close look at your features and consider the following elements:

  • Front : The width of your forehead is almost equal to the width of your jaw.
  • Jaw: You have a square, well-defined jaw with pronounced angles.
  • Cheekbones: Your cheekbones are slightly narrower than your forehead and jawline, and are also well defined.
  • General shape : The sides of your face are straight and parallel, and your face has a rather symmetrical shape.

If these features match your face, congratulations, you've got a square face! Now it's time to explore beard styles to make you handsome...

Bdw beard face square 1
Top 10 best beard styles for square faces (□) 2

What type of beard is right for a square face?

The ideal type of beard is one that softens sharp angles and enhances a square jaw.. Beard styles suitable for this morphology are generally those that create a certain length, while maintaining a balanced appearance.

In short, I advise you to opt for a style that :

  • Softens the corners of your face creating a contrast with the well-defined lines of your jaw.
  • Adds length to your face to balance the proportions.
  • Not too long on the sidesThis can accentuate the width of your square face.
  • Respects proportions to harmonize with your square face, avoiding styles that are too wide or too short.

Of course, the choice will also depend on your personality, your maintenance habits and the beard hair growth rate !

The key is to choose a style that suits you and your unique body shape.

10 beard styles for square faces

Here are some barb cutse for men with a square face:

Man cut beard very short

The three-day beard

Think light beard coverage, soft as a summer breeze. It's the three-day beard. She's discreet, but full of vigor...
Softening the angles of a square face, it nevertheless retains a virile allure. It's the very essence of the man who subtly combines nonchalance and charisma.

Man metisse short beard goatee under chin

The goat

What better way to add a dose of classicism to your style than withwith a goatee on his chin ? It accentuates the length of your face, emphasizing your chin.

It's the embodiment of tradition and elegance, a visual signature that never goes out of style!

Short bearded man with degraded collar

The beard collar

Imagine an elegant frame that follows your jaw line. It's a the beard necklace.
This style not only frames your face, but also softens its angles. It's an exquisite choice for lovers of delicate detail and sophistication.

Looking for an original style with a necklace? Take a look at the Amish beard !

Man short hair small beard
Top 10 best beard styles for square faces (□) 3

A short beard (but not too short!)

The short-trimmed beard is a classic. It's a symbol of the man who knows what he wants. Well trimmed and maintained, it accentuates your masculine features while maintaining a well-groomed appearance. It's a real vote of confidence and determination!

Van Dyke beard style man
Top 10 best beard styles for square faces (□) 4

The Van Dyke style

Think of a style that adds character and sophistication to your face. It's the Van Dyke style. It's a unique combination of moustache and goatee, a perfect choice for any man looking to stand out from the crowd!

Iron man tony stark beard size and growth

The anchor beard

The anchor beard is elegant and distinctive. It links the moustache to a slim, anchor-shaped goatee, creating a style that captivates the eye. It's a perfect choice for the man who likes to be elegant and refined!

In fact, you may not have known it, but it's the beard worn by Tony Stark (Iron Man) !

The balbo beard

The balbo stylea beard without sideburns, with a separate moustache and goatee, is the ideal choice for those who wish to highlight their square jaw. It's bold, dynamic, and captures the essence of the man who isn't afraid to make a bold statement.

It's similar to the anchor beard, but without the connection between the goatee and the moustache!

Man garibaldi beard style
Top 10 best beard styles for square faces (□) 5

Garibaldi beard

The Garibaldi style is a longer, rounded beard that softens the angular features of a square face. It's a symphony of hair that celebrates masculinity in its rawest form.

Amish beard on point

Beard tips

The pointed beard is a long, tapered beard that adds length to your face and emphasizes your chin. It's like a pointing arrow, a bold sign of determination and perseverance.

Full beard style man

The full beard

Ah, the famous full beard... A thick, full beard that adds texture and volume while emphasizing masculine features. It's the cry of the wild man, a bold declaration of strength and resilience.

Bdw beard face shape square 2
Top 10 best beard styles for square faces (□) 6

What beard style for a square, bald face?

If you have a square face and you're a bearded with shaved (or bald) headYou can also sport elegant and flattering beard styles:

  • The three-day beard: A light beard that softens the angles of the face and creates a pleasant contrast with baldness.
  • Goat: A classic choice that adds length to the face and draws attention to the chin, balancing out baldness.
  • The beard collar: This style frames the face along the jawline, softening angles while creating contrast with the bald head.
  • The short beard: A well-trimmed and groomed beard adds texture and masculinity without appearing too imposing.
  • The anchor beard: An elegant, distinctive style that links the moustache to a fine, anchor-shaped goatee, and complements the bald spot well.
  • Balbo beard: A beard style without sideburns, with a separate mustache and goatee, that adds personality and character to a bald, square face.
  • Garibaldi style: A longer, rounder beard softens the angular features of a square face and adds volume, compensating for baldness.

Beard cuts to avoid

Square-faced men should avoid styles that accentuate the sharp angles of their face or create a "too wide" effect.

Here are a few examples of cuts to avoid:

  • The beard is too long on the sides: Too full and long on the sides, it can give the illusion of an even wider face. Prefer a shorter beard trimmed on the sides to balance the proportions!
  • Too short a beard: Depending on how it's trimmed, it may highlight the pronounced angles of a square face. Instead, opt for a slightly longer beard that softens the features.
  • The long legs (sideburns) : Sideburns can add width to your face and accentuate its square shape. It's best to trim them or avoid them altogether.
  • Asymmetrical styles: Asymmetrical or uneven beard cuts such as the cat-tail beard can break the harmony and balance of a square face. Choose symmetrical, well-defined styles.

Tips for a beautiful beard with a strong jawline

Here are a few tips on how to maintain and enhance your beard if you have a square face:

  • Prune regularly and look after your beard to maintain a clean, harmonious appearance.
  • Experiment with different beard styles to find the one that best suits you and your body type.
  • Take care of your hair with quality products to keep your beard healthy.
Bdw square face beard
Top 10 best beard styles for square faces (□) 7

Maintain your hair to look good

Here are some care instructions specifically for square-faced men who want to maintain an attractive, well-groomed beard:

  • Wash regularly: Wash your beard with a special shampoo to remove impurities and keep it clean.
  • Moisturize : Use of beard oils to moisturize the skin under the hair and ensure softness.
  • Brushing and combing: This prevents knots, stimulates blood circulation and promotes healthy growth.
  • Regular pruning and cutting: To maintain the desired shape and prevent unruly hairs or split ends.
  • Consult a professional: If you're not sure, or if you have any questions, I suggest you contact consult a barber.
Bdw beard face type carre 4
Top 10 best beard styles for square faces (□) 8

Accessories for square beards

To maintain and enhance your beard with a square face, here is a list of essential accessories to have :

  • Beard trimmer : Clearly indispensable for precision carving and sculpting to maintain the desired shape.
  • Beard scissors : Useful for cutting unruly hair and the split ends.
  • Beard brush: Detangle and smooth hair while stimulating blood circulation!
  • Beard comb : To look perfect all day long (and even at night)
  • Razor or shavette: For a close, clean shave. Alternatively, I recommend the beard contour trimmer !

Square-faced bearded celebrities

Here are some celebrities and famous people with square faces and beards:

  • Brad Pitt : American actor, producer and philanthropist, Brad Pitt has adopted several beard styles over the years, with a square face.
  • Tom Hardy : British actor and producer Tom Hardy has sported a variety of beards over the years, all of which enhance his square face.
Bdw beard face morphology square 3
Top 10 best beard styles for square faces (□) 9

Adapt your beard style to your body type!

Adopting a beard style suited to a square build really enhances your features and adds character to your appearance. Don't forget to experiment with different styles, and to trim and maintain your beard regularly! A well-groomed beard will make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

If you're simply curious to discover other beard styles by face shape or your body shape is closer to a rectangle, don't hesitate to read our article on beards for oblong faces !


Should square-faced men wear beards?

Square faces with a strong jawline can benefit from a well-chosen beard, which softens angles and enhances features. Experiment with different styles to find the one that suits you best!

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Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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