Aleppo Soap for the beard and shaving : What are the benefits ?

Discover the benefits of Aleppo soap to maintain your beard.


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Do you know the soap of Aleppo? This natural soap is a true beauty elixir. It can be used for the body, the hair and the face...
But did you know that it is also very effective for maintain or shave your beard? If you don't know about its benefits for maintaining your favorite hairs, you've come to the right place.

We will first learn what is the Aleppo soap, cite its benefits and then explain how to use it to wash your beard or after shave.


What is the Aleppo soap?

Aleppo soap is over 3500 years old. It is a solid soap entirely natural, composed ofolive oilBay leaf oil, vegetable soda and water. It is dried for 9 months in the open air to enhance its properties. The concentration of oil laurel and olive varies, we find Aleppo soaps ranging from 0% laurel to 40%.

Aleppo soap is a solid soap, it is rectangular or square and is packaged in 200g bar. There is a stamp to identify the master soap maker who made it. It is the ancestor of Marseille soap.

Originally from the city of Aleppo in Syria, which is known for the quality of its oils used to make soap, but also for its manufacturing know-how. Since the war in Syria, the production of soap from Aleppo has decreased significantly, most of the breads on the market are made in Turkey, Maghreb or France. But just like the champagne, a real Aleppo soap must be made in Aleppo. Few soap makers remained in Aleppo, Palmyra offers authentic and high quality Aleppo soaps.

Aleppo soap is used for millennia, to fight skin problems, dandruff, to nourish the skin, it is suitable for all skin types for daily use and is suitable for the whole family!


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What are the benefits of Aleppo soap?

The Aleppo soap is always recognized for its multiple benefits. Thanks to the combination of Laurel oil and olive oil, but also to its drying time which increases the effects tenfold, it is a daily ally for your body, your hair and your beard. This thousand-year-old soap has a multitude of benefits:

  • Moisturizes the skin and hair
  • Purifying
  • Antiseptic
  • Helps fight eczema, psoriasis, acne
  • Helps fight dandruff
  • Effective against greasy hair
  • Preserves the skin's hydrolipidic film

To enjoy the benefits of Aleppo soap it is important to choose the Aleppo soap according to your skin :

  • Dry skin: from 0% to 10% from Laurel
  • Mixed skin : from 10 to 20% from Laurel
  • Oily skin: 20% to 30% of Laurel Berry Oil
  • Problem skin and dandruff and oily hair: from 30% to 40% from Laurel

An Aleppo soap lasts an average of 45 days to 3 months depending on the use.

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Why use Aleppo soap on the beard?

In addition to a use for your body, your hair or your face, the soap of Aleppo is frighteningly effective for your beard.

For shave, maintain or clean your beard, Aleppo soap accompanies you daily. Be sure to use the right soap for your skin.

Maintain and wash your beard

Is your skin dry under your beard? Do you have pimples? Try Aleppo soap and these problems will be history.
Thanks to the properties of olive oil and purifying of laurel oil, your beard is thoroughly cleaned.

To apply, simply lather the soap between your hands and apply directly to your beard.

To shave your beard

Another possible use of Aleppo soap is as shaving foam. The advantage? A skin deeply nourished and softened. You won't need to use aftershave anymore!

To shave with soap of Aleppo, you just need :

  1. Rub the Aleppo soap with your shaving brush
  2. Apply the shaving brush to your skin, paying attention to target all areas of the face.

If you don't have a badger, no problem: Moisten your skin and apply the soap directly and rub it in to create a lather.

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The Aleppo soap: a real ally for the bearded

You will have understood, the soap of Aleppo is the friend of your beard. For shaving, or maintenance and washing of your beard, it allows nourish in depth your skin, but also your beard.

You don't need to use a lot of products, as maintaining a beard can be expensive, between shampoos and essential oils.

With Aleppo soap, you can do without all its products. You can use it daily without risk. Often, your skin is dry under your beard or buttons appear. With Aleppo soap, all these problems will be history!

Frequently asked questions

Apply your shaving brush directly on the soap by performing circular movements so that the soap can lather. Then apply it to your beard. If you don't have a brush, you can use your hands.

Yes, the Aleppo soap is good for the face. Just be sure to use the soap of Aleppo with the right concentration adapted to your skin

To shave with Aleppo soap, simplyapply your brush or shaving brush to the soap then rub it on your face to make it lather, then apply it to your face. You can also apply the soap directly to your skin and rub it into a lather.

Yes, you can wash your beard with Aleppo soap. It will nourish and soften your beard thanks to the benefits of laurel and olive oil.

If you use the Aleppo soap for the body, we advise you to buy a draining soap holder so that it is kept dry. If you use it as a beard soap, a metal box or a soap holder will do the trick

To recognize a real soap of Aleppo, you have to look at its shape, generally rectangular, where we find the seal of the master soap maker in Arabic. Its color is brown on the outside and green on the inside.

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