6 Best Left-Handed Beard and Mustache Trimming Scissors

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You are left-handed, bearded and your hair is in a state of disarray? Get yourself some beard and mustache scissors specially designed for you, the left-handed! You will be able to trim your hair like a professional in a few minutes, without having to worry about making a hole with a clipper for example.

Left-handed scissors designed to trim beards and mustaches

Great for working on your beard and mustache and trimming it with care, left-handed beard scissors are small and easy to hold.
You will be able to cut your hairs with precision thanks to their rather fine and very handy design.

In general, these will be made of stainless steel or Japanese steel, both of which are of high quality.

Small scissors for beard and mustache trimming

Types of scissors

As for many accessories, you will find different ones on the market:

  • Pointed scissors: to trim stubborn hairs with precision
  • Round-tipped scissors: useful for cutting close to the skin without hurting yourself
  • Tapering scissors : useful for thinning your hair and aerating your beard
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Man trimming his beard with scissors

The best left-handed beard and mustache trimming scissors

Olivia Garden - Left handed hairdressing scissors in Japanese steel

Olivia garden - left-handed hairdressing scissors in Japanese steel
66 opinions of bearded men
Olivia Garden - Left handed hairdressing scissors in Japanese steel
Olivia Garden's SilkCut left-handed scissors are of superior quality.
With its convex and very sharp Japanese steel blades, this scissor will get rid of your stubborn hair in no time! If the size seems too big, don't hesitate to get the smaller 5 inch version.

These scissors are my first choice for trimming your little hairs and whiskers with peace of mind.

Sanguine - Left handed beard scissors (14cm)

Sanguine - left-handed beard scissors (14cm)
50 notices of bearded men
Sanguine - Left handed beard scissors (14cm)
Sanguine, very well known for their professional beard tools have designed beautiful left-handed black scissors made of Japanese J2 steel.
The extremely sharp blades are perfect for getting a precise cut that won't damage your beloved hair.
If you want more or less tension in your scissors, a screw is present to make a more advanced adjustment.

WYGC Scissors - Professional left-handed hairdressing scissors - Thinning + Cutting

Wygc scissors - professional left-handed hairdressing scissors - taper + cut
6 reviews of bearded men
WYGC Scissors - Professional left-handed hairdressing scissors - Thinning + Cutting
A 2-in-1 pack for trimming and tapering an overly thick beard, the WYGC scissors are effective and stylish at the same time! The red and black color scheme is quite nice and the ergonomics seem really good.

Lightweight, sharp, comfortable and professional, these scissors are in my TOP 3!

Purple Dragons - Left-handed Thickening Scissors

Purple dragons - left-handed scissors for thinning
338 reviews of bearded men
Purple Dragons - Left-handed Thickening Scissors
Purple Dragon offers us a beard thinning scissor specially designed for left-handed people of excellent quality.
With a 6.1cm Japanese 440C stainless steel blade and 14 teeth, it will be easy to aerate your dense and thick beard.
The round tips are very useful to avoid hurting yourself when removing your hair.

Awans (14cm) - Black Satin - 2-in-1: Thinning + Cutting

Awans (14cm) - black satin - 2-in-1: taper + cut
7 reviews of bearded men
Awans (14cm) - Satin Black - 2-in-1: Thinning + Cutting
Awans offers a 2-in-1 with a set of scissors to trim and taper your little hairs.
Black satin color, they are very classy and offer a good quality thanks to the stainless steel used for their manufacture.
You can also adjust the tension screw or the rings where you put your fingers for added comfort.

The pack also contains a black leatherette case, a comb and a lubricating oil.

SMI - Professional left-handed hair and beard scissors

Smi - professional beard and hair scissors for left-handers
28 reviews of bearded men
SMI - Professional left-handed hair and beard scissors
These professional stainless steel left-handed hairdressing scissors are versatile and ergonomic. The rounded (but not too rounded) edges are useful for being precise without hurting you and the finger comfort is really good.
Scissors to cut the beard

Here is a video to learn how to trim your beard with scissors :

What are left-handed beard shears for?

  • Thinning the beard: if your beard is so dense that even running your fingers through your hair is a challenge, the scissors will thin it out. In fact, you'll notice that most of the packs on this page contain two scissors: one for trimming and one for tapering.
    If not, take your scissors and a comb to help you thicken without damaging your beautiful beard.
  • Working on the finishes: all men who take a minimum of care of their beard know those rebellious hairs that do not want to fall in line, that rebound. Particularly useful for shaggy beards and the hair growing in all directions, I advise you to get scissors as soon as possible!
  • Working the contours: to get a perfect beard shape, a cut to the hair, nothing better than scissors. It's a bit like trimming a bush: you give it the shape you want, area by area. I can tell you that a scissor-trimmed beard makes a difference!

Left-handed scissors for beard and moustache: trim your hair with precision!

You probably have clippers at home, but you've realized that they're not necessarily very precise. To trim your moustache or beard, nothing is better than adapted scissors. It will probably take you some time to handle them with precision and dexterity.

Frequently asked questions

Thanks to the reversed blades compared to the right-handed scissors, you won't have to change hands or spread the blades to get the desired result. Plus, you'll be able to see what you're doing better, no need to bend them!

In general, you will notice the difference in the blades. The top blade will be on the left for left-handed people and on the right for right-handed people. Simple and effective!

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