Philips MG7745/15 14-in-1 Multi-Style Trimmer (Series 7000)

The Philips MG7745/15 Multigroom Series 7000 is the most precise and versatile trimmer you'll ever own. With 14 attachments, it gives you the power to trim from head to toe.

DualCut blades give you maximum precision for an incredible look, while the non-slip rubber handle gives you better control so you can get the look you want with ease.


The Philips MG7745/15 clipper: precision and control at your fingertips!

The Philips MG7745/15 is a high-end multifunction trimmer, designed to trim beard, hair, but also the whole body: ears, nose, stomach, legs ...


  • Body trimmer with a protection for a soft use on the skin.
  • Equipped with a cutting accessory for the nose and ears.
  • Non-slip rubber handle for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • You can use it in the shower or clean it under the tap.

Accessories included

  • 2 3-day beard shoes (1 and 2 mm), 1 adjustable shoe (3 to 7 mm), 3 hair shoes (9, 12 and 16 mm) and 2 body shoes.
  • It comes with a handy storage kit.
  • 4 cutting heads for easy cleaning and maintenance of different body parts.

Technical specifications

  • 8 shoes for different cutting heights.
  • Dual Cut technology, double sharpened blades for a clean and even cut.
  • 100 % waterproof, so it can be used in the shower or on wet hair.
  • An autonomy of 3H for a 3H charge.
  • Fast charge option available.

Highlights of the Philips MG7745/15

The all-in-one beard trimmer with advanced DualCut technology

Its advanced DualCut technology has twice as many blades for maximum precision and a clean, crisp look. Unlike other clippers that dull quickly, the dual blades are designed to stay sharp for extended use.

14 accessories for a flawless face and hair

The Philips Multigroom 7000 offers a complete solution with its all-in-one multi-style trimmerIt comes with 14 attachments for every grooming need. Trim and shape your beard or keep your eyebrows sharp with the precision trimmer. Quickly groom nose and ear hair with the specialized attachments.

Get a perfect cut every time with self-sharpening blades

These steel blades are designed to retain their sharpness for as long as possible, ensuring a smooth, effortless cut. Not only will this make your grooming experience more enjoyable, but it will also help you achieve clean, professional results every time.

Accuracy and precision guaranteed

With eight different sizes of protections from 1 to 16 mmThe options are endless. Whether you prefer a close shave or a longer style for your hair and beard, these shavers let you cut to the desired height with precision and accuracy. And with reinforced cutting technology, you can be assured of a smooth, clean cut every time.


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