Braun BT5242 - All-in-one electric trimmer for men

The Braun BT5242 electric clippers is one of the best beard trimmers available on the market. Bearded men are very satisfied with it, and not for nothing!
It offers a clean, efficient and fast shave compared to previous Braun trimmers.
It has a precision adjustment knob with no less than 39 length settings, in 0.5mm increments to give you a precise and effortless shave.
The blades used are sharpened to a maximum and are virtually indestructible over time, thanks to their exceptional workmanship.

In short, I recommend the BT5242 at 100% for all the bearded onesWhether your beard is long or short, to create precise lines or to work your contours like a professional barber! We can say it: it's Deutsche Qualität!



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