Pogonophile, pogonophobia, pogonotropy, pogonotomy: What do these terms mean ?(Definitions & Meanings)

Definition of the words pogonophile, pogonophobe, pogonotomy, pogonotropy


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Have you ever heard the terms "pogonophile", "pogonophobia", "pogonotropy" or "pogonotomy"?

If not, don't panic: it's normal. If you've heard of it, you're probably a beard lover or you're excellent at languages...

All these words refer to terms around the beard. In fact, the suffix "Pogono" means "Beard", it's up to you to add the suffix you prefer!

In this day and age, there are so many ways to describe ourselves, to say what we like and what we don't like... The fact that there is no word to define beard lovers or those who take care of it is strange.

Here are the quick definitions of these 4 terms:

  • Pogonophile: Person who likes beards
  • Pogonophobe: Person who does not like the beard
  • Pogonotropy: Growing a beard
  • Pogonotomy The art of shaving your beard
Pogonophile man definition

A pogonophile is a person who likes or appreciates beards

You may have heard of pogonophiles, but do you know what they are? A pogonophile is a person who likes or appreciates beards.

But beware: Pogonophiles are not necessarily bearded men! This term can also refer to women and people who like beards on men.
For example, if you are attracted to men with beards, you may be a pogonophile!

"While it may seem that beards are the domain of men, pogonophiles are not necessarily men. They can be men or women who appreciate beards in all their forms.Pogonophiles are people who appreciate facial hair and the many ways it can enhance a man's appearance."

Pogonophobia is the fear of the beard

Pogonophobia is an unusual phobia that is not often recognized as a legitimate fear. A person with pogonophobia does not like or would even be afraid of beards.

The term "pogonophobe" refers to a person who hates beards or other facial hair. This means that she may be uncomfortable around men who wear it or even women who have long hair; it all depends on the severity of the phobia.
This term is therefore the opposite of pogonophilia: the love of bearded men!

Pogonophobia is an unusual phobia. A pogonophobe dislikes or is afraid of beards and facial hair. The opposite of pogonophobia is pogonophilia, or being attracted to men's beards and hair."

Pogonophilia and pogonotropy

Pogonotomy is the art of shaving the beard

Pogonotomy is the medical term for the shaving and removal of facial hair. It comes from the ancient Greek "pốgôn" meaning beard and the suffix "tomie" meaning removal or section.

The term was coined by Alphonse Bouchard, who described this trend in 1769 in his book " Treatise on pogonotomy, or the art of shaving oneself ".

For him, it was inconceivable that a man could walk down the street with an unkempt and especially untrimmed beard.

Thus, pogonotomy would indirectly be the fact of taking care of one's beard and is completely linked to the term pogonophile (love of beard).

As you can imagine, pogonotomy is very much related to shaving accessories:

  • Razor
  • Trimmer
  • Badger
  • Scissors
The essential accessories of the pogonophile:

Razor and shaving brush holders: the kits you need!

Pogonotropy and pogonotomy

Pogonotropy means to grow a beard

Pogonotropy is the activity of growing a beard. And as you know, growing your favorite hairs is an art!

"Pogono" = "Beard" + your favorite suffix!

The great thing about the French language is that you can play around with it as much as you want! So, now that you know that "Pogono" means "Beard", you can add any suffix.

Here are the short definitions in a nutshell:

  • If you like beards, then you are a pogonophile
  • If you don't like beards and prefer clean-shaven men, then you are a pogonophobe!
  • Growing a beard is called "Pogonotropy".
  • The art of shaving the beard is the "pogonotomy".
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