Philippe Etchebest with a mustache: the web loves it!

Philippe Etchebest sports a mustache that's a sensation on the web. Get tips on how to trim and maintain your mustache like a pro.
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Philippe Etchebest with a moustache is the news that captivates viewers and Internet users who do not fail to give their opinions.

However, the astonishing career of Philippe Etchebest, a trained chef, should be the element of interest for the younger ones.

A great lover of sports, he has done judo to boxing, through rugby, then his many competitions in the field of cooking. Today he is a public figure and not the least, he can inspire more than one.

Nevertheless, fond of buzz, the web only dwells on the novelties. That's why we will discuss below the reasons that motivated the chef to opt for the mustache.

New on Top Chef with Chef Etchebest

Spotlighted by M6 who chose him to host the French version of "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" entitled Cauchemar en cuisine, Philippe provides support to restaurant owners in difficulty.

It is moreover from an episode of Cauchemar en cuisine broadcast on May 20, 2022 that one discovers the philtrum of the chief raised a new pilosity: a well furnished, neat moustache which rebique at the ends.

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A handlebar mustache for Etchebest at table 13!

We discover the chef's handlebar mustache on this show certainly, but it must be said that this new trend is observed since the beginning of 2022. This, throughout the 13ᵉ season of Top Chef where Philippe sports a beautiful mustache.

Moreover, it is back from a short break and to satisfy the waiting public, a press conference is organized on July 20, 2022 by M6 to unveil the course and the novelties of the new season.

Present at this presentation, Philippe Etchebest talks about his moustache which did not leave the many viewers of the cooking show without reaction.

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Philippe Etchebest with a moustache : An idea from his wife 

Responding to various questions at this conference, he raised the issue of his mustache. He talks about the excessive extent that can take his words or his actions, moreover, of all known personalities.

 He finds it funny and assures that he did not think of this dimension by adopting his bacchante. He assures that he did not act to make talk about him.

He also takes the opportunity to give the origin of the idea of the mustache. It would be a proposal of his wife to which he adhered.

She said to me: "Here, it would be nice if you had a moustache".

As he reports, "She told me: ''Here, it would be nice if you got a mustache.'' ; I replied: ''Yes, if you want.'' "After accepting the idea, he relies on his personal barber to take care of it.

The latter confirms that she had long wanted to make such a proposal, but had not dared. It is necessary to believe that the entourage of the chief saw a singular charm of the man to carry a moustache.

This natural artifice does not leave indifferent the many viewers of M6 and even less his followers on Instagram. They are many to appreciate the mustache cut, but this change does not necessarily please everyone.

Some opinions from Top Chef fans and its jury about his new moustache

Following the airing of the May 20 episode where Chef Etchebest comes to the aid of a couple of restaurant owners on the verge of bankruptcy in Cauchemar en cuisine, opinions were quick to pour in on Twitter about the episode's novelty: handlebar moustaches.

One can then read under the Hashtag Nightmare in the Kitchen, the opinions of those who loved the change in these terms: ''I love Philippe's little moustache too much''; ''Etchebest, he has a mustache on-fleek''.

Divided opinions in the community

Nevertheless, there are those who think that something is wrong with this new look. "Is it only me who finds Etchebest's mustache weird?" ; "Etchebest's mustache is a delusion" ; ''There's a mustache problem, it's been bothering me since the beginning."as can also be read on Twitter.

Apart from his reputation on television via the show Top Chef, Philippe Etchebest is also making a good name for himself on the web by counting a million followers on Instagram.

On this social network, the new moustache of the French worker is unanimous. "Chic the mustache and beard."; "I like this little mustache job." or "Too nice your mustache."as you can read under his post in which he congratulates the rugby team Union Bordeaux Bègles (UBB) for its victory.

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