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Best barbers and barbershops in Nantes


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You are looking for shaving and beard trimming in Nantes and you only want the best for your precious hairs!
We have unearthed the best barbers and barbershops from the Nantes region. All the heavy stuff, for all types of beards and even for hair styling.
Whether it is on the side of Nantes Commerce, Beaulieu or in the city center, good barbers can be found!

These barbers offer different shaving techniques: electric beard trimmer or old fashioned razor, your hair will be pampered and your professionally trimmed beard. Everything you need to have a great beard with a killer style!

Feel free to leave them reviews on their Google listings to encourage them 😉

Let's start the introductions:

1. The Barber Shop in Nantes

L'Atelier du Barbier in Nantes is composed of 4 barbershops spread over Nantes and a team of 16 people !

For the pleasure of all the bearded ones, the barber is open in no less than 4 addresses in Nantes, for a barber nearby no matter where you are in the city.

We might as well say that L'Atelier du Barbier gives us the choice! The salons are beautiful, the team is smiling, and they are extremely well rated on Google (4,4/5 for more than 200 reviews!).

Address and schedule

20 Rue Contrescarpe, 44000 Nantes
12 Rue de Budapest, 44000 Nantes
19 Rue Racine 44000 Nantes in Hyper Centre
14 Rue Pierre Gicquiau 44800 Saint-Herblain

Monday to Friday : 10am to 7pm
Saturday : 9am to 5pm

Website and Reservation

09 86 30 61 52
Online booking

Photos of the Barbershops of "L'Atelier du Barbier" in Nantes

2. Bonhomme Nantes : Hairdresser-Barber for men

Bonhomme is a franchise of barbers and hairdressers in Nantes and Paris mainly.
The Nantes show opened in January 2018, so it was pretty recent.
It is located in the heart of downtown, a few steps from the Galeries Lafayette.

The barbershop has one floor and the team will receive you in a relaxed atmosphere, ideal to take a breather after a day of work!

You will be able to cut and trim the beard but also the hair. They even practice the coloring and other care.

Note : 4,6/5 for 218 reviews

Address and schedule

10 rue des Halles, 44000 Nantes

Monday to Friday : 10am to 8pm
Saturday : 10am to 7pm

Website and Reservation

02 51 83 85 70
Online booking

Photos of the barber "Bonhomme" in Nantes

3. Barber Designer Nantes

Barber Designer is one of the most fashionable barbershop and hairdresser in the Nantes region.
With two salons located in Nantes (one on the Nantes Commerce and the other Rue de Strasbourg), you can relax during your cut by playing Playstation.

If you want to color your hair, do some layering, undercut or even a hair tattoo, this is the place to be!

Note 4.8/5 for 335 reviews

Address and schedule

7 All. Duguay Trouin, 44000 Nantes
Monday to Saturday : 10am to 8pm

14 Rue de Strasbourg, 44000 Nantes
Monday to Saturday: 10am to 7pm

4. Sorong Men's Hairdressing

Sorong is a specialist in old-fashioned shaving, so you won't be hearing the buzz of clippers in this barbershop.

The comments are unanimous: 4,8/5 for 350 reviewsI think that Sorong has its place in this TOP of Barbers Nantes.

Concerning the reservations, it will be done only on the spot or by telephone because the salon unfortunately does not have a website to make an appointment online.

Address and schedule

8 Rue du Château, 44000 Nantes
Tuesday to Friday : 09h to 19h
Saturday : 09h to 18h30


02 40 47 74 52

5. Ōbarbier Nantes

Located in the heart of the city in an old-fashioned building at the foot of the Basilica of Saint-Nicolas, Obarbier and its team welcome you in a place full of history.

The team is composed of French champions "Coiffeur-Barbier", so I think it will be difficult to be disappointed as a bearded man of the size of your beard and the cut of your hair!

As for the price, it's more expensive than the competition and you'll still have to pay 45€ for the total haircut + beard and shave.

In terms of grades, they have nothing to envy their competitor with over 200 Google reviews and a rating of 4.8/5.

Address and schedule

2 Rue du Pré Nian, 44000 Nantes
Monday to Friday : 10am to 7pm
Saturday : 09h to 19h

It's already over! But with these few barbers in Nantes and nearby (Nantes Nord, Trentemoult, Beaulieu, Place Royale...) from your home, you should have the choice to have your beard and hair cut...

All these barbershops located in Nantes handle the comb, the razor and scissors to perfection to take care of your hair and maintain your beard.
Some barbers will also offer you a store to buy your care productss : beard oil, waxesbalms, shampoos...

Have you opted for a classic beard cut or have you given yourself a Viking beard trim or a Hipster cut? Perhaps you have colored your hair, very fashionable lately.

If you have a good address, share it in the commentsIt will please the barbers and it could make them a little publicity...

If you have tested one of the barbers presented on this page, do not hesitate to contact them leave a comment on Google and why not hereto get feedback from real bearded men who have tried it!

Nantes Barber FAQ

Here are the best barbers Nantes :

  1. The Barber Shop
  2. Bonhomme Nantes : Hairdresser-Barber for men
  3. Barber Designer Nantes Commerce
  4. Sorong Hairstyling man barber
  5. Ōbarbier
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