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Check out our full review of the Man's Beard brand, with our impressions of the quality and effectiveness of their beard products.


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Presentation of Man's Beard : a French brand 100% !

Man's Beard is a French brand from Toulouse created in 2015. The bearded men are always more in demand for quality products for their hair and the brand was able to answer the demand by developing products and accessories for the beard.

The brand has grown and now offers more than a hundred references: beard care, face care, accessories and even a range of natural hair styling products.

All made in France, in Occitania with the laboratory Emeraude and Berthe Guilhem using natural ingredients and materials of impeccable quality.

The packaging is very beautiful, it clearly makes you want to keep them on the shelves to decorate the bathroom or complete the "beard" corner of the house.

I am in contact with Man's Beard and they told me they have some plans for the future like making more waxes and gels for men. I have to admit that there is a lack of French and natural products in this area!

In any case, I am personally very satisfied with the Man's Beard line and my beard has never looked as good as it does today.

Products and accessories by Man's Beard

Today, beard maintenance is essential for men. To have a remarkable charisma, an identity of your own, you need a neat and well-trimmed beard. It is a real asset to assert your style and your personality.

All Man's Beard products meet the needs of bearded men all over the world. What is great about the French brand is that it communicates a lot with its customers and professional resellers (partners) such as barbershops, barbers, hair stores...
The brand is in line with cosmetic trends and develops products that respect your body and your hair.

You will find products and accessories for all your needs, at all stages of your beard routine:

  • the size
  • cleaning
  • hydration
  • the shoot

The good news is that no matter what type of beard you have, you can find a product that fits. Whether it's long, short, curly or other, the products are made to suit all types of beards.

Growing a Viking beard
Taking care of your beard
Products and accessories for a healthy beard
Choose Viking beard style
Shave and trim
The best tools and products for a quality shave
Viking beard trimmer
Other products
Like toiletry kits and other men's care products.

Taking care of your beard

Man's Beard products are made with excellent ingredients such as: jojoba oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, witch hazel, organic silicon, organic coconut oil and organic aloe vera extract.

In addition, Man's Beard products are made with natural fragrances that smell really good! I invite you to try the different scents, I personally love them.

Beard Oils

Man's Beard Oils are simply of excellent quality and none of them have disappointed me yet!

The best known is of course Man's Beard castor oil which has become a classic among bearded men around the world.

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Beard balm

In addition to being qualitative, the balms of Man's Beard smell good. And that's just to say, I personally tested the Santalum and I can't do without it anymore! I have my little morning routine with the application of the balm before going to face my day.

Beard soap

Bearded people don't think about it, but having a beard soap is almost indispensable! If you think that the classic soap is adapted for your beard and your skin, you are wrong...

Beard Shampoo

Much like soap, men think that hair shampoo also works for beards and this is not true! Once again, the classic shampoo is far too aggressive and not adapted to your beard.

Beard brush

If you have a decent beard (I'm not talking about a huge viking beard(just a few centimeters are enough) you will need a brush.
And the Man's Beard brushes are stunning in their quality and materials.

Beard comb

With the brush, I recommend the comb, which will accompany you daily wherever you are. No more hair that wants to get away or the scraggly beard... You will be able to tame it!
In short, style your beard hair with style and simplicity with combs and brushes made by Man's Beard.

Shave and trim your beard

To shave your beard, discover the Man's Beard shavers and razors that will give you a clean, precise shave.

Razor and Shavette

Very popular with men, Man's Beard's razors and shavers make a difference! The blades are durable and effective and the grip is easy.

The cabbage cutter

If you're the type of person who likes to slice your hair rather than shave it, the Man's Beard trimmer is for you!

Man's Beard Shaving Gel

Shaving gel should be the standard for every bearded man... Shaving foam is out: you can't see what you're doing, it's messy and it doesn't take care of your skin.
Try Man's Beard shaving gel, you'll see the difference!

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Other products for men

Man's Beard takes care of your beard, but not only! The brand offers hair and facial care products for men such as scrubs, serums, anti-dark circles...


If you're plagued by dark circles that look like a month's worth of travel bags, Man's Beard is answering the call with its newest concealer for men (it works for women, too...)

The toiletry kit

Ideal if you want to carry your beard gear while traveling, the toiletry bag is ergonomic and doesn't take up much space.

Man's Beard stores

Man's Beard is not only on the Internet! The brand has physical stores in major cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse and even in Morocco.

Here are some beautiful pictures of the exhibition in Morocco, in the city of Marrakech:

The Man's Beard team

As you can imagine, Man's Beard is first and foremost a close-knit and super-friendly team that comes up with new ideas every day.

The little questions we ask ourselves about Man's Beard...

I'm coming, no stress!

The brand is 100% French and comes straight from Toulouse, in Occitania! Its products are manufactured locally in the Emeraude and Berthe Guilhem laboratory.

The Man's Beard brand was created in 2015 to bring renewal to products and accessories for bearded men.

Article written by Brandon

Amateur and passionate about beards since his first hairs (on his face), he is for the intimate and bearded Internet lovers the BarbierDuWeb. Advises and helps men for a healthy beard, through blog articles where you will find tests, his feelings but also comparisons and buying guides.

Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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To know all the care and accessories to maintain your hair.

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