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Whether for his beard or for his talents as a rapper, you surely know Kaaris the famous rapper from Sevran. In the promotion of his album, he made a little buzz by posting an old video of him, before he was known in the Rap Game.

Back on this video and the reactions of his fans.

The stars and celebrities as you have never seen them before:

The video of Kaaris without beard

Some time ago, he had made a small video where we can see Kaaris without beard who talks about street people:

Kaaris had published by reposting his video without beard On Instagram:

"You're in Sevran here, you see, there's a lot of talent, you know what I mean. The problem is that there hasn't yet been anyone who can really express themselves, you know what I mean, to push others to come out, so that everyone can get out. Tomorrow, as soon as one of them comes out here, you'll see that it will be a tidal wave.

There is no denying that he was right: Maes, 13 Block, Da Uzi, Benab or even Kalash Criminal have well and truly broken through the Rap Game and now have their place among the greatest rappers.

As much to say that the talents Sevranais are numerous and according to Kaaris it is not finished, a true nest with gold disc...
You can also find these artists on many media such as LibertyMusic and of course listen to them on Deezer or even Spotify.

instagram publication kaaris
Instagral publication of Kaaris

Kaaris had added, as a caption to his Instagram post:

"Who remembers this part 🤔we had already said it all 🤷🏾♂️! But where is the bebare 😂😂😂😂 🤦🏿♂️ #lavisionclaire #2.7.0.potoooooo #lalbum2.7.0 #desledepart #unpeubifféquandmeme😂 #talsadoumdesanneesplustard #roidelatrap@ " 

We also wonder, Kaaris... Where is the bebar ?

We won't lie to ourselves, the beard changes a man and I believe that Kaaris is the living proof.

Reactions from Internet users on the video

Here are a few reactions that we found on the Web written by Internet users (and they are not afraid to say it!):

Comments of the forums on the beard of kaaris
Comments on the JVC forum

In any case, this video that surfaced a while ago made us laugh and seems to be very popular among Internet users and K2a fans.

At the same time, his beard is rather emblematic, and Kaaris without a beard is something.

Come on, I give you the picture for the pleasure of the eyes:

Kaaris young and without beard
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