Jason Momoa without a beard: his fans surprised by his new look

Jason Momoa surprised his fans by shaving off his beard. Check out his new look and how to get Momoa's beard look with our grooming tips.


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Became famous thanks to his role in the first season of the series Games of thrones, Jason Momoa without a beard has recently made a stir on the internet.

The one who played the character of Khal DrogoDaenerys' lover, has been transformed. Of his thick and long beard, it is no longer anything, for the one who has not shaved since 2012!

If his fans are obviously surprised by this change, the actor took the opportunity to pass an important message...

What is this message and what is it really? You will discover everything in the following lines.

Why did Jason Momoa shave his beard?

April 17, 2020, the world of the internet and the world of 7ᵉ art. discover a video of Jason Momoa posted on his YouTube account.

The American actor of Hawaiian origin, armed with a clipper, shaves all his beard! This is an action that surprised many fans and lovers of the actor. Nevertheless, if the one who makes his manly and wild style a brand decides to part with it, there is a reason.

Jason momoa shaves his beard with the clippers 2

Jason Momoa shaved for the environment

It is an initiative for the safeguard of a common natural good: the environment!

The American star has taken the important decision to change this style by which everyone knows him to attract attention and send a message. And as you can guess by now, not the least communication.

It must be said that the bet is successful, since his act did not remain without reaction. Nevertheless, Jason was quick to remind surprised and disappointed fans that the beard grows back, but not the environment.

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Jason momoa shaves his beard with a clipper 5

A farewell to Aquaman, Drogo, Declan and his other roles...

His change of style is actually an allusion to the changes that must be made in behavior to save the planet. He explains it in his video in these terms:

"Goodbye Drogo, goodbye Aquaman, goodbye Declan, goodbye Baba... I'm shaving my beard because it's time to change. Change for a better future for my children, your children, the world.".

He shaves his beard, the world must change. The logic seems a little superfluous. However, it will still have the merit of arousing the curiosity of some and others and make talk about it.

On the same account, the actor invites his followers to undertake positive changes to preserve our planet.

In the video, he defends the use of single-use plastics, which have multiple and enormous repercussions for the entire terrestrial ecosystem.

As an alternative to plastics, he recommends the use of aluminum containers that are completely recyclable.

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Jason momoa shaves his beard with the clippers 4

The star of Aquaman, Dune and Game of Thrones defends the environment

Every year, several million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the oceans because they have not been recycled.

Among these wastes, the most counted are bottles, bottle caps, food packaging, polystyrene fragments, plastic bags, cotton buds and lollipop sticks.

Knowing that plastic waste takes more than four centuries to degrade and that every second we produce 10 tons of it, the question of the safety of the marine and terrestrial ecosystem becomes paramount.

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Jason momoa without beard

100% recyclable aluminum to fight plastic

It is in the heart of this reality that Jason Momoa invites us to become aware of the urgency to adopt a new attitude towards single-use plastic packaging. He says it himself through his post.

He wants to make people aware of the damage caused to the planet by plastic waste and propose a solution. This solution for him: it is the 100% recyclable aluminum which will help the men in the fight against the plastics of single use and especially to be able to recycle more serenely.  

Its eco-responsible campaign is realized in collaboration with Ball Corporation to promote aluminium packaging and to replace single-use plastics in a sustainable way.

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Jason momoa shaves his beard with clippers

Jason Momoa, with or without beard?

With a height of 1.93 m and a weight of about 110 Kg, even 115 Kg, Jason Momoa is one of the colossus of Hollywood.

On top of that, long rebellious hair, the thick and bushy beard end up making of the actor an image of the male virility which does not leave the ladies indifferent.

Ultimately, the change observed by Jason Momoa is a solution to capture attention in order to pass a message of global interest. The cause is just and noble and does not detract from its charm. We could see it when he repeats the feat by cutting his hair short. As he says: the beard grows back, but the environment does not.

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