James Harden with and without beard: two different men?

Is James Harden more attractive with or without a beard? Check out the photos of his two faces and the fans' opinions on this controversial issue.


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Everywhere, appearance has always been a determining factor in defining identity and perception. And the beard, whether grown naturally or through intervention, is one of the most important elements of the look. And it is not James Harden who will say otherwise.
The famous Brooklyn Nets guard wears his beard like a reincarnated Greek warrior drawing both stares and interjections.

What do we know about his famous beard? Has he always had it? What does he look like without it? We talk about it in this article.

James Harden: when the beard and the ball are combined in the indicative of success

A great basketball player of his time, James Harden's popularity is not exclusively due to his quality of play or to his bewildering three-step stepback. The famous beard that outlines his face also plays a big part, as this hairy attribute has always seemed to confer a kind of augmented masculinity on his personality. Other sportsmen, like Joe Burroware also known for their beards, although his doesn't grow as well.

Questions about James Harden's fabulous beard

James Harden's beard brings him money thanks to his endorsement contracts. Indeed, through his appearances, his famous beard is very often mentioned and highlighted. It would be silly to have to shave it and be bothered by the brands he collaborates with like Adidas, Spotify, Amazon or BodyArmor!

According to the New York TimesHe let his beard grow in 2009 simply because he didn't want to bother shaving it. Since then, he has obviously decided to keep it!

James Harden's beard is 100% natural, as is Travis Kelce's ! The player did not resort to a beard transplant or products like Minoxidil. Nothing tells us that it does not take care for your beard with a good oil to boost its growth for example! It's natural and quite effective in enhancing the beard.

According to a TMZ reportJames Harden is willing to shave his beard for a good cause, but not for anything else.

Like facial hair grows between 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters per dayIt would take an average of 3 to 5 months to grow a full beard like James Harden's.

Nicknamed "The Beard" for the imposing volume of his facial tuft, a nickname that evokes the Prince William's royal hair signature in 2008. Some even joked that without his beard, the only name that would really suit him would be James Soften and not James Harden. And yes, before he got the nickname, Harden was just an ordinary teenager living in Arizona with a barely noticeable beard.

For a long time, he wore his beard very close to his chin, ignoring its potential until he decided to let go and let it express itself. A very different style from Doja Cat unveils a daring moustache at Paris Fashion Week.
We recall that on June 30, 2022, after comparing photos taken of the NBA star before and after growing a beard, user NBA Memes shared his impression on twitter stating, "Whoever told James Harden to grow a beard was real!".

"My beard? It's part of me".

James Harden no longer sees his beard as an accessory. He's worn it for so long that it's hard to imagine what he would look like without it. Indeed, this beard, which is like his trademark, represents for him an extension of his person and an irreducible part of his personality.

Thus, James Harden without a beard is not a possibility. Already, he hadn't shaved it off during the audition, a moment when his destiny was at stake. All the other candidates had carefully shaved to impress the talent scouts.

Since 2015, the NBA champion had already declared that "I will have to be paid much more than a million to say goodbye to my bard. It is part of me". One understands better what attachment he has to his beard in his twitter feed of August 12, 2022 in which he states, "Science doesn't lie - the beard makes you a badass. Please @JHarden13, for enhancing your intimidation power [...]."

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