IbraTV and his new beard: when the graft makes miracles

Find out how beard transplantation transformed IbraTV's look. Get tips on beard transplantation and post-surgery care.


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Past ofbeardless to "full beard", IbraTV, or Ibrahim Tsetchoev, has focused the attention for several weeks thanks to his new beard that is all the rage.

The web wondered at first if he really needed a beard transplant... But a few weeks after the transplant he offered himself in TurkeyThe Russian web video maker and entrepreneur now has a chin that makes men and women dream.

Density, character and aesthetics - it's all here! We'll tell you more about what prompted IbraTV to grafting beard hair and how the operation went.

IbraTV wears the beard

With his beard that greatly enhances the quality of his selfies, it must be said, IbraTV is more beautiful and more seductive than ever! He now has a Chad-like chin and the difference between his old photos and the more recent ones is very clear.

With its new beard of a generous density and a black color that perfectly matches her hair, her face is now more skillfully delineated and the contrast is more excellent.

Within a few weeks of the transplant, his beard had grown to about 25 % density. Knowing that he has already passed his 25th birthday, such a growth rate of the density from beard would have been impossible in twenty years if he had not resorted to the transplant. As he says himself, if he had to do it again, he would do it without thinking.

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How did the operation of transplantation of beard d'IbraTV ?

Although there are many institutes in Paris, it is in Turkey thatIbraTV went to do his transplant of beard. It was an opportunity to do some sightseeing while looking good.

As he reveals in his youtube videothe operation will cost him a total of between 1 950 and 2 600 euros. This includes the cost of the operation, but also the payment of the driver who picked him up at the airport and dropped him off at the hotel.

In the transplant room, he was clear that he just wanted to perfect his beard natural. The receiving area was therefore defined and delimited accordingly. Then, a donor area well supplied has been selected.

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No pain during the beard transplant

According to him, the only time he felt a little pain was when he had to be anesthetized. And then everything was painless. First there was a graft harvesting.

Then, small inserts were made on the recipient area. These are small holes intended to accommodate the hair implants taken from the donor area.

In all, the operation lasted between 5 and 6 hoursThis is because the hair has to be removed from the back of the head, the inserts have to be made one by one and then the grafts have to be inserted into the inserts one by one. All this happened without the slightest painas he says on his social networks.

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After the transplant: the postoperative phase

Once the operation was completed, the specialist gave him some instructions to ensure that the postoperative phase takes place in the best conditions. For example, it was necessary to take a certain number of medications, avoid touching the area, sleep on the back, not eat too much salt, not take tea or coffee, etc.

IbraTV confided between 5 and 6 daysthe scabs had already fallen off and between the eighth and ninth day, the beard started to grow back. Today, every photo ofIbraTV proves him right. This graft of beard was one of the wisest decisions of his life. On the side aesthetics and seductionthe alpha male now operates in the Chad's class.

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What did it look like IbraTV without his new beard ?

Internet users who have always known IbraTV did not miss him after his transplant operation. Indeed, Ibrahim was not completely hairless. And if we have to talk about testosterone as a determinant of hairiness, we only have to look at his physical form to understand that he does not lack it.

Moreover, he specifies in a video published on his Youtube channel more than once already, he has received invitations to have a transplant of beard. Each time, his refusal was categorical.

But, when you take a look at the old photos ofIbraTVWe note that his chin was not necessarily as full as that. Even if the little beard that covered his cheeks seemed to be enough for him, it should be noted thatIbraTV had hollows in his beard. However, his beard really lacked density.

Then it all clicked! Some friends ofIbraTV suffering from baldness went for a hair transplant. The result of the operation was impressive. Ibrahim then developed a keen interest in beard transplantation. And that's where his adventure began.

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