Frozen Beard: Why does it happen? [+ Photos & Videos]

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The beard can freeze and have that hard and cold look, because of low temperatures or humidity in the air...
But is it really your beard that freezes, or is there another more scientific explanation for the phenomenon?

You will discover it first, then I put you some pictures of frozen beards. Sometimes it can be a bit of snow, for others it's really stalactites that appeared on the beard!

Is it possible to have a freezing beard?

In absolute terms, yes, it is possible! But it's not your beard itself that freezes.

In fact, this phenomenon can be explained by the presence of moisture on your beard.
It could simply be the vapor from your breath, which builds up on your hair and forms ice because of the very low temperatures.

So, if your hair is not wet in any way (perspiration, products, breathing...), your beard will probably not freeze! Besides, if you want to protect yourself from that, don't hesitate to use a ski mask.

In fact, the beard itself has very little moisture. So, without any external factor that brings moisture, no condensation and no ice on the beard!

On the other hand, the cold can dry it out and make it feel quite weird, like your hair is dead.

For the bearded ones who have faced very low temperatures, I advise you to take care of your beard with oils (at home, not outside, otherwise you risk the bad surprise...)

A lot of frozen beards!

To understand the phenomenon, I have compiled a few photos found on the web of men with frozen beards.
From the simple ice that has formed to the real stalactite, you will see that the beard, in certain conditions can have a rather strange aspect...

Otherwise, here is @voicesofjake, an American who enjoys testing extreme temperatures around the world and their effect on the body, or a surfer who practices his passion with temperatures below 0°C:

Well, personally I've had my beard frozen while skiing, with sweat and my breath in my neck warmer, but nothing like this! It was just a few hairs that were covered with snow and ice, nothing more...

Has this ever happened to you?

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