The bearded look of Drake: to adopt or to avoid?


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Everyone agrees, Drake isn't Drake without his beard. He figured that out in May 2016. Indeed, facial hair may be an incidental attribute for some, but for others, it's a matter of personality and sometimes virility.

What makes Drake's beard special and what would the famous Canadian rapper look like without his facial hair?

Is Drake's beard natural or the product of a transplant?

Who doesn't agree that Drake's beard gives him a stronger, more masculine look? How many men wouldn't spend thousands of dollars to get a facial hair transplant if it would give them the same look?

One thing is certain, there are many of them. And the number of her fans in the women's camp defies enumeration.

Many want to believe that the magical beard of the artist is not natural, because it is too beautiful to be natural. We remember this photo posted on twitter in 2018 where it looked like Drake's beard was coming off on the left side of his face.

In fact, what made the beard look like it was coming off was a piece of the black logo on the back of the white shirt of whoever was behind Drake when the photo was taken.

The tip of the logo ended up precisely in a place where one could have easily believed that the artist was just wearing a wig. In the end, you have to believe that Drake has a naturally generous facial hair. Plus, he wears his beard as an extension of his personality.

Drake beard

How to get a Drake beard?

Here's a video tutorial from Droppin' Gems to trim your beard like Drake:

What does Drake look like without his beard?

It's hard to imagine it happening in people's minds. It is hard to imagine Drake showing up without his beard. We remember in July 2015 how he made the buzz on social networks with a particularly seductive look. He had very skillfully combined a full beard with a purposefully muscular body. On the web, fans could hardly hold back.

A year later, on Friday, May 13, 2016, the rapper tries the opposite experiment and does not return.

Drake no beard

As part of the show "Saturday Night Live" in which he must participate on Saturday, May 14, the one nicknamed Drizzy takes the risk of shaving his beard. Then, the artist publishes a photo of him without a beard on Twitter.

Unprecedented reactions from fans

The reactions were not long in coming. It was the disappointment of his fans. The man with the eternally full beard has learned his lesson. Without his beard, he is without his boat. He deleted the photo the same day.

The two weeks it took the artist to get his beard back turned out to be the hardest two weeks of his life as a star. Since then, Drake has never touched his beard again. This way, he is sexier, more "Drake". Drake without his beard is not Drake anymore. His face gives the image of a young person in search of direction, an image that is not helped by his naive smile and his unsteady upright posture.

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