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With his mustache and goatee all done, Doja Cat has again hit hard. After causing a sensation at the 2023 Paris Fashion Week with her eccentric red dress adorned with 30,000 crystals, the American star managed to turn heads again at the Viktor & Rolf high fashion show.

Since then, his mustache and goatee have not ceased to flow of ink and saliva on social networks. So, did you ask for the eyelashes the other time? Doja Cat has put you in the eye now with a mustache and a goatee. Want to know more? Here are the most juicy details of this story that continues to rock the web.

Why is there so much talk about Doja Cat this week?

This Wednesday, during the Viktor & Rolf high fashion show, all eyes converged on the American artist Doja Cat. Defying all predictions, the young 27-year-old rapper had indeed the face decorated with a mustache and a goatee that had managed to divert the attention of the most serious.

Indeed, for the occasion, Doja Cat has replaced her natural eyebrows with a duo of temporary lashes. She then used three more falsies (fake eyelashes) to mimic a mustache and goatee. The rapper placed the false eyelashes on her upper lip and chin to create her look, which still had a comical feel.

Doja Cat couldn't go unnoticed with this eccentric look, especially since the outfit she put on was just as original. It is a striped suit completely reimagined.

She completed her ensemble with a beige and white striped suit, a green and white striped blouse and blue-tinted sunglasses. But it was mostly her overall beauty that turned heads and raised eyebrows.

There's no doubt that for sporting such an iconoclastic style during this fashion week, Doja Cat will definitely go down in history as the first woman who dared to wear a mustache and goatee in a comical way.

Why did Doja Cat wear a moustache at this fashion show?      

It seems that the eccentric look chosen by the American rapper is a response to the comments she received when she wore a androgynous look at Paris Fashion Week earlier in the week. The young artist, who answers to the name of Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini in civil status, had then the eyebrows completely shaved.

Stunned by some commenters who seemed particularly interested in the lack of eyelashes on her face, she had then posted on her Instagram page, " If it's lashes you want, then you'll only get lashes ". She kept her word by maintaining an androgynous look embellished with a mustache, goatee and eyebrows, the whole being obtained only from false lashes.

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