10 Beard Styles for Diamond Shaped Faces (◊)

Enhance your diamond-shaped facial features with our 10 beard styles to suit your shape!


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If there's one recognizable face shape, it's the diamond. And a a beard adapted to your morphology will enhance your unique features. for perfect harmony!

In this article, I reveal a irresistible selection of beard styles to suit diamond-shaped faces. I also offer a few tips and tricks to maintain your hair like a pro!

Let's find out how to enhance your unique face with the perfect beard!

10 beard styles ideal for diamond-shaped faces

Without further ado, here's my carefully curated selection of the best beard styles. These varied and distinctive choices have been meticulously selected to enhance the unique structure of your diamond-shaped face.

Don't forget : Even if each of them has its own charm and adapts to this type of face, don't hesitate to try them out for yourself!

Man cut beard very short

1. The 3-day beard: the choice of casual chic

The three-day beardThis classic is the perfect choice for softening the prominent angles of a diamond-shaped face.. As well as adding character, its short length doesn't weigh down the jaw, which is a real bonus, isn't it?

Man full short beard
10 beard styles for diamond-shaped faces (◊) 1

2. The short, full beard: for a perfect balance

The short, full beard (all over the face) is an excellent way to enhance pronounced cheekbones while softening facial contours. It offers a harmonious, balanced and incredibly elegant look.

Who could resist this charm?

Amish beard on point

3. The goatee: for length and balance

With its unique shape that draws attention to the chin, the pointed beard goatee is a clever way to elongate the face. It creates a fine balance between the different zones of the diamond-shaped face and gives the impression of perfect symmetry. A true masterpiece, you might say.

4. Short Boxed Beard: discretion and structure

With its precise line that emphasizes the jawline and its well-trimmed sides, the "box beard" is a wise choice for diamond-shaped faces. It adds a touch of discretion and structure while highlighting its distinctive features.

Mexican goatee mustache

5. Moustache and goatee: a duo with character

Imagine the perfect marriage a moustache and goatee on your face. This duo adds character and softens the pronounced angles of the jaw.
An attractive combination, full of personality! Don't you think?

Short bearded man with degraded collar

6. Beard collars: the ultimate balance

The beard collar adds width to the jawline and chinThe diamond-shaped cheekbones create the perfect balance. A style that promises to enhance your natural charm!

7. Balbo beard: for a touch of volume

The Balbo beard is simply a separate moustache and goatee. It's an ideal choice for add volume to the chin without weighing down other parts of the face ! It's got that special something that's sure to get you noticed.

Van dyke beard cut

8. The Van Dyke beard: the accent on originality

The Van Dyke beardwith his moustache and pointed goatee, highlights the chin while adding a touch of originality to your diamond face. A bold and creative way to stand out from the crowd!

Iron man tony stark beard size and growth

9. Anchor beards: sophistication and balance

With a style that links the moustache to the goatee, following the contours of the jaw, the anchor beard is somewhat similar to the Balbo. It confers a sophisticated, balanced look to this type of face. If you haven't recognized it yet, it's the Tony Stark's beard in Iron Man.

Man garibaldi beard style

10. Garibaldi beard: robust and harmonious

The Garibaldi beard style is characterized by a full, ample beard, with a slightly rounded chin. It is a particularly suitable choice, as it adds a touch of robustness and harmony to this type of face. This beard, though imposing, is actually very well groomed, adding a certain elegance to its wild nature!

What is a diamond face shape?

A diamond-shaped face, also known as a rhombus, is characterized by prominent cheekbones, a narrower forehead and chin, and pronounced angles.

This type of face has a maximum cheekbone widthThe forehead and jaw are thinner. The result is a silhouette reminiscent of a diamond or rhombus.

Discover all the beard styles to suit your facial morphology :

Bdw beard face shape diamond lozenge
10 beard styles for diamond-shaped faces (◊) 2

How can you tell if you have a diamond-shaped face?

To determine if your face is diamond-shaped, follow these simple steps:

  1. You have a narrow forehead which is wider at the temples and gradually narrows towards the hairline.
  2. Your cheekbones are large and prominent. This is the longest part of your face.
  3. Your jaw is narrow and angular, with a slightly pointed chin.

If you recognize yourself in these descriptions, chances are you have a diamond-shaped face.
Let's move on to the types of beard that enhance this unique morphology!

Bdw beard face diamond 6
10 beard styles for diamond-shaped faces (◊) 3

What type of beard is right for a diamond face?

We now know that this shape is characterized by prominent cheekbones, a narrow forehead and an angular chin! To choose the most suitable type of beard, consider take these characteristics into account to achieve a harmonious balance between the different areas of the face.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect beard:

Softening the edges

Diamond faces with pronounced angles: choose a beard style that softens these contours.
The aim here is to soften the angles of the face while maintaining a neat look.

Balancing proportions

With this type of face, we aim to balance the width of the cheekbones with that of the jaw and forehead.
Try to add volume and width to the jaw to create a harmonious balance.

Emphasizing the chin

A diamond-shaped face usually has a pronounced, angular chin.
Highlight this unique feature by choosing a beard style that draws attention to this area.

Note: Experiment with different styles to find the one that suits you best and enhances your unique face! Your personal preferences are the most important factor in choosing your beard.

What beard style for a bald man with a diamond-shaped face?

Good news: the bald and bearded men with a diamond face can take advantage of beards to balance proportions and add character to their appearance!

Here is a list of beard styles particularly suited to this type of face:

  1. 3-day beard: Softens facial angles and adds texture without weighing down the jaw.
  2. Full beard : Creates a harmonious balance between jaw and cheekbones, while bringing softness to facial contours.
  3. Pointed beard (or goatee): Lengthens the face and draws attention to the chin, creating a balanced effect with prominent cheekbones.
  4. Balbo Beard: Ideal for adding volume to the chin without weighing down other parts of the face.
  5. Van Dyke Beard: Highlights the chin and adds a touch of originality.
Bdw beard face diamond 2
10 beard styles for diamond-shaped faces (◊) 4

Beard cuts to avoid with a diamond face

Be careful, as some beard cuts can accentuate sharp angles and unbalance the proportions of the face.

Here are some examples of beard styles to avoid:

1. Very long, thick beard

The very long, thick beards can weigh down the lower part of the face and accentuate the narrowness of the forehead. This risks creating an imbalance in proportions: prefer short to medium beards.

2. Very fine moustache

A very fine moustache could accentuate the width of the cheekbones and create an imbalance between the different parts of the face. Be careful if you wear it!

3. Beard concentrated on the sides

Beards that are mainly concentrated on the sides of the face, such as the Mutton Chops (rouflaquettes) can accentuate the width of the cheekbones, giving the impression of an even narrower face. Prefer styles that add volume to the chin and jawline.

Don't hesitate to experiment with different beard styles to find the one that suits you best and sublimates your unique morphology. These styles, though less suitable, can enhance your unique face!

Tips for beards with a diamond face

Here are a few tips for maintaining and styling your beard to enhance your diamond face :

  1. Maintain regularly : Trim and maintain your beard regularly to keep it looking neat and avoid untidy growth.
  2. Moisturize and nourish: Use beard care products such as oils and balms to moisturize and nourish the hair and skin underneath.
  3. Adapt length : Experiment with different lengths to find the one that best suits your face and style.
  4. Consult a professional: Consult a barber for personalized advice on the beard style that suits you best.
Bdw beard angular face wide jaw
10 beard styles for diamond-shaped faces (◊) 5

Taking good care of your beard is essential!

I strongly advise you to taking good care of your beard to enhance your face! Be it diamond, oval or even oblongit's essential!

Here are a few tips for maintaining and caring for your beard:

  1. Trim your beard regularly following the your face contours and respecting the proportions adapted to your morphology.
  2. Wash your hair with a specific shampoo designed for beards to gently clean the hair and skin underneath without drying them out.
  3. Brush and paint regularly for avoid knots, reduce frizz and stimulate blood circulation.
  4. Controlling unruly hair at applying wax or a styling gel to tame stubborn hairs and keep your beard in place all day long.

Must-have accessories for the bearded

Here is a list of essential accessories to maintain and beautify your hair:

  • Beard trimmer : Trim your beard with ease! Quick and efficient, they're a bearded man's backpack essential.
  • Beard scissors : Ideal for making precise cuts and adjusting hair length.
  • Beard comb : Useful for detangling and styling your hair at any time of day!
  • Beard brush: Allows you to smooth hair and prevent them go off in all directions. Plus, it stimulates your circulation.

Famous characters with diamond faces and beards

Here are some celebrities with diamond-shaped faces and beards that reflect their personality:

  1. Kanye West He wears a well-trimmed beard that highlights his angular features.
  2. Matt Damon His neat beard adds maturity to his diamond-shaped face.
  3. George Clooney : With his greying beard and angular face, he's a real charmer!
  4. Robert Pattinson His beard softens his angular contours.
  5. David Beckham His well-groomed beard adds a sophisticated touch to his diamond-shaped face.
  6. Brad Pitt : Just the thing to further enhance his masculine, angular features.
Bdw beard face diamond 3
10 beard styles for diamond-shaped faces (◊) 6

Men with diamond-shaped faces, wear a beard!

Beards can really enhance your features and sublimate your appearance. Opt for a fuller beard on the sides and slightly shorter on the chin: this softens the angles of the face and balances the proportions.

Of course, feel free to experiment and adjust your style according to your preferences and personality! That's the most important thing.

To find out more, read our guide to beard styles to suit different face shapes and find the one that's just right for you!


Should men with diamond faces grow beards?

Yes, diamond and rhombus faces can be enhanced with a well-chosen beard! It softens angular features and balances facial proportions, creating a harmonious, attractive look.

Article written by Brandon

Amateur and passionate about beards since his first hairs (on his face), he is for the intimate and bearded Internet lovers the BarbierDuWeb. Advises and helps men for a healthy beard, through blog articles where you will find tests, his feelings but also comparisons and buying guides.

Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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