Gérald Darmanin's moustache in the spotlight on the networks

Gerald Darmanin has caused strong reactions on the web after appearing many times in public with his mustache. Find out more about his mustache in this article.
Moustache Darmanin Gérald


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The bacchante can be seen as an accessory of elegance, of style. For public figures, the mustache allows them to stand out from the crowd of politicians, to build a brand image.
This is the case of Gérald Darmanin, French Minister of the Interior who has now opted for a well-trimmed mustache.

In this article, we will talk in more detail about Gérald Darmanin's moustache and the different reactions it has provoked. We will also see, if it is a symbol of his dedication.

Gérald Darmanin: his moustache is the talk of the town!

A striking physiological fact about Gérald Darmanin today is that he grew a moustache. A fact that has not gone unnoticed by his entourage and the internet! His mustache for the most part was seen as a bold change from a politician.

Some describe his bacchante as well-tailored, giving his face a more imposing and confident look. In other words, it sets him apart from his fellow politicians.

As a member of the government, he is under constant pressure. He must therefore be strong and determined in the face of the challenges of homeland security and immigration!

The mustache can therefore be seen as a sign of his willingness to face these challenges, as well as to show his authority as a leader. Some have even compared his moustache with those of celebrities like Tom Selleck who popularized the moustache in the 80's. By the way, to be more topical... Have you ever seen Philippe Etchebest with a mustache or even Fabien Roussel ?

Social networks are going crazy over the famous mustache

Social networks have not made light of Gérard Darmanin's moustache.

As you can see from these tweets, the French minister's mustache is described as ridiculous:

Moustache darmanin mocked social networks 1

The display from Var Michel-Ange Flori very known for his antics, did not fail to dedicate one to him:

Moustache darmanin mocked vichy collabo
This is the latest work of the Var-based poster artist Michel-Angel Flori, visible since Monday, on Avenue des anciens combattants d'Indochine, in La Seyne-sur-Mer, and announced this Tuesday morning, at the entrance to Toulon West. Photo dr

Darmanin's moustache mocked on social networks

We can see that Gerald is mocked because of the position he holds in the French government. A mustache that we can however judge a little too conspicuous.

His look, which may seem innovative, has been described as unprofessional by the Minister of the Interior. For a personality of his rank, he must be always presentable and irreproachable on his physical maintenance.

Moustache darmanin mocked social networks 2

Gérald Darmanin: Why did he let his bacchante grow?

It is possible that the Minister of the Interior has chosen to grow his mustache for personal reasons. We can think that it is to strengthen his self-confidence or to better express his personality!

Whatever his reasons, it is apparent that this Gérald Darmanin's moustache has caused a lot of uproar. Whether you admire it or not, there is no doubt that the mustache of the Minister of the Interior has captured the attention of the media.

It is interesting to see how celebrities and public figures use their looks to stand out from the crowd and create a powerful image. It's important to remember that the mustache is just a physical detail.

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Gérald darmanin mustache

Criticism from one side and praise from the other for Darmanin

In short, the French minister's moustache has received as much praise as criticism.

For some, his bacchante is a sign of incompetence and a symbol of a careless minister.
For others, the fact that he has this goatee sets him apart from the political mass and makes him special among all politicians.

Being a statesman, Gérald Darmanin must take great care of his appearance. Starting with his moustache, he must have an irreproachable style of dress! However, his goatee can be considered as a part of his charisma.

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