Special barrier masks for bearded people: the solution?

Les masques pour barbe sont efficaces et confortables. Découvrez les avantages et les bienfaits pour votre barbe.
covid beard mask for bearded men


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If you wear a beard, you must have noticed how constraining it is to post a "barrier mask" for COVID-19. As soon as you put it on, you feel cramped, the hair takes up all the space the mask offers, you breathe badly...

And I haven't even talked about when you take it off: the mask leaves marks, your beard hair is disheveled. In short, a real catastrophe.

Fortunately, some artists and manufacturers have taken the plunge and offer us masks specially made for bearded men.

Special barrier masks for beards: effective and fashionable!

There is no secret: COVID masks specially designed for bearded men come to save the day!
They are generally longer and wider, which allows your beard to fit in without rubbing all day and your hair can breathe a little more.

Made of multi-layered cotton, their shape is adapted to protect you and those around you.

In addition, the designs are quite beautiful, we combine here three things:

  • safety
  • comfort
  • the beauty!

Where to buy COVID beard masks?

Mamzellenaturellethat I discovered a short time ago has designed protective masks for men with beards in organic and good quality fabric.
I hear nothing but good things about it, on the Facebook groups of bearded men, so I'm sharing the good information with you...

The masks suitable for all types of beards : short, long, dense...

So no worries when buying the mask, just choose your favorite decoration!

Otherwise, you can also buy special COVID masks at different designers at Etsy for example.

Why are masks for beards great?

Beards and masks don't mix! And for proof, the inconveniences are numerous. Thanks to these masks made especially for bearded men, you avoid a lot of worries:

Other solutions and measures that bearded people can take against the mask

Taking care of your beard with the right products and accessories

To keep a beautiful beard and healthy hair despite the coronavirus mask, I advise you to :

Shorten the beard by a few centimeters

I know, shaving your beard is fishing. But for some people, it's so dense and big that just wearing the mask prevents them from breathing, or worse: the beard smells bad because of the breath.

It is certainly the most radical solution, but surely the most effective, it's up to you...

Conclusion on beard masks

Pour conclure cet article, je dirais tout simplement que le masque et la barbe ne sont pas compatibles aux premiers abords. Comme nous l’avons vu, le port du masque barrière n’apporte que des complications avec la barbe, et c’est pire si vous avez une grosse barbe bien longue.

Heureusement, des solutions existes comme les masques pour barbus, qui sont spécialement fabriqués par des passionnés pour s’adapter à la barbe, autant en longueur qu’en largeur. Ces masques protègent tout aussi bien que d’autres masques en tissu, donc pourquoi s’en priver ?

The FAQ on beard masks

To keep your beard itch-free, it is best to wash it morning and night and style it with a boar bristle brush.

No, but it is advisable to equip yourself with a FFP2 mask because their shape better encompasses your beard and reduces discomfort. In addition, they offer increased protection against VOCID.

Yes, it is possible but not recommended because they will not meet the current standards and will not provide the required protection.

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And learn more about all the care and accessories to maintain your beard!

Promise: No spam, only interesting info about beards.


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