Beard lotions by Imperial Beard : Review and different uses

Check out our review of Imperial Beard lotions, a quality brand for maintaining your beard.


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If you don't know what beard lotions are and what are their uses, discover it here !

  1. Beard accelerator lotion
  2. Lotion to add volume to your beard
  3. Anti-gray beard lotion

To maintain your beard day after day, you can use a lotion that aims to moisturize the hair, protect it and strengthen it. All this while taking care of your skin without irritating it.

Imperial Beard lotions are ideal for all hair types, they are made with high quality, responsible, eco-friendly products and not tested on animals!

In this article, we'll find out what types of lotions are right for you, which ones to choose, how to use them and where to find them.

Let's go!


My opinion on beard lotions

Beard lotions are a concentrate of good ingredients for your beard. They have many uses: to grow your hair, to soften it, to boost its volume and to fight grey or white hair.
Their effectiveness is not really scientifically proven, but it's worth a try!

Discover the lotions by Man's Beard, French cosmetic brand !


Imperial Beard - Growth Accelerating Lotion

The Imperial Beard Growth Accelerating Lotion is a good option for growing and beautifying your beard by making it softer, more supple and shiny.

Containing the active complexes F1 and Pepsobiol, this lotion is elaborated to accelerate the growth of the hair while perfuming it and protecting it from external aggressions.
With its formula of 98% natural ingredients, this lotion contains the active ingredient "Cell'intact" which forms a shield against fine particles, thus protecting the beard from pollution.

It also fights against itching and irritation thanks to the active ingredient TitreExtract which is an antibacterial active ingredient based on the Hamamelis plant. This plant has the properties of being astringent and purifying.

For a longer beard in less time, with a fuller effect, try the Imperial Beard growth accelerator lotion!

How to use it on your hair?

  1. First of all, you need to clean your beard and dry it.
  2. Then you can apply the spray in the morning and/or throughout the day on your hands
  3. Massage your skin over the desired beard areas, avoiding contact with the eyes.

To grow a beard, I recommend:

Dermaroller sqin bloom with 0,3mm needles
662 reviews of bearded men
Dermaroller Sqin Bloom with 0.3mm needles
The dermaroller can be used perfectly with Minoxidil and is known to improve hair growth even more easily. I recommend it with the Minoxidil, it is one of the essential accessories for men with a light or sparse beard.
Mustard oil by my cosmetik
649 reviews of bearded men
Mustard oil by My Cosmetik
To boost the growth of your goatee, use mustard oil. It is perfect to replace garlic oil which can have disadvantages.
Jojoba oil by birth
5,835 reviews of bearded men
Jojoba oil by Naissance
Jojoba oil is known to grow hair that is not yet determined to show its true power!

Imperial Beard - Anti-gray beard lotion

To fight against white or grey beard hair that appear on your beard, test the Imperial Beard anti gray beard lotion ! According to the manufacturer, you are opting for 81 % less gray hair!

This lotion allows you toblur the appearance of white hairs on your beard by stimulating hair pigmentation in a natural and progressive way, without dyeing them.
The active Greyverse of this formula Stimulates the natural pigmentation process of the hair of the beard and targets the two main causes of the aging process.

The lotion would also be a very good natural alternative to dyes 99 % of natural ingredients, it allows you to space out, look at or replace colorations, for bearded people who want to opt for a natural color.

How to apply it to your beard?

  1. The use is daily, in the morning on your clean and dry beard, apply the anti gray beard lotion.
  2. Thereafter, a simple use once a week is necessary to avoid the growth of new white hairs at the root.

Imperial Beard - Beard Volume Lotion

The volume lotion Imperial Beard naturally restores volume to the beard while perfuming it and protecting it from atmospheric pollution. At the heart of the formula, the active Hair Volume Complex composed of organic plants, Psyllium seeds, Ginseng root, White Dead Nettle and Glycine, contributes to :

  • Restore beard volume
  • Provide an astringent and anti-inflammatory action
  • Stimulate and tone the hair

It also contains the active ingredient TitreExtract, based on the Hamamelis plant, which will provide protection against itching and irritation.

So, for a fuller and more groomed beard, opt for Imperial Beard's volume lotion!

How to use it to give your beard volume?

  1. In the morning, after shampooing, or at your convenience during the day, apply the spray to your hands
  2. Massage your skin over the desired beard areas, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Where to find Imperial Beard lotions?

You can find Imperial Beard lotions in pharmacies, parapharmacy (on the internet and in pharmacies). They will also be available on the Internet on the site "Imperial Beard" or on retailers like "Amazon", "Cdiscount" and many other sites ...

Man asks himself a question

Imperial Beard lotions: long live full, well-groomed beards!

With their rich, natural ingredients, Imperial Beard lotions are suitable for all types of beards.

They are composed of organic plants, essential oils used for their incredible antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and vegetable oils known for their moisturizing and softness.

Assets are also part of the formulas:

  • an anti-pollution active ingredient to protect your beard from external aggressions and reinforce the skin barrier
  • a Hair Volume Complex to increase the volume of your beard, tone and stimulate the hair.

Imperial Beard lotions promise to meet the different needs that a beard requires!

Still have questions about beard lotions?

You can keep it about 6 months after opening.

No, it's a rather fluid, low-oily liquid, which is perfect for beard hair. It penetrates the skin easily and the hair absorbs it quickly.

Of course it is! In general, products that benefit the beard do the same for the hair.

Article written by Brandon

Amateur and passionate about beards since his first hairs (on his face), he is for the intimate and bearded Internet lovers the BarbierDuWeb. Advises and helps men for a healthy beard, through blog articles where you will find tests, his feelings but also comparisons and buying guides.

Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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