Alexander Ludwig and his beard from Björn Côtes-de-Fer in Vikings


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Alexander Ludwig is a Canadian actor who was born on May 7, 1992. He is a young blond man without a beard who played in the famous TV series Vikings. This young actor came out of adolescence beardless to become later a warrior with a full beard and shaved head.

Alexander Ludwig was made famous by his roles as Shane Patton in Blood and Tears. This young man from Vancouver also made an impact with his portrayal of Cato Hadley in The Hunger Games.

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Alexander Ludwig's beard for Vikings

The Canadian actor has made a name for himself in the series Vikings through his Nordic style beard which gave him the appearance of a villain. This one was thought by the directors to reinforce a form of received idea. The latter advocates that the beard is a kind of illustration of meanness and pettiness.

The comments and opinions of viewers about him seem to confirm the prejudices associated with the beard. Indeed, in the series, the movie star was made up to reflect the image of a gladiator. To put it well in this role, he grew a bushy and long beard that was surely arranged to look good on screen.

In Vikings as elsewhere, beards are the symbol of virility and power.

The purpose of Alexander Ludwig's is to show the power of his character Björn Côtes-de-Fer. Obviously, they are not appreciated to its true value by the actor. This is justified by the many interviews of disapproval on his person.

In the form, the beard fits perfectly to the young man from Vancouver. Everyone brings his opinion, perhaps some like to see him without it.

The role of Björn Côtes-de-Fer suits him perfectly

The role of Björn Côtes-de-Fer played by Alexander Ludwig revealed a new side of the character. Through this one in the series Vikings, the young man suddenly went from a hairless blond to a warrior with a full beard. It has taken different forms and colors through the multiple episodes and seasons of the series.

In Vikings, Alexander Ludwig makes the other characters tremble with his imposing beard. It is thanks to this beard that he was able to boldly chase his half-brother Ivar the Boneless. Although the latter is painted as a ruthless character, his temerity is quickly destroyed by the bearded man. This made the Canadian actor the sacred king of Kattegat.

However, the role of Björn took the spotlight from Alexander Ludwig. His main goal was to make his father proud of his achievements. Luck was not on the side of the bearded man, who was forced to accept his failure in a tragic way. This failure is not related to his virility (presence of a beard), but follows a series of events that he did not control.

The actor has indeed done his best to carry his father's legacy as far as possible and forge his own path.

The beard contrary to the real personality of Alexander Ludwig

The beard worn by the character of Alexander Ludwig in his series is not in line with his real personality. Indeed, the Vancouver actor without a beard is, in real life, a simple and kind person. Nevertheless, in the film productions played by the young man, the beard has stuck him a label of villain.

It is in a way this one that took away from the Canadian actor his simple and nice personality. After the show, he kept shedding the character with the beard that inspires terror. He actually had no pretense of being a villain. That's probably why he knows how to hurry up and get rid of his beard.

He has now shaved everything to avoid seeing his real life limited to his role in Vikings. He even went so far as to resolve not to play the bad guy anymore and not to grow a beard.


In short, the beard that Alexander Ludwig wears in Vikings was mostly useful to make him look like a villain. If it is true that this one is a sign of virility, that of the Canadian actor does not seem to marry his personality. He prefers his little mustache and a few bits of hair on his chin than a scraggly beard.

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