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My bearded friend, congratulations! After the 3 months beardA new stage is on the horizon: the 6-month beard.

What happens when you reach that famous milestone? After 180 days of growth, get ready to enter a whole new world of style and sophistication.
The 6-month-old beard has many surprises in store! So what do you need to know? What does it look like? How long should your hair be?

What is a 6 month beard?

A 6-month beard, also known as "half + beard", is a key stage in the evolution of beard growth. It is a beard that grows continuously for a period of 180 days.

At this stage of beard evolutionyour beard will be longer, thicker and will have a more mature appearance than the one of 3 months. On the other hand, this length requires regular maintenance and specific care to keep it healthy, well trimmed and elegant.

Get ready to take care of your beard and do a little grooming routine!

What does a 6 month old beard look like?

The 180-day beard has some very special characteristics:

  • Length: On average, it reaches about 7 cm to 9 cm.
  • Thickness: Generally thick and dense, it covers most of the face and neck.
  • Style: It offers a multitude of cut and look possibilities.

Length and density of a six-month-old beard

The length of a six months beard is generally between 7 cm and 9 cmaccording to the speed of growth of the individual and its genetics.
The density of the beard at this stage is often significant, providing a even thicker and imposing. It is therefore considered a long beard!

Please note: The density and texture of hair varies from one man to another, depending on the distribution of hair follicles on the face.

How to trim a 6 month old beard?

Trimming a 6-month-old beard requires precision, patience and a little know-how. It would be a shame to ruin it with a bad cut... If you are not sure of yourself, or if you want a perfect result, make an appointment at your barber shop !

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you maintain your 180-day beard:

1. Preparation

Wash your hair and dry with a mini hairdryer or a clean towel.
Then brush and paint to detangle your beard and discipline your unruly hair.

2. Required tools

Equip yourself with accessories such as :

3. Start by defining the cheek line

Use the beard trimmer to define a clean cheek line from the cheekbone to the jawline. You can use a beard guide (stencil) to help you create a symmetrical line.

Tip: For a perfect result, opt for a mower dedicated to contours !

4. Move to the neck line

Create a clean neck line by clipping about 2 fingers above the Adam's apple. Follow the natural curve of your jawline for a harmonious result.

5. Cut the desired length (7 to 9 cm)

Set the beard trimmer and its shoe to the desired length (usually between 7 and 9 cm) then use it to trim your beard.
My advice: Use a trimmers for large beards because the shoes and the mower are specially designed for this type of length

Then use a comb to lift the hair and make sure the length is even on all sides.

Note: If you want to make a particular style like a beard gradient, a Ducktail, a Viking beard or a Van DykeIf you are looking for a professional hairdresser, I suggest you follow our tutorials or call a professional barber.

6. Level out the hairs

Use scissors to trim stubborn hairs and split ends. Pay attention to the symmetry and overall balance of the beard.

7. Trim the mustache

Comb the mustache down and use the scissors to trim the hair that sticks out above the upper lip. You can also use your clippers, if the cutting head is not too wide. Be careful not to make a hole!

Tip: Read our tutorial for using your scissors !

8. Brushing, checking and final touches

Brush your beard to remove any trimmed hairs and check for uniformity of size. Finalize the details with the scissors to remove any protruding hairs.

9. Moisturizing and styling

Apply a balm or a beard oil to nourish and moisturize the hair and skin underneath.

If you want to make your cut stand up, use a styling wax or fixing gel on your hair!

Bonus: You can also try to braid your beard for a unique style.

Progression of the 6 month beard growth

While everyone's beard growth is different, here's a detailed look at the typical progression of a 6-month-old beard:

  • 1 month to 2 months : During this phase, the beard begins to grow visibly. It may be uneven and show some less dense or even sparse areas. Resist the urge to trim or shave the beard. Patience and perseverance are required!
  • 2 months to 4 months: The beard gains in density and length. You go through the famous 3-month stage ! You will notice that some areas grow faster than others. At this point, continue to maintain and moisturize the beard to avoid itching and skin irritation.
  • 4 months to 6 months: At this stage, the beard is significantly longer and thicker. It is starting to take on the shape of a true 6-month-old beard. The hair may become rougher, and regular brushing is crucial to avoid tangles and ingrown hairs.

6 month beard maintenance

Such a long beard requires regular maintenance to stay healthy and in top physical shape.

Here are some tips for caring for this type of beard:

  • Cleaning: Wash your beard 2 to 3 times a week with a specific shampoo for the beard to remove impurities and product residues.
  • Hydration: Apply daily oilIn short, a moisturizer to nourish the hair and the skin underneath.
  • Brushing and combing: Brush your beard daily to detangle, distribute natural oils and avoid tangles. Also remember to comb it if you want a more groomed look.
  • Trimming: Lightly trim stubborn hairs and split ends to maintain a neat appearance.

Essential accessories for a perfect beard

  • Beard trimmer: Essential for trimming and shaping your beard! Choose a mower with adjustable cutting guides for easy trimming to the desired length.
  • Razor: Useful for defining cheek and neck lines, as well as removing unwanted hair.
  • Scissors: For trimming stubborn hairs, split ends and trimming the mustache.
  • Comb: Use a fine-tooth comb to detangle the hair and prepare it for trimming.
  • Brush: Ideal for detangling, distributing natural oils and gently exfoliating the skin.

Tips for a beautiful 6 month beard

To achieve a 6-month beard, here are some essential tips to follow:

  • Be patient and let your beard grow naturally for 6 months without trimming or shaving it too much, while taking care to maintain it regularly.
  • Wash your beard 2 to 3 times a week with a specific shampoo for beard hair.
  • Moisturize your hair with adapted products such as beard oil, balm, or other.
  • Brush regularly your beard to discipline it and prevent it from becoming a big mess of hair or that your hair goes all over the place.
  • Trim and shape your beard regularly to give it the desired shape and to eliminate stubborn hairs.
  • Choose a beard style that fits your face shape and reflects your personality.

How to grow a 6 month beard?

To speed up the growth of your beard and reach the 6-month milestone, here are some tips to follow:

  • Adopt a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals!
  • Get regular physical activity to stimulate blood circulation and increase your testosterone production.
  • Drink enough water to keep your skin moisturized and promote healthy beard growth.
  • Get enough sleep to allow your body to recover and stimulate beard growth.
  • Learn to manage your stressHigh levels of stress can inhibit beard growth.

Accessories and care to grow a beard

By applying these tips and using the right accessories and care products, you will increase your chances of achieving a 6-month beard length in record time!

Common problems of the 6 month old beard

Here are some common problems you might encounter with a 6-month-old beard and their solutions:

  • Itching and irritation: Such a long beard can cause itching and skin irritation. To remedy this, use oils that moisturize and reduce itching.
  • Dandruff : Usually caused by dry skin or product build-up. Use a specific shampoo for beards.
  • Ingrown hairs: Sometimes hair grows under the skin, causing inflammation, bumps and redness. To prevent this, brush your hair regularly to exfoliate the skin and orient the hairs in the right direction.
  • Knots and tangles: Longer beards tend to tangle and form knots. To avoid this, brush and comb your beard daily!
  • Uneven beard: Some areas may grow faster than others, creating an uneven appearance. Trim your beard regularly to even out the length and keep a harmonious shape. If not, head to the barber to be sure of the result!
  • Dry or rough beard: Apply beard care products regularly to keep hair moisturized and healthy.
  • Other problems may arise as your beard that irritates the skin of your companion, hair that curls or holes that appear !

Useful care for the 6 month old beard

To keep a 6 month old beard healthy and well maintained, I recommend using the right care products:

  • Beard Shampoo: Specially formulated to clean beard hair and the skin underneath, without drying them out!
  • Beard Conditioner: Helps soften and detangle beard hair, making it easier to brush and style.
  • Beard oil: Nourishes, moisturizes and softens beard hair and the skin underneath. Prevents itching, irritation and dandruff while adding a natural shine.
  • Beard balm: Moisturizes and nourishes the beard while providing a light hold for easy styling.
  • Beard Serum: Provides intense hydration and targets specific problems such as dryness, itching and dandruff. Can be used in conjunction with beard oil or balm to enhance their effectiveness.

The 6-month beard: maintenance and regular pruning required!

The 6-month beard is an important milestone in the evolution of the beard. Characterized by an impressive length and density, it also requires special care and maintenance.

To keep it healthy, remember to clean, moisturize, brush and trim it regularly, using beard products and accessories!

I recommend that you adopt a proper maintenance routine. Do not hesitate to experiment with different styles to express your personality.

So, have you decided to stop growing your beard every 6 months, or are you aiming for more? Don't miss the next topic in our series "Evolution and progression of the beard" which will address the growth and maintenance of a 1 year old beard.

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Sincerely yours, Brandon from BarbierDuWeb.

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